], Secretive Gauntlets...Rare (Quest reward from 'Blood and Water'), Silver Bracers...Epic (Random loot)[A rare set can always be found in a chest in Huntress Village that does not count towards location completion. ], Megaris Tunic...Common (Quest reward from 'A Journey Into War'), Mercenary Breastplate...Epic (Random loot){5 styles}[A red colour, rare, variation will always be looted from Talos the Stone Fist. the Translucent), Persian Elite Band...Legendary (Quest reward from 'Protector of Persia', Legacy of the First Blade Part 1), Persian Warrior Helmet...Epic (Random loot){2 styles}, Phrygian Helmet...Rare (Random loot){2 very different styles}, Physician's Helmet...Rare (Quest reward from 'Too Much of a Good Thing'), Pilgrim's Hood...Legendary (Loot from Eleusis Teesterion), Pilos Helmet...Epic (Random loot){3 styles}, Plundered Helmet...Rare (Loot from Submerged Minoan Palace during 'We're Treasure Hunters'), Politician's Helmet...Rare (Quest reward from 'The Liberator'), Poorly-Crafted Helmet…Common (Loot Ajax the Lesser after 'Ajax On Fire', The Lost Tale’s of Greece), Prototype Crown...Legendary (Loot from Doma of Diaprepes, The Fate of Atlantis Part 3), Radiant Leaves Crown…Legendary (Online store), Restored Mycenaean Helmet...Epic (Quest reward from 'Keep the Faith'), Royal Atlantian Helmet...Epic (Quest reward from 'Rebel Scum', The Fate of Atlantis Part 3), Rusty Mycenaean Helmet...Rare (Loot from Sunken Temple of Aphrodite during 'The Tribute' (Replaced by Restored Mycenaean Helmet)), Shroud of Penelope...Rare (Quest reward from 'Penelope's Shroud'), Silver Tongue's Shroud...Epic (Quest reward from 'Good News', The Fate of Atlantis Part 1), Sorrow Shroud...Epic (Quest reward from 'Fallen from Grace', Fate of Atlantis Part 2), Spartan Polmarch Helmet...Epic (Random loot), Spartan Soldier's Helmet...Epic (Random loot), Spartan War Hero Helmet...Legendary (Kill Monger), Thaletas's Helmet...Rare (Loot from Shipwreck of Ajax and keep during 'The Thaletas Way')[Only if you say you didn't find it. Just a heads up, you have Lover's Nest under Belt Armor but it's a Body Armor. By James Billcliffe, ], First Civilization Breastplate...Epic (Random loot, The Fate of Atlantis Part 3){2 styles}, Gratuitous Chest of the Thankful...Epic (Quest reward from 'Thank You, Misthios', Legacy of the First Blade Part 2), Heavy Athenian Breastplate...Epic (Random loot){3 fairly similar styles}, Heavy Leather Chest Plate...? This is just above the large captain’s tent at the center of the area with the Kolossi standing beside it. More content coming soon! Armor sets make a return in AC Odyssey. Get all the best bits of VG247 delivered to your inbox every Friday! Armor bonus can be stacked to up to 5, but will also apply if there's only 2 or more. This tablet is located by the base of a bookshelf in the Archive of Hebe in the western segment of the Oikos of Atlantis. Each of these riddles will provide an obscure description of the location of a hidden item. ], Thyia's Embrace...Epic (Quest reward from 'Blood for Aphrodite' (Only if Periktione survived), The Lost Tales of Greece), Top of the Food Chain...Legendary (Online store), Tracker's Cloak...Epic (Random loot){2 styles}, Traveler's Garments...Epic (Random loot){2 styles}, Veteran Breastplate...Rare (Quest reward from 'Flowers for the Dead')[Only if you ask for the money you were promised. Ainigmata Ostraka are riddles that are inscribed on stone tablets that can be found hidden throughout Assassin's Creed: Odyssey's interpretation of Ancient Greece. ], Bare Chested...Legendary (Buy from a blacksmith)[Has 500 armour and is only level 1 during 'The Contender and 'Pankrastion'. Sometimes we include links to online retail stores. Torso Armor covers your chest area, and gives you lots of additional armor. The armour looks different on the NPC. Do you have proof? ], Dionysos’s Leopard-Skin…Legendary (Online store), Entry Not Found (Abstergo Ballistic Helmet)…Legendary (Online store), Ezio's Roman Hood...Legendary (Uplay, only available if you played the game during the free weekend 19/03.2020 to 22/03/2020), Far-Sight Hood of the All-Seeing...Epic (Kill Augos the All-Seeing, Legacy of the First Blade Part 2), Fearsome Pirate's Helmet...Rare (Online store), First Civilization Crown...Epic (Random loot, The Fate of Atlantis Part 3){2 styles}, First Civilization Hood...Epic (Random loot, The Fate of Atlantis Part 3){2 styles}, Fortified Helm of the Fierce...Epic (Quest reward from 'Into the Storm', Legacy of the First Blade Part 2), Harbinger's Helm...Rare (Quest reward from 'Mysterious Malady', Legacy of the First Blade Part 1), Harpina’s Mask…Epic (Epic mercenary event), Heavy Korinthian Helmet...Epic (Random loot), Helm of Achilles...Legendary (Kill Pallas the Siencer, Alexios exclusive, can be worn by Kassandra with New game +), Helm of Impiety…Epic (Quest reward from 'You’re Such a Sokratease', The Lost Tale’s of Greece), Helm of Prophecy...Epic (Quest reward from 'The Unkindest Cut'), Helm of the Underworld...Legendary (Online store), Helmet of Ares...Epic (Random loot){2 styles}, Helmet of Gorgophone...Epic (Quest reward from 'Test of Courage', The Lost Tales of Greece), Helmet of the Fallen...Legendary (Kill The Poisoner of Athens, Fate of Atlantis Part 2), Helmet of the Immortal...Legendary (Kill Zoisme), Helmet of the Oracle...Rare (Quest reward from 'The Truth Will Out'), Hoplite Helmet...Epic (Random loot){3 styles}, Hunter's Hood...Epic (Random loot){2 styles}, Illyrian Helmet...Rare (Random loot){6 styles}, Impenetrable Helm of the Fighter...Epic (Kill Konon the Fighter, Legacy of the First Blade Part 1), Inventor's Helmet...Rare (Quest reward from 'Another Kind of Poetry', The secrets of Greece), Isu Commander's Helmet...Epic (Random loot, The Fate of Atlantis Part 3){3 styles}, Isu Myrmidon Helmet...Epic (Random loot, The Fate of Atlantis Part 1){3 styles}, Isu Vanguard Helmet...Epic (Random loot, The Fate of Atlantis Part 1){3 styles}, Isu Warden Helmet...Epic (Random loot, The Fate of Atlantis Part 1){3 styles}, Korinthian Helmet...Rare (Random loot){3 styles}, Lost Soldier’s Helmet...Epic (Quest reward from 'Death Before Dishonor', Fate of Atlantis Part 2), Lover's Helmet...Epic (Quest reward from 'Happily Ever After?