Some air fryers cook hotter than the others. Season with salt & pepper, if desired. The good thing about air fryer is that that they are incredibly amazing at reheating food while keeping them crunchy. You will reduce the cooking time by about 5 minutes if you preheat the air fryer before you start cooking. 1 pound is about the max without overcrowding the air fryer. if you want to cook healthy and delicious onion rings, you need to use an air fryer. If you notice that your onion rings are getting dry while reheating them, spays a small amount of oil to bring the moisture back. Alexia Crispy Onion Rings With Panko Breading And Sea Salt, How To Make Air Fryer Hot Dogs The Easy Way (Fresh Or Frozen), How To Cook Frozen Mozzarella Sticks In Air Fryer (The Best Ever, How To Cook Frozen Fish In Air Fryer The Best Way, How To Cook Frozen Chicken Strips In Air Fryer (The Best Way), How To Make Air Fryer Tortilla Chips: 2 Easy Recipes, How To Cook Air Fryer Fish And Chips: 4 Easy And Healthy Ways, How To Make Air Fryer Chicken Fried Steak In Paleo And Keto, How To Cook Air Fryer Carrots: 5 Delicious Recipes. Forget fast food! As an Amazon associate and partners with other affiliate programs, we may earn from your qualifying purchases. Fried items usually get soggy and lose their crunch and crispiness after a certain time, but the best advantage of using an air fryer is not getting the food soggy so early. Lots of factors influence outcome of how frozen onion rings cook. The air fryer frozen onion rings can stay crunchy for a long time, and you can relish the taste even after an hour or two. The more you fill the basket the more frequently you’ll want to shake the basket to help them cook evenly. However, spaying some oil will help speed up the cooking process and also prevent the onion ring from sticking on the basket. Your email address will not be published. Flip each ring over and cook additional 4 to 5 minutes. Your guests would never notice that you haven’t made them from scratch. Onion rings are my favorite fried side dish, and these Frozen Air Fryer Onion Rings are so super crispy!. The cooking process takes between 8- 10 minutes. Place onion rings into air fryer basket in single layer. Generally, the crispier you want to eat, the more time they will take. Press the French Fry Button (400° F) and set the cooking time to 3 mins. What differs between the brands is the size and thickness of the onion rings. Then put all the onion rings you want to cook in the air fryer basket. Wrapping Up. Simply open a bag of frozen onion rings, stack them in the air fryer basket, and cook until golden brown. An Air fryer is a cooking appliance designed to cook deep-fried food fast and in a healthy manner. Check out these yummy loaded onion rings recipe. I sometimes whip these up after school for a quick snack before dinner because it's easy to make one onion ring or 100!. yet! Instructions Preheat oven to 350 degrees for about 3 minutes. Another key to making the crunchiest snack is setting the appropriate time. 3. Adjust timing when needed and you’ll have a wonderful batch that tastes like it came out of the deep fryer. Air fry your onion rings in 2 or 3 batches and keep them warm in a low oven on a sheet pan until all are cooked. About Us, Probably because my air fryer was small. Our Authors Privacy Policy Preheating also helps to prevent the onion rings from sticking on the fryer while cooking if the cooking surface is not made on a non-stick material. 2 ounce frozen battered onion rings; Directions. Adjust timing when needed and you’ll have a wonderful batch that tastes like it came out of the deep fryer. If you buy a reliable air fryer, then the basket is usually quite safe and has a protective locking mechanism to avoid dropping the drawer out. Insert the Fry Tray into the Basket. Moreover, the large air fryer enables you to cook swiftly. The air fryer does not utilize ordinary cooking methods like deep frying that allows the snack to absorb excessive oil and get soggy. If that is the case, then you have landed in the right place. If you want to get the best results, you need to use the best air fryer with excellent features. Divine theme by Restored 316, Air Fryer Honey Cinnamon Butternut Squash ». Place the enough onion rings in the Basket to cover the bottom without overcrowding. The air fryer frozen onion rings can stay crunchy for a long time, and you can relish the taste even after an hour or two. You can fry them deeply or in the air fryer to get the best results. Note that each air fryer is different. However, you will be able to understand the mechanism best when you will have prepared the first batch of onion rings. This frozen side dish is super crunchy and ready in 10 minutes. However, the quality of the air fryer that you use to cook onion rings matters a lot. Place onion rings in the air fryer, stacking if needed. Best of all, you didn’t have to add any oil. The crispness you will get when you cooking frozen onion rings on an air fryer is way much better than using traditional deep fryers. Air fry for about 4 to 6 minutes. Contact Us Remember the Air Fryer is HOT! Each ring varies in coating, thickness, and size; that is why it is important to shakes to cook all of them evenly. The cooking time varies depending on how crispy you want your frozen onion rings to be and temperature settings. Easy, fresh and wholesome recipes. The first or the foremost thing to do is to spray the basket of the air fryer. Directions 1. You can easily find the best air fryers under $100 to relish the tastiest frozen onion rings ever. This is faster compared to using a traditional deep fryer that takes between 15- 20 minutes. Your email address will not be published. Frozen rings normally take 10 minutes to cook in the air fryer. Recipe timing is based on a non-preheated air fryer. The Best Way To Use Milk Frother For Your Foam, How To Make The Best Fried Chicken Using An Air Fryer, How To Make Coffee Without A Coffee Maker. primarily focus on Business, Technology, Entertainment, Social Media, Travel and many more. Wow, i’ll never cook them in any other way. Once the air fryer attained the required temperature (400 degrees F), gently spray the basket of the air fryer with oil. Shake or turn if needed. Because frozen onion rings vary in size and in the thickness of the batter or breading, some might take longer than others to cook. An air fryer not only cooks fast but it also cooks healthy onion rings. No Oil Necessary. How can you cook frozen onion rings in an air fryer? For smaller air fryers (less than 5qt.) Shake and gently stir about halfway through cooking. Cook Frozen - Do not thaw first. More–>  Air Fried Frozen Foods and All French Fries Recipes. Blog The air fryer makes these onion rings perfectly crunchy on the outside with tender cooked onions on the inside. If cooking in multiple batches of onion rings back to back, the following batches may cook a little quicker. Privacy Policy. I have a small 3 qt air fryer and they cooked a little quicker. You can also set the time from 18 to 20 minutes if you want to cook a more crispy and crunchy version of the snacks.