F\u00fcr den s\u00e4uerlichen Geschmack - tangy wie man in den USA sagt - sorgt ein recht hoher Essiganteil in der White Sauce. If you’ve never tried it before, I think you’ll really flip over the taste. This tangy Alabama White BBQ Sauce Recipe is going to change everything you thought about traditional grilling! All Rights Reserved. This time I got to peruse my buddy Jennifer’s blog at Take Two Tapas. Copyright © Judith Hannemann aka The Midnight Baker 2020. Die weiße BBQ-Sauce passt in erster Linie zu Geflügel. Check this out for a whole list of amazing summer recipes from the BEST bloggers out there. ;). Make it ahead – this will last several days. All Rights Reserved. Stir together mayonnaise, vinegar, water, Worcestershire sauce, salt, garlic powder, onion powder, pepper, and hot sauce in a small bowl. #alabamawhitesuace #whitebbqsauce … Glühwein selber machen - besser als auf dem Weihnachtsmarkt! ️. 1. Alabama White BBQ Sauce Recipe - Looking to take your grilling to the next level? Like Duke’s, white BBQ sauce is a southern delicacy that emerged in the first quarter of the twentieth century. Lolly’s Alabama White BBQ Sauce includes two different types of vinegar, horseradish, cayenne pepper, and even a pinch of sugar – it’s clear that this northern Alabama secret won’t stay hidden for long. I even love dipping my popcorn chicken in it. Prepared horseradish is not the same as horseradish sauce but is an ingredient in it. Join the newsletter and you'll be the first to know! But it has a leg up on the red stuff because white sauce makes a great dip, salad dressing, baked potato top, and even a binding agent for coleslaw and potato salad. Ist das normal, dass die Sauce so flüssig ist? I haven’t mastered the right flavor combo just yet. Während man bei einer herkömmlichen Barbecue-Sauce meist Tomaten als Basis hat, die auch für die rötliche Farbe sorgen, ist Mayonnaise die Hauptzutat bei der Alabama White Sauce. Wenn man die Sauce pur probiert, bekommt man die Säure natürlich voll ab und für den europäischen Gaumen ist das vermutlich auch zu viel des Guten. Auf Fleisch hingegen (Schwein und Geflügel) passt es perfekt und die Säure harmoniert perfekt mit dem Fleisch. First of all, there’s no tomato base, so the sauce is white. Bei Big Bob Gibsons BBQ in Decatur werden gesmokte H\u00e4hnchen komplett in die einen gro\u00dfen Topf Alabama White Sauce getunkt und dann serviert."]}. Have you visited her blog yet? Make it with ingredients you have on hand, it's the perfect combination of flavors. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Cover and refrigerate if not using immediately. Während man bei einer herkömmlichen Barbecue-Sauce meist … Your eyes will tear and your nose will run. In the summer I help cook mountains of food for our family reunions. Auf Fleisch hingegen (Schwein und Gefl\u00fcgel) passt es perfekt und die S\u00e4ure harmoniert perfekt mit dem Fleisch. Mustard: You can use any kind of mustard in this Alabama White BBQ Sauce recipe. First of all, there’s no tomato base, so the sauce is white. White Barbecue Sauce is a tangy mayo and vinegar based sauce that goes perfect with grilled chicken, beef, pork or even fish. I really enjoyed her recipe for Tzatziki Sauce – it’s so creamy and good! Einfach genial. With the bottled stuff from the dairy case, you’ll get decent flavor–with a bit of acidity to boot, but it’s so much better to get an actual horseradish root and grate it fresh. BUT it’s equally good on fries or as a salad dressing! Duke’s Alabama-Style White BBQ Sauce is a barbecue sauce unlike any other, and a longstanding source of pride for the Northern Alabamians who popularized it. White BBQ Sauce, even my husband (who is from a town in Georgia only four hours away) had never heard of it. Welcome to Bowl Me Over! Filed Under: Condiments Tagged With: barbecue sauce, grilling, mayo, white barbecue, Wonderful. When Big Bob Gibson’s Restaurant started serving what they called their “White Sauce” it was only mayonnaise, vinegar, a tad of sugar and lots of pepper. Hey the stuff is potent, but there’s a silver lining here. Mop it on the chicken when you’re grilling, dip your fries – both potato or sweet potato fries are especially fabulous! Übrigens: Im Big Bob Gibsons BBQ Book gibt es noch zahlreiche weitere richtig geniale Rezepte. We won't send you spam. Aber auch auf Schwein, Seafood oder sogar Wildfleisch ist die White Sauce ein toller Begleiter. My friend Pat, who is a native Alabamian, says she loves this sauce so much, she’d drink it with a straw!