Folks on the internet have a lot of feelings about the discontinuation of the Apple Frosted Pop-Tarts. Overall, a decent sweet snack if you need to fix a sugary cake craving, but there's definitely room for improvement. It’s heartbreaking when a flavor is discontinued, but the worst is when it’s discontinued without any warning. Credit Flickr users Valent1ne Apogee and Jason Cosper (boogah) for the photos above. 10 Famous Women Who Are Dating Shorter Men, 10 Outfits From NSYNC That Scream The ’90s, 10 Things You Didn't Know About Fear The Walking Dead's Morgan, Lennie James. Whatever it is, it exists in Pop-Tart form. Kellogg's told Quartz they had to make up for the lack of frosting and provide uniformity for all products, ultimately making the unfrosted pastry with a bit more heft. But in Pop-Tart form? The orange swirl adds a lot of flair though, so I'd be willing to try it. Weirdpoptartflavors r/ Weirdpoptartflavors. Talk about a great design. The filling is made up of dried strawberries, but it also incorporates dried apples and pears for a bit of balance. Toasted, un-toasted, Strawberry Frosting, Blueberry Frosting – they had it all! And it's one of Pop-Tarts' best takes on a dessert-like snack. Toasted, un-toasted, Strawberry Fro. That's pretty darn cool. For those people who have an Oreo addiction, or perhaps an obsession with Cookies & Creme ice cream, this may seem like the most appealing flavor of them all. Overall, it's a good option for an afternoon snack to fix that sweet tooth on the run, but if you happen to have the time to pop it in the toaster, the hot fudge flavor comes out a bit stronger when it's warmed up. The pastry is filled with a gooey vanilla concoction, which really doesn't compare to vanilla ice cream, but it provides enough substance paired with the chocolate pastry to make this combination taste good. But there are some weird Pop-Tart flavors out there that I didn't even know existed. Definitely a solid choice on the developer's side, because this is absolutely one of the best Pop-Tarts on the market. The filling is a deep chocolate flavor, which makes it edible, and would easily help to curb a chocolate fix in a pinch, but it really tastes nothing remotely like fudge. If you've never tried a Brown Sugar Cinnamon Pop-Tart, well, we really don't know why that might be. For now, it won't be making its way back into the pantry. This Cinnamon Roll Pop-Tarts use the traditional pastry, which lends itself perfectly to this flavor. There are fruity flavors, ice cream-inspired flavors, even nutty ones. Trying to kill two birds with one stone here by melding two breakfast foods into one, these Blueberry Muffin Pop-Tarts are stuffed with a blueberry muffin filling and topped with a vanilla glaze and muffin crumble. The strawberry component of these Pop-Tarts isn't too exciting, but the fact that they all feature a unique print? However, if you couldn't care less about the delicious pastry of our collective childhoods, then scroll down for some disturbing and thankfully completely made-up flavors that someone clearly created out of crippling boredom! The ingredients list also includes almond butter, which you can definitely taste. [New] The 10* Best Snack Ideas Today (with Pictures) - These are the 10* best snack ideas today (with pictures). As you consider eating this flavor, don't think that you're getting anything remotely like a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup. Such considerations didn’t seem to bother Kellogg’s and the producers of American Idol back in July of 2006, however. This variety is still packed with the strawberry flavored filling used in the frosted version, but the pastry crust is a bit thicker. Introduced in 1964, Kellogg’s Pop-Tarts have become a pop culture phenomenon boasting a host of odd & unusual flavors only a Nyan Cat could love.. Yeah, that’s the ticket! User account menu. Some folks are proactive, writing petitions, penning long letters, and commenting on the Kellogg’s message boards to try to get them back. This one's a little weird. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Root Beer. Just because it combines a few of the best flavors on the planet, doesn't mean it's quite the same. There are fruity flavors, ice cream-inspired flavors, even nutty ones. The Chocolate Chip Pop-Tarts are softer than the other varieties, and that's partially thanks to that lovely little chemical addition. I guarantee that you haven't tried all of 'em!