I will let you know how it goes! Sometimes ignorance is bliss, right? Someone finally recommended the Zinsser Primer.I too would watch House Hunters and think “what brats” when people would’t buy because of the wallpaper… yes, they probably ARE brats, but turns out they weren’t totally off base! Then texturing, and then using an oil based paint. Wall decals have become increasingly popular, and it’s not hard to see why. I’m concerned that I didn’t use an oil based primer and there will be peeling. The Gardz won’t fill in any patches of messed up drywall unfortunately. Thanks for this article. This avoids having to attach pictures to the wall, which can be a problem for renters. PVA is a great choice for “size” if you like to gamble! I wrote about how to prevent lifting edges using Beeline Primer Sealer. Hope that helps! suppliers. The wall paper had been on the wall for 20+ years. Generally, if you coat a bare plaster wall, and have a cup of tea, when you get back, it is probably dry to the touch, so you can get on with the papering. Not only is it unique, but it adds personality to your home. Decorators who care to plan ahead can get stocks of decorator size or Beeline Primer Sealer from online decorator suppliers. Again, great to know how to do this stuff and my next bathroom has windows and I’m not afraid of the wallpaper!!! When I wrote this post a year and a half ago, BM was carrying it. You should coat a wall with a suitable product prior to hanging paper to ensure: a) the paste isn’t sucked out the wallpaper too quickly, and Jack Pauhl goes into a lot of detail on Gardz as a “primer”. I keep a watering can nearby that helps with frequent refills. This technique also makes your windows look bigger. And a few small sheds too, like Broken Cross in Macclesfield, can fill the growing gap and make it possible for decorators to do a good job, not a make-do and mend one. (post includes affiliate links – full disclosure statement available {here}). Came off easily. With the millions of rolls coming out of Graham and Brown alone every year, that sounds like a lot of demand for a decorator size? Because of paint colors and wallpaper? In almost every episode of House Hunters there’s a cute young couple who finds the perfect house except…. There was still residual glue, but I thought the Primer would fix any issues related to it. , stephanie at Stephanie Kraus Designs says, way to preserver with the wallpaper. Hi Susan, How we keep our clients safe in COVID-19 crisis. The Zinsser product is sold at Benjamin Moore dealers. Use a transparent design with a lamp behind to create a illuminating romantic feel, or a bold striking screen against a neutral wall to add striking accent colours. These products do a few things – first of all, they seal in any residual glue. Thanks for a great tip I am in the middle of a mess need answers to glue stuck on walls and pealing part of my Sheetrock. To make more of your screen, you can attach photos, or pictures to create a gallery effect. Two weeks on and I am ready to wallpaper- do I need to resize or will the original size still be effective? Diana, I’m not 100% sure and don’t want to give you the wrong advice. Folding screens can be bought new, but I like to scour vintage shops and Etsy to find more original and quirky designs. Lucky me I discovered your site accidentally, and We are an invitation-only, nationwide network of independent businesses, each with decades of professional experience. I’ve had to remove wallpaper that was put on bare drywall too and it’s horrible – unfortunately no matter what you use to try and get it off, your drywall will still get messed up in spots. I will make a note of the primer you recommended when I finally get the nerve (and strength) to tackle my master bathroom.