Long-blooming groundcover for cool climates. Arctic Fire: This dianthus features the contrasting eye common in the biennial varieties, but it is hardy to zone 3. Arctic Star - A fragrant 'pink' from the star series of Dianthus, 'Artic Star' has double, pure white flowers from June - September. armleenurseries@aol.com Long flowering; Evergreen; Perfumed fully double pure white flowers from April-September. The deeply fringed, star-shaped flowers are pleasantly fragrant. Low spreading mat-like plants with fragrant, pure white flowers with magenta ringed eyes which bloom from late spring to late summer. Fire Star - Another member of the 'Star' range, the single, fragrant blooms of 'Fire Star' are vivid red and appear May - July. Browse pictures and read growth / cultivation information about Dianthus, Cheddar Pink (Dianthus ) 'Arctic Star' supplied by member gardeners in the PlantFiles database at Dave's Garden. Compact and vigorous, Dianthus 'Pop Star' (Pink) is a charming evergreen perennial with masses of clove scented, deeply fringed, double, lavender flowers, … Dianthus plants come in all shapes and sizes, including miniature varieties that form a tight little lump of foliage and blooms, and giant species reaching up to 3 feet tall with almost no basal foliage. Skip to Main Content Skip to Search Skip to Footer. Produces a carpet of white flowers, each with a brilliant red eye. Fragrance and stunning color have made Dianthus a favorite Carnations all have the same botanical name, Dianthus - and they're all beautiful to behold. The flowers contains five petals, normally with a frilled or pinked margin. View Details. The Company owns 100% of its flagship Timantti Diamond Project including a 243 Ha Exploration Permit and a 193,700 Ha Exploration Reservation near the township of Kuusamo, in Finland. The plants can grow 9 inches tall and produce a lovely, spicy scent. £2.25 out of stock. Dark green foliage forms a lush mat that develops into a dense edger or nice groundcover. Dianthus (commonly known as Garden Pinks) have delighted gardeners for centuries, it’s a mainstay of cottage gardens and providing nectar for migrating hummingbirds in spring. Peppermint Star . Varieties of Perennial Dianthus . Dianthus Arctic Star Join the RHS today and get 12 months for the price of 9. Gift Certificates 10% Off – Buy Now! Dianthus Arctic Fire blooms profusely with frilly white serrated petals surrounding a deep fiery red eye. When this occurs, divide the plant and re-plant to encour… Plants form a low creeping mat of bright green foliage, smothered by small white flowers with a crimson eye, the petals delicately fringed. Plant number: 1.180.060 Maiden Pinks have been grown in gardens for centuries, most commonly as a border edging or in the rockery. Add To Cart Add To Cart; DIANTHUS Arctic Star Ideal in containers. Also known as Sweet William or Pinks, dianthus blooms in a variety of colors, including white, pink, red, rose, lavender and yellow. Arctic Fire Dianthus (Dianthus deltoides) has vibrant, fringed blooms and spicy fragrance. These plants are typically mat-forming perennials that form very tight-knit spreads of foliage. DIANTHUS flowers are mostly perennials, a few are annual or biennial. 01772 457370 . ‘Arctic Star’ is a superb agapanthus variety, bearing creamy white flower buds that open to large heads of pure white blooms on tall stems, contrasting with the grey-green leaves. Do you want to know how to collect dianthus seeds then let’s discuss the process. Photo: Kathy Puckett / Millette Photomedia ‘Arctic Fire’, Maiden Pink Dianthus deltoides. A member of the carnation family, dianthus looks and often smells like a miniature carnation plant. A hardy plant which should survive normal winter conditions outside, especially if protected from the hardest frosts. Firewitch: Although this hot pink variety has been in cultivation since 1957, its popularity exploded when it was named the 2006 Perennial Plant of the Year. Cultivation. Ideal for an alpine garden or containers, H15cm x W25cm. H15cm x W25cm. DIANTHUS Arctic Star® An evergreen perennial bearing profuse icy white, fully double fragrant flowers over dense grey green foliage. Dianthus Scent First® Sugar Plum Dianthus ‘Edgehog’ Dianthus Star™ Single ‘Neon Star’ Dianthus deltoides ‘Arctic Fire’ Dianthus subacaulis ‘Gary Eichhorn’ Dianthus Early Bird™ Frosty Dianthus barbatus Barbarini™ Picotee Purple