In theater, dance, and live musical performances, a rider is a set of requests or demands that a performer sets as criteria for performance, which are typically fulfilled by the hosting venue. Read on and download a free template. ",, "Axl Rose asks for a square melon in his dressing room", "Dan 'Soupy' Campbell, The Wonder Years - #7of30", A list of original concert riders at The Smoking Gun website,, Articles with unsourced statements from March 2019, Articles with unsourced statements from May 2020, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Specific foods and beverages (typically water, but sometimes alcoholic beverages), A number of complimentary ("comp") tickets or guest lists (free tickets for friends and family), Access to a private bathroom and/or shower, Most Favored Nation Clause (the lowest merch rate that any act has received at the venue), The merch company has sole and exclusive rights. He is a touring musician, audio engineer, and producer. This is more likely to be the case for venues that don’t usually have band performances and are renting a PA especially for your performance. 0000007397 00000 n 0000002541 00000 n [citation needed], The hospitality rider is a list of requests for the comfort of the artist on the day of the show. Some rider requirements are attempts to avoid specific problems from previous shows. The band will supply: drums, cymbals, two guitars, bass, one guitar amp, keyboards with interface, two DIs, one dynamic vocal microphone.The venue will supply: drum hardware (specify which kind), drum throne, carpet, one tube bass amp (Fender Bassman TV duo 350 watt or similar), one guitar amp (Fender Hot Tod or similar), three DIs, eight mic stands. This should be in the form of two lists so that the soundman has an easy-to-scan checklist. Dazu kommt noch die Mikrofonierung, die Positionen von Verstärkern und Monitoren sowie eventuelle Kabel-Verbindungen. Musicotec helps you do it by creating your technical rider. What Can You Include on a Tech Rider? The bigger the name, the more demands you can get away with it seems. Sample Artist Contract and Rider for a Fair, Festival or Event The following rider is not meant to scare you; it is really a very typical rider we deal with every day. Vicious Cycle wünschte beispielsweise eine warme Mahlzeit für die Künstler und die Crew, aber eben nicht frittiert. %%EOF A good Stage Plot will save you a lot of stress in the long run. I recently had to provide a detailed plan for a show, and it was a pain to come up with the good stage plan. A tech rider is a one-page document that gives the venue and/or soundman an understanding of what your technical requirements are and how to set up the stage before you arrive. An example could be a ballet choreographed for a 60 feet by 60 feet stage. The template is a framework or blueprint which can be used for creating a generic class or function. I've tried to find a plan I could re-use for our band but couldn't find anything good I could copy. 0000002263 00000 n Tech Rider is another element needed for show organizers (along with the band stage plan.). 0000003574 00000 n x�b```b``����� x�A��bl,/⾳�20\�3_�0(5+8UI���-"�Лga�@Chl[T��A� 7 #ٰ���� `;��`0+����@Z����*�� \�Ox�23(4p��0��\��-� B���mʅN6xzy10��������&$�0��i) ����s���@,���5Hs20�B� x`7C Jeder hat einen Hospitality-Rider und jeder verwendet einen. Ein Tech-Rider wird also immer erweitert, je mehr eine Band auf Tour geht und je mehr sie wächst. CONTRACT RIDER Current as of 01.07.10 Please read this rider carefully. Every event is … Bei größeren Bands stehen im Tec-Rider zusätzlich noch infos für die FOH-Console die ihr mitnehmt, die Beleuchtung mit der ihr auf Tour seid und evtl. Save your riders. What Is A Technical Rider? Thank you!If the provided address was correct you should receive an E-Mail. Disputes are settled by inexpensive arbitration. When you've done this, you can use an online Stage Plot generator to create your full Tech Rider online. 0000003527 00000 n Für was brauche ich einen Techt-Rider? Shachar Gilad is the Founder and CEO of SoundBetter, the leading directory of music production talent.