The honeycomb on the plate provided a nice added sweetness to the ham. Also parking was pretty easy to find right across the street meter parking. Service was not that good in the beginning. Service slow but gracious. I dont complain. The potato fries were a bit soggy & overcooked. As if I didn’t love those words separately, when you put them together it’s pure genius . This burger literally f*cked me up with a big slab of 24 hour slow cooked beef cheek in the middle , @KINGSLAND_SOCIAL is brand new addition to - yes you guessed it, Kingsland , The owner and talent Phil Clark, also owns @PHILS_KITCHEN_NZ across the road, so I wouldn’t expect anything less than A++ grade food , You might have remembered me posting this Melted Chocolate Tart from Phil’s Kitchen, which I must say also f*cked me up just as good as this burger did , The beef cheek in this burger was rich in flavour, juicy AF, and so tender you could cut it with a spoon. , Your own custom message, written in donuts , Looking like a schnack right here! 6 oz. It arrived and it was burnt to a crisp. When I arrived, the restaurant was closed. Ok...THE FOOD:The Sticky Icky Bun is to die for. I provided her feedback when she finally arrived and she was nice about it and offered some rose as a means to rectify. I hate having to "flag down" a waiter or waitress. Got any suggestion of an amazing food market near you. Poutine fries is a must get even if you don't get the burger. For the Pickles:1. Our water was constantly filled and the waiter was always in sight should we need something. Finally, the Beef Cheek Burger is all that people say it is. I had the beef cheek burger and I hate to use the phrase "melts in your mouth" but that's exactly what it does. Went for Saturday brunch. In-fact, there’s a video of the very same beef cheek getting effortless cut with a spoon here , There’s a copious amount of cheese, just how I like to live my life. Cheddar Pimento Cheese, Sweet Onions, House -made Brioche. I had the beef cheek burger and it was a deliciously rich burger. Flavored with scallions and have a risotto like consistency. The brioche bun was fresh made, as they make all their bread daily in house. The meat was perfectly cooked per our medium rare request (getting a burger that actually is cooked medium rare is a challenge to many restaurants in and of itself). We went on a Sunday and in typical Miami style the place was thumping with obnoxiously loud music. Stupid loud. I came for dinner and had their beef cheek burger with "poutine" fries. We finally caught her attention and placed our order. The hostess was very friendly. Serve the beef mix & coleslaw on well buttered, soft hamburger buns with the remainder of the NZ BBQ & Peppercorn sauce on the side. checkin gave us all a free glass of champagne. Turn off heat and set aside. I was not impressed with this place at all. You could definitely tell. Cool completely and then blanch them in fryer at 350 for 2 minutes. I highly recommend this spot. I ordered the beef cheek burger which was the best thing I did order, the mussel which were extremely small, the ceviche which did not match the description on menu, the local corn which was decent but also did not match all the ingredients on the menu, and the chicken skin which was okay. There was only 5 tables by the end of my meal. I hated it and tried it again and hated it again. I love the innovative dishes and hip vibes. We also received two glasses of champagne on the house, not sure why but it definitely made our night. It has braised beef brisket with cheese on top of the fries. The chicken skin was awesome! ), I realized the place was quite packed and probably their brunch must be very popular. It should have a good tang! Completely cool. The location was great, parking was easy, and the music was very mellow and smooth. While the Gin & Juice was good enough (and small enough) to warrant a second order, the chicharrones were soooo tasty. Combine in a large bowl with the flat leaf parsley, finely chopped, the juice of the half lemon and mayonnaise. TENDER. I figure i will try it. For our entrées, I had the grouper. The burger however was SPECTACULAR. Finally, a chance to channel my inner Homer Simpson , Yeap, that’s a big cone. It's a shame, because the food is pretty good but the front of the house ruins it. Sometimes I like to throw some fresh apple in the mix too!Serves 6BEEF CHEEKS*4 x Cape Grim beef cheeks500ml beef stock*¾ bottle of NZ BBQ Peppercorn SauceTBSP Tomato PasteTSP Dijon Mustard1 onion slicedCOLESLAW1/8 cabbage thinly sliced1 large carrot grated lengthwaysHalf red onion, sliced thinly lengthwaysFresh coriander or dill (optional)*1 tub d’Lish aioli*Dash of Lirah Sweet Apple Vinegar. Season meat well with salt and pepper. Perfectly soft and sweet. Cheeseburgers are always a popular choice, offering that combination of juicy meat and gently melting cheese which few can resist. IF YOU LIKE BURGERS YOU ABSOLUTELY MUST ORDER THIS. We also got the Beef Cheek Burger (with Cheddar Pimento Cheese, Sweet Onions, House-made Brioche) and the Poutine of Braised Brisket and Cheddar.All three dishes were excellent, a potpourri of flavors, spices and textures. If i had diabetes, i would eat this anyways. I ate my toast, which was a little dry, but good. Mix 80% meat and 20% fat for blend. Beef Burgers; Chick'N Burgers; Chick'N Pièces; Petites Faim & Salades; Livraison de nuit; Menu. Living my life in a fried fantasy , Waffle fries! We placed our order: I ordered the Sticky icky Bun as an appetizer and the Scrambled Eggs which comes with Whiskey Aged Cheddar, Grilled Country Bread and Potatoes. We were the only ones waiting for our car. Overall, not worth the price for food and not so great service. My boyfriend enjoyed the Ron burgundy and so did I, it was heavier than my cocktail but still great. The main reason we went there was the burger since that is what they are known for.