The newly appointed immigration minister, Caroline Nokes, has just inherited one of the most important briefs in government. I say it all the time, whether you’re an elementary school student on a field trip, a teenager attending a Shanghai international high school, or a college student studying abroad in Spain, some of the most important learning is done outside of the “classroom.” I learned more Chinesewhile hanging out with friends in Beijing than I did studying a textbook for two years back in the States. Back home, the open minded perspective you have learned by studying overseas can help you broaden connections within your community. Studying at an international university combines all the best benefits of culture shock with an international education that can help you gain your dream job in today's interconnected global marketplace. Got a story to share? revealed the net benefit of international students, Research Associate - Cardiovascular Sciences, Receive World University Rankings news first, Get job alerts, shortlist jobs and save job searches, Participate in reader discussions and post comments, Unlimited access to news, views, insights & reviews. International education programs contribute to the economic development of host and provider nations. The major of most Chinese students is STEM related, so they have a chance to get an H-1 B visa easily. Hollie Chandler urges ministers not to underestimate the true contribution of international students to the UK. However, while striking, as the report itself acknowledges, it underestimates the true contribution of international students. Learning and living alongside people from around the globe helps all of our students learn to avoid stereotyping and form more informed opinions. After coming to the U.S., the Chinese students acquire the ability to cook and move. And, of course, that includes the thousands of young people from overseas who choose to come and study in the UK every year, attracted by our world-class higher education sector. To be successful, we need a bold commitment from Government as it considers the Immigration Bill, to show that the UK welcomes international students more than ever. Michael Gardner 16 January 2014. While studying in their native country, students still have all the comforts of their home readily available. If you like what you're reading online, why not take advantage of our subscription and get unlimited access to all of Times Higher Education's content? This means that every 11 non-EU students contribute £1 million to the UK economy. Some of these contributions include any tax and National Insurance paid by students, longer-term investment and business links that occur, and the wider cultural impact associated with a more diverse population. When an international student is in an unknown country to study, there are many difficulties he will meet. Queen Mary University of London: our newest UK partner! Unfortunately, it’s becoming harder for international students to study in the United States. Laura E. Rumbley, Associate Director of the Boston College Center for International Higher Education, looks at the issues in her summary of a report on the internationalisation of higher eduction, published today. So, I told my parents that I wanted to change my major to Math because I liked calculating. In New York State, more than 120,000 international students contribute $5 billion to our economy and support 58,000 jobs, the group says. However, in U.S, when the student meets important people like professors and doctors, the student must make an appointment. But, right now, I know how to cook delicious food and how to package my things before I move from my old apartment to another apartment because my parents cannot come to the U.S. to help me do everything, and they have jobs in China.”. Governments invest in their citizens through scholarship programmes for international study, but do the benefits of such investment outweigh the risks? In the Chinese students’ mind, they think that the instructor should be on the campus all day. When you graduate, the data proves that your language skills and cultural experience can help your resume stand out from the rest. In the U.S, making an appointment is a normal thing. Spending time in a new country opens your eyes to different ways of thinking and living everyday life.