It is not a replacement or substitute for professional advice and/or treatment. You’ll need to keep your knife steady as the ceramic rod moves between each of the gullets. Washing with a dishwasher can dull the tool’s edge, thus reducing its effectiveness. Not all serrations are the same. Henckels / Miyabi Kaizen 9 1/2-Inch Bread Knife, J.A. Those jagged blades bite into hard and squishy foods alike, making quick work of tough-skinned fruits like pineapple, sawing through hearty vegetables like butternut squash, and creating perfectly thin slices of juicy ripe tomatoes. Other than different brands stamped on the blade, the Orblue and Zulay knives appear to be the same knife. This bread knife is another efficient tool that can be a great addition to your kitchen thanks to its great qualities. A good knife is defined by its serrated blade that can saw through loaves of crusty bread as well as it can make thin, delicate slices of ripe tomatoes. It felt a little silly using such a long blade on tiny tomatoes, but the slices fell with precision nonetheless. Many bread knives are not ideal for carving brisket; however, this one from Mercer Culinary is an exception. The handle is smooth, straight, and on the small side, which is fine for light work, but when slicing up an entire loaf of hearty bread, you may want a little more structure to grab on to. A 64-layer flower Damascus pattern is present to protect the resilient core of this steel. With its exceedingly sharp edge, this Japanese-style knife bread is an ideal choice for soft fruits. It features a lightweight, high-quality European steel blade that is very sharp and reduces hand fatigue, thus making it convenient for extended use. Has a tang design for balance. This is another impressive product that caught the eyes during our research with its reliability and effectiveness. You can see how to sharpen bread knives in this video below: If you need further instruction, you can consult this video also: Yes, all bread knives are serrated so that you don’t have to apply pressure while cutting cakes and loaves of bread. The Komachi knife, with its thin, flexible blade really shone, similar to the thin blade of the Tojiro, when cutting around the curves as we sliced off the tough skin. "Bread knives can be used for all types of bread. The number one challenge when cutting bread is ensuring there’s less shedding in order to prevent waste. Some work well for delicate slicing while others are workhorses for cutting up tough fruits and vegetables. Therefore, our team of experts put together the most important features to look out for so as to help you make a top pick. Hakman's favorite is this ergonomic bread knife that's "extremely comfortable and durable. What's your favorite bread knife? A bread knife is a knife with serrations on its edge. I thought the same thing too. Many artisan loaves of bread, whether purchased from a baker or cooked in your oven at home, will be larger than 7 inches in diameter. Elizabeth Paashaus, our lead tester, is a passionate home-baker who enjoys constantly testing new variations of her sourdough loaves to achieve the perfect crumb, crust, and flavor combination. High carbon, stainless steel blade stays sharp over time. If you want to enjoy fresh bread that has been sliced to perfection, then a bread knife is what you need. Notably, the product is precision forged and tempered to a hardness of 58 Rockwell. The full tang design and the triple-riveted handle also make this serrated bread knife considerably more durable. The gullets, which are the spaces between the teeth of the knife, reduce any friction between the knife and the food. Before you can buy the best bread knife, you need to know all the factors to consider in order to make an informed choice. Now let's get into the central part of the review. Attractive PackagingSince this bread knife comes in an attractive package, it makes for an excellent housewarming, holiday or birthday gift. Its low weight and small size make it easy to wield on a crowded countertop, and the thin, flexible blade allows you to adjust the direction of your cut while in the middle of a pineapple. This product boasts an edge with optimal sharpness thanks to its exclusive 25-degree Taper Grind. The blade is one of the shorter ones we tested, and it wouldn't be ideal for cutting larger loaves of bread or leveling a cake, but it's capable of most general kitchen uses. Don’t worry that the stainless steel handle will give you discomfort during use. After all, a serrated blade is a serrated blade, right? However, some might feel that the 8.4-ounce Dalstrong knife is too hefty for comfort, and with a smooth, straight handle, you may find yourself wishing it had a more ergonomic grip to steady the weight in your hand. Meanwhile, this knife requires continued and attentive maintenance to keep it in the best shape possible for efficient performance. Luckily, theres an easy way to avoid this: investing in a good bread knife. Hence, this blade guarantees valuable service. Also, it guarantees safe use, ensuring that your fingers are protected from accidental cuts. Balance, in a knife, refers to the feel of the knife in your hand. The shaped handle is smooth and comfortable to hold even when cutting harder foods like tough pineapple skin. Moreover, a sheath might come in handy if you have small children or if you need to bring the knife with your while traveling. It features a blade made of high-carbon Japanese steel, thus assuring seamless blade maintenance as well as rapid sharpening to get a razor-sharp edge. Delish participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. Kitchen Byte, Home KuKu, How to Home, Sullivan Steak House, Kitchenistic, Food Prep Life and 1 more. The knife's lightweight design, combined with an ergonomically constructed handle, allows users to hold the knife for long periods without fatigue. For the longest-lasting edge, stamped steel can't compare with a forged steel knife blade like that on the hefty Dalstrong bread knife. A flexible blade allows you to adjust the direction as you cut meaning you keep more of the delicious pineapple flesh rather than slicing it off with the skin. The handle's design placed your grip a bit further back than normal, so instead of choking up on the blade butt you found yourself with an extra inch of cutting space. These are the best serrated bread knives we tested ranked, in order: Recommendations are independently chosen by Reviewed’s editors. This will affect how well the bread knife slices your bread. Also, it is precision-made for durability and strength, thus ensuring long service and easy chopping and cutting. Having the interior of your bread shredded, leaving crumbs can be really frustrating. 1 Heritage Series 8 1/2" Bread Knife. Schmidt Bros Schmidt Brothers … This bread knife is an excellent kitchen tool that can cut a loaf of bread with the utmost ease. Even though it didn’t earn top marks, we wouldn’t be upset if we had to use this knife on the regular. The Mercer Culinary Genesis Forged Bread Knife, 8-Inch has an ergonomic handle, which is made out of  Santoprene. If you’re looking for performance and style, you can get both in this serrated bread knife. It can bounce right off hard-skinned food or create jagged tears instead of smooth slices. Cuisinart C77TR-8BD Bread Knife #7. 8 Bread Knives That Can Cut Through Anything, According to The Experts. Mercer Culinary Millennia 10-Inch Wide Bread Knife. It has a taper ground articulation that will make it the best to boost stability and a sturdy construction. Any knife can cut the first few tomato slices but a sharp blade will make cutting the last few both safer and easier. If baking is your thing, you may find yourself working with a large chunk of chocolate. Look for the DWYM seal for products that are the best in their category. But with all the right information in hand, you can seamlessly choose a model for your kitchen. Look for handles that provide a good grip and ensure your hand doesn’t slip. The fact that this knife appears to be made by one manufacturer then sold to multiple other companies to stamp their logo on doesn't inherently lower its quality or performance, but it does make us question the expertise in knives that Zulay can actually provide. The high quality of the blade ensures that it’s easy to maintain and keep razor-sharp. We purchased 9 knives and got busy baking up some fresh loaves, slicing them down into the thinnest slices the knives could manage, cutting up tomatoes for more BLTs than we could eat, and chopping pineapples for some fresh, succulent snacking. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Either specifically right... the most in-depth and scientific tech reviews.