It began on a small holding near Harlow, Essex producing milk and eggs along with the farming of pigs and rabbits. We believe strongly that “happy hens lay good eggs”. Friendly farm shop in Haskerton, near Woodbridge. Open until 5pm. Water and feeding troughs are raised so that the specially formulated feed is not scattered, and electric lighting is provided to give an optimum day length throughout the year. Free ranging systems also often embrace other features including tree and hedge planting on range to encourage the hens roaming behaviour. In addition to this, we also allow farmers to list unlimited number of products on our website. We sell directly from our farm to your kitchen, which means you can be 100% assured of our high welfare standards, and the provenance, freshness, and quality of our free range eggs. The final digits of the code are the Farm ID – a specific code denoting the actual farm where the eggs were produced. Every farmer has their own creative ways to entertain the hens and keep them occupied. In addition, British Lion eggs have a best before date and Lion logo on the shell. The egg white and yolk will expand when frozen, so if left intact this could damage or break the shell. To aid the expansion of the Egg Packing Centre and Additional Equipment. Known in the trade as ‘drilling’, the wheat is planted in the fields using the latest modern machinery either in autumn or spring depending on the variety wheat being used. Shopping with us this easy and stress-free!! This range has been built by working with some of the biggest and best egg producers in the UK and around Europe. Farm shop open until 4pm daily (also a garden centre on site). Here we continued to produce and sell eggs until the 1990’s. If you’re after something more niche, we can also supply other varieties such as quail and duck eggs. For this reason, we prioritise the welfare of our hens by keeping them safe, healthy and happy. The health and welfare of their birds is a farmers’ number one priority. We’ve found that local markets and traditional high-street butchers have had food when the out-of-town megastores have been empty, but with so much great food being produced in East Anglia it may be possible to secure some staples by going straight to the source, as some farms will sell straight from the gate – and those that aren’t generally seem to be keeping their local farm shops stocked. The next 2 digits of the code show the country of origin, so UK would be United Kingdom. When you buy from The Good Egg Fellas you can be confident that you’re buying high grade, high quality fresh eggs from a trusted and reliable source. - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto. The best eggs are truly free-range from birds allowed to roam, peck and perch. Email: The associated café is closed, but the farm shop outside Roughton in Norfolk is still open. Biosecurity measures include using foot dips and hand washing sinks, wearing protective clothing and footwear and providing wheel washes for vehicles. Try your local dairy farm, but get mooove on... Picture: Getty Images/iStockphoto Due to continued expansion and in times of flock turnaround we source our eggs from our other local East Yorkshire free range producers who meet the same exacting standards as our own flocks, The European Agricultural Fund For Rural Development: Europe investing in rural areas, To aid the expansion of the Egg Packing Centre and Additional Equipment, It is part funded by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development. We would love to see what you are up, your creations with the kiddies using egg boxes or trays. So, why waste your time behind shopping and judging every food item on the basis of their quality, when you have the facility to avail fresh food delivery at your doorstep. The hens are free to roam in open fields with lush grass and plenty of shelter…lucky them! Each member of the family plays their own important part but with the same shared passion of producing top quality eggs. Simon Weir. The European Agricultural Fund For Rural Development: Europe investing in rural areas. We do not even interfere in any kind of financial transaction that is between buyers and sellers. Compared to free range there would be fewer birds in the same space for organic birds, this is known as a lower stocking density. Before the pandemic, 41% of British eggs went into foodservice and food processing. Register with us and get along with your business. Having problems logging in? For farmers, you are just a step away. The Calf at Foot Dairy, Norfolk/Suffolk border. Retweet However, the flour can be ordered online at any time. All Farms Quick Index : Buying Direct: Glossary : No matter where you are there's bound to be a farmer nearby who's willing to sell direct. In 1980 Simon Fish, son to David, joined the business where he continues to sell eggs to the wholesale trade supplying businesses from small local trading establishments to larger outlets throughout London and The Home Counties. How do I support the British egg industry? Here’s a quick guide to getting the essentials of life in these troubled times. With a growing population, a home-grown source of food is absolutely crucial for the nation and it is vital that farmers are able to continue producing the safe, affordable food that the public expect and value. Please note that this information is correct at the time of going to press, but seems to be changing daily. Wheat makes up approximately 60% of the diet; soya bean meal approx. We eat over 12 billion eggs in the UK every year – if these were placed all in a line they would go round the world 17 times. By continuing to browse this site you give consent for cookies to be used. 20%; limestone (needed for eggshell formation) approx. We allow them to roam in a natural, stimulating setting and feed our hens a cereal-based diet to add to the grass they eat. Raw milk, cheese and butter in a self-service 24-hour farm shop, just south of Bungay. Please don't telephone late at night. What has everyone been baking during lock down with your Elliott Eggs?