Our Leadership Programme runs throughout the entire course, requiring students to achieve specified outcomes each term. Cesar Ritz Colleges students are provided with everything they need to study: traditional, time-tested books and materials, and modern electronic and multimedia resources, online services and special search engines (full access to the materials of the Manchester City University library). Located in a magnificent former hotel dating back to the early 1900s, the César Ritz campus is just minutes away from the town centre and the lake. _ César Ritz Colleges Switzerland - Hotel School In Lucerne, all 84 student rooms are located inside the campus building and offer a range of different room categories right in the heart of the city. César Ritz Colleges Switzerland a su se construire au fil des années une solide réputation en dispensant des cours de tourisme et de gestion hôtelière. 7 people near you are also looking at this institution. Study abroad at César Ritz Colleges Switzerland. 15% scholarship on the full duration of their studies to all new applicants who are B Permit holders. The first of these projects was launched when César Ritz Colleges was asked by an Icelandic hotel for help to develop a new marketing strategy. The first campus of the Cesar Ritz Colleges was opened in 1982 (Brig), now campuses are added to the structure in Le Bauver (French-speaking part of the country) and Lucerne (German part of Switzerland): usually students 1-2 Year bachelor, students of final semesters and the master's program are engaged on the basis of Brig: Quick overview: Duration of studying is 3 years. You are advised to send your application as soon as possible as places are limited in the school. The Student Ambassador Forum organizes multiple events across the year including ski trips, excursions around Switzerland, sports days and themed nights. Transferring from another university to pursue hospitality, César Ritz Colleges Switzerland signs academic partnership with the Comité Champagne. Master students are based full time at the Brig campus. Graduates of the double Bachelor programme earn both a César Ritz Colleges Bachelor degree and a Washington State University (USA) Bachelor degree in Hospitality Business Management. Profitable offer for language courses from Kaplan, Discount $14,500 from Grier School - one of the best boarding schools for girls in the USA. Join us and keep up with the latest news and offers! All rights reserved. Many of the Leadership Programme components are embedded in the main course framework, however there are additional modules including Cultural Awareness and Sensitivity Training, as well as developing networking and mentoring skills. Good afternoon, Amina! If the first higher education was received in another specialty, to obtain a master's degree it is necessary to confirm sufficient experience in the field of hospitality. Cultural integration and counseling services are available to support students throughout their study. César Ritz Colleges is a private hospitality college in Switzerland comprised of three campuses: one in the historic center of Lucerne, one at the lakeside of Le Bouveret, and one up in the mountains at Brig. With hard work, innovation, flair and a touch of class, César Ritz accomplished an unprecedented career in the hospitality industry and rose to legendary status. At César Ritz Colleges Switzerland this internationalism begins on campus, where over 60 nationalities are represented. It is required to demonstrate a sufficiently high level of English: the results of language testing (IELTS from 5.0 or its analog, for example, TOEFL iBT 64 , Internal test institution); as well as a summary. The most effective leaders are those who are open and committed to the principles of life-long learning and ongoing reflection. César Ritz graduates work all over the world, building their careers at home or abroad, where dealing with colleagues, customers and partners of varying nationalities is always a key requirement. César Ritz Colleges Switzerland draws from nearly 40 years’ experience and the ethos of Swiss pioneer César Ritz to offer students a multi-campus learning experience focused on entrepreneurship and business management. Personalize this website for better user experience. They are passionate about equipping students to think for themselves and take ownership of their educational journey. Leadership is something that can be learned, as well as being a natural attribute. In their free time, students can devote time to sports: the conditions for this are on campus and in the city: Interesting and informative lectures, master classes, various entertaining events, creative meetings with representatives of the best hotels and excursions are constantly organized in the college. The university helps in finding companies for practice, it can be both in Switzerland and in other countries of the world. While Swiss Education Group, as a private institution, cannot currently provide full scholarships, they offer a set of financial aid solutions for qualified and motivated students.