Better yet, grow them in a pot on a sunny windowsill. Potatoes Pears The rest is history. Squash, Winter If your fruit feels a little too hard, leave it at room temperature for a day or two and it will soften. And these days you can find so many different kinds.Cucumbers recipes », When are cucumbers in season?May — September. It has the perfume of the grown-up version, but is milder in flavor. Raspberries Considered rarities not so long ago, fresh figs have become more and more available in the last five years as cooks have discovered their magic.Figs recipes ». Tahoe Gold. How to choose bell peppers?Look for peppers that are firm, deeply colored and glossy. Blanch them in boiling water for a minute or two or sauté them briefly over high heat. How to store cherries?Refrigerate cherries in a tightly sealed plastic bag. Bake sweet potatoes, then peel and puree in a food processor with butter and a little orange juice. Must-try orange recipes: Orange-Scented Meatballs with Sweet-and-Sour Sauce. Rub the peel with your fingernail and you should get a strong whiff of that distinctive Meyer perfume. Tomatoes Also, the net should be raised and the rind underneath it should be tan to golden, not green. How to choose tomatoes?Tomatoes should be vibrantly colored with taut, shiny skin. Supply really picks up in December and sales prices should be easy to find. >Recipes Basil We require you to complete all the text fields marked with *. Smell is important, too. Any longer than that and you should refrigerate them in a tightly closed plastic bag. They’ll last at least a week. Raspberries Cauliflower Kissing cousins, these fruit are the queens of the summer harvest. Chard Cucumber They won’t get sticky and starchy the way regular potatoes do. Kohlrabi Murcotts Peas, Black-eyed Not only are beets physically beautiful — they have a deep, rich saturated red color that shines like nothing else — but they are also a wonderful combination of sweet and earthy. One of the few mandarin varieties that I find have great flavor even when they first hit the market for the year is the Pixies from Ojai, California. It has a profound tropical fruit flavor.Passion fruit recipes », When is passion fruit in season?July — September. Gold Nuggets are now at their peak, you can find the best ones under the Dimples name. The roots should be brightly colored and free from cracks and nicks. Carrots Extra tipsOne trick with cooking mushrooms — start them in a very hot, dry pan, and add butter and minced shallots or garlic only once they’ve given up some moisture. Broccoli How to choose Meyer lemons?Meyer lemons should be firm and the peel should be soft and smooth. Most oranges are in season through February, and Valencia oranges, those small orbs that make the best fresh orange juice, are your best option; they ripen from March through the summer. Cabbage But newly introduced apriums — crosses between apricots and plums — offer taste and texture that hearkens back to the good old days.Apricot recipes », When are apricots and apriums in season?May — July. Artichokes Citrus: Kumquats, Cool, then spoon away the tender flesh. But unfortunately those take a while to ripen. Carrots The flavor reminds me a lot of Minneolas. People around California reported that the birds that would normally be singing were silent. Collards Peas, Black-eyed Beans, Green There may be more different varieties of plums than of any other single fruit. How to choose asian pears?Asian pears feel hard as rocks, but they actually bruise quite easily. Guava, Pineapple