For the most recent entrance fee prices click here. I encourage all my couples who are planning a Rocky Mountain National Park elopement to follow the “, How To Elope In Rocky Mountain National Park, Rocky Mountain National Park only allows couples to hold their elopement ceremony at. Well, things are changing in 2021. The road, which is closed during the winter, is approximately 42 miles long, so don’t hesitate to go for a stroll if you need a break. The Rock Inn Mountain Tavern serves some great American dishes, but is also a popular place for gathering with live blue grass music and a top-of-the-line beer list. In 1916, Monsignor Joseph Bosetti came across a large rock formation just east of Rocky Mountain National Park and inspired by the Biblical phrase "upon this rock I will build my church", he envisioned a church built on the rock. Lighting/Wedding Ceremony Timing The Park is massive (265,751 acres to be exact! The Alluvial Fan Bridge is a ceremony site in RMNP that is located 7 miles from Beavers Meadow Visitor Center on the East entrance of Rocky Mountain National Park. In years past, couples who were eloping used to be able to take advantage of their “undesignated wilderness” areas and elope on Trail Ridge Road or at various alpine lakes. This is important to keep in mind if you are planning a wedding with guests who are driving in and will need to find parking spaces. You can apply for this permit as far as a year out. The Trail Ridge Road ends in Grand Lake, a beautiful town with a western feel at the shores of the eponymous Grand Lake, the largest and deepest natural body of water in all of Colorado. Rules and Regulations for elopements in Rocky Mountain National Park With 5 million visitors to the Park each year, RMNP. BOOK A FLIGHT!Obviously, if you’re going on a trip somewhere far a way, you’ll need to book a flight. The closing of Trail Ridge Road also depends on the weather and snowfall. And since you’ll do a part of it on foot, expect to encounter countless wild turkeys, chipmunks, and even moose. Your email address will not be published. Click on a pin to see images of the location. Driving along this road may take you a couple of hours including stops, but it will definitely prove to be the highlight of your Rocky Mountain National Park itinerary. The key is to be prepared. It also happens to be the busiest of the three spots. love sliding down the old bunny hill on a sled or snow tube (rentals available in Estes Park). As users of a national park, it is our duty to keep this area just as untouched as we left it! In years past, Rocky Mountain National Park issued up to 2,190 wedding permits (6 max per day). Although she easily becomes homesick for Croatia, she thinks travel is essential to her happiness. Occasionally, there is a light show on the river, even though just hearing the river’s gentle murmur guarantees a peaceful and relaxing stay. 5. […], […] there are very specific rules to getting married in Rocky Mountain National Park,  their self-solemnized ceremony was at Sprague Lake. His lack of funds delayed construction for nearly 20 years and he struggled with the Colorado Highway Department to keep the rock intact. You can see a list of site + restrictions here. What’s the peak season for visiting? National Park has instituted a variety of new rules, restrictions and regulations for all weddings and elopements. Here are a few guidelines to follow when eloping in Rocky Mountain National Park. Dogs and other pets are seen as prey by large predators in the park. It’s part of a picnic area complete with bathrooms and wheelchair accessible for guests. Locations such as Sapphire Point, Maroon Bells and Rocky Mountain National Park will require a permit, while others like Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs currently […], […] of the important things to consider when planning your Grand Lake elopement is your privacy. ), you have to be willing to invite the weather to be a guest at your wedding   You never quite know what the weather in Colorado is going to do. Explore Grand Lake3.7. The guests can relax in the hotel’s hot tub and sauna or sit down at the bar for a drink. 1. EXTRA TIPS FOR VISITING ROCKY MOUNTAIN NATIONAL PARK, from Denver to Rocky Mountain National Park. There are plans for a full restoration of the chapel along with plans to build a new visitor and heritage center. As users of a national park, it is our duty to keep this area just as untouched as we left it! There are over 4.5 million visitors every year coming to experience Rocky Mountain […], Your email address will not be published. Fall crowds: From September 10 – October 20, the Park’s visitors surge. In the fall, elk descend to lower elevations to mate. Now you’ll be able to explore the new city thoroughly and, who knows, maybe even make a trip outside it.INSURE YOURSELF FOR PEACE OF MIND!Accidents, mishaps and other troubles happen to everyone. With its 415 square miles of adventure, RMNP has everything you think of when dreaming up your Colorado elopement: Rocky Mountain National Park is located only an hour and a half north-west of Denver making it easy to access any time of year. If you’ve been dreaming of hiking up to Dream Lake to say your vows or taking pictures with your partner at the top of Trail Ridge Road, don’t worry! Visiting today. In addition to sunset, sunrise is also a beautiful time for ceremonies. You can walk anywhere along the trail that surrounds Lily Lake to hold your wedding ceremony, which allows for more flexibility in location and crowds.