Registered charity number 279057VAT number 726 0202 76 Company limited by guarantee. If property is left to you by your civil partner, you do not have to pay inheritance tax on it. Although rare, cases can occur where a sponsor dies before his / her civil partner is able to complete the probationary period and apply for indefinite leave to remain (ILR). To view this licence, visit or write to the Information Policy Team, The National Archives, Kew, London TW9 4DU, or email: A private pension scheme which is contracted out of a state additional pension must offer the same rights to married partners as to civil partners, whenever the plan was taken out. You can find out more or opt-out from some cookies. However, a civil partner can be liable for debts relating to Council Tax or a Social Fund loan. This review can take place after an appeal has been lodged and in the majority of cases, assessing whether or not this ‘new evidence’ meets the requirements of the Rules (see below) should be straightforward. If the sponsor has temporarily traveled abroad to accompany the applicant in making the application, this will not affect the sponsor’s present and settled status. SET4.18 Is there provision for bereaved civil partners? Under the UK’s Civil Partnership Act 2004 (which came into force on 5.12.05) a same-sex overseas relationship must either: Where two people have registered an overseas relationship which is specified in Schedule 20, or the relationship meets these general conditions, they will be treated as having formed a civil partnership. However, you will not be exempt if you and your partner were living together without being in a civil partnership. Gifts and inherited goods belong to the person who received them. Currently, opposite-sex couples can register a civil partnership in England and Wales but not in Scotland. However a contract may be useful to remind you of your original intentions, or if you split up. Once registered, it confers the same rights and responsibilities as marriage. A cohabitation contract may be difficult to enforce legally, particularly while you are still together. Demands for an unreasonable amount of intercourse may also constitute domestic abuse. However, if both partners moved in together, it may be possible to prove that there is a joint tenancy. We use cookies to improve your experience of our website. You will not automatically inherit unless, as a couple, you owned property jointly. It will take only 2 minutes to fill in. He went on to conclude that the requirement of the Rules relating to the intention of the parties to the marriage could be met where the British citizen (or legally resident foreign national) spouse insisted on remaining in the UK. Many of the areas covered here are complex and you may also require specialist advice, for example from a Citizens Advice Bureau. A civil partnership is a legally recognised relationship between two people of the same sex. You will share these rights equally with the child’s mother. When you live together, each partner is taxed separately. The ECO should be wary of routinely referring to Tribunal precedents when compiling explanatory statements. If an overseas relationship is not included in Schedule 20, the same-sex couple may still qualify as a civil partnership where the overseas relationship must, under the law of the territory in which it was formed: Consular marriages and civil partnership ceremonies that take place in foreign missions in the UK are not legal under UK marriage laws and are therefore not valid for entry clearance applications, unless the premises are approved by the local authority for the solemnisation of marriages / civil partnerships. Benefits should be available to same-sex partners, otherwise there may be unlawful discrimination. SET4.1 What is the definition of a civil partner? A couple who live together can separate informally without any need for a court to intervene. In Balvinder Singh, the Tribunal equated ‘to have met’ with ‘to have made the acquaintance of’. A civil partner is a person who has legally registered his / her partnership with another person of the same sex. This will give you added legal rights, as well as responsibilities. A relationship that has developed over the Internet would not satisfy the ‘to have met’ requirement unless the relationship included a personal face-to-face meeting between the couple concerned. This publication is available at Where an appeal has been determined then a fresh application and fee will be appropriate. No child under 16 is able to contract a valid civil partnership in the UK. When a civil partner dies, transfer of property is exempt from inheritance tax. They took the view that it would be difficult to argue convincingly that two infants lying in cots side by side could satisfy the requirement ‘to have met’ but that it would not be so difficult to argue that children of 11 or 12 could be acquaintances of each other. In a case considered in the High Court in November 1996 Keen J held that: ‘The concept of intention is no doubt a complex one, but it appears to me that one can indeed have a genuine intention, notwithstanding that the carrying out of that intention is dependent on, or could be frustrated by, some extraneous event.’. An application by a civil partner should be refused if: In cases where the applicant is within a couple of months of their 18th birthday, and the other party is 18 or over, the ECO has discretion to issue entry clearance but valid only from when the person under 18 has reached their 18th birthday. This page is about the legal differences between civil partnership and living together. If the home is sold, a civil partner usually has the right to continue to live in it unless they have agreed to the sale.