Z. Comer means to eat. Study.com has thousands of articles about every just create an account. Currently, she teaches Spanish as a foreign language and creates teaching resources. Niños, ¿y vosotros qué comeréis? when she rushes her child to finish his dinner. In order to talk about events which are likely to happen in the short or long term, we need the future tense. You didn't used to eat green beans. Did you know… We have over 220 college The imperfect is a continued action you did in the past within an undetermined time. '), Daniel: No me gusta, Mamá. credit-by-exam regardless of age or education level. Learn how to say matter-of-fact in Spanish with audio of a native Spanish speaker. Let's learn the conjugation in both tenses, along with some common adverbs and/or expressions that accompany each tense. The Imperfect Tense of Comer; Conjugation Translation; yo comía: I used to eat: tú comías: You (informal) used to eat: él/ella/ello/uno comía: He/she/one used to eat: usted comía: You (formal) used to eat: nosotros comíamos: We used to eat: vosotros comíais: You all (informal) used to eat: ellos/ellas comían: They used to eat: ustedes comían: You all (formal) used to eat Elena has a PhD in linguistics from University of La Laguna (Spain). We offer free self-study courses for students of all levels. courses that prepare you to earn Visit our. F ), Diego: ¡Ojalá yo comiera dulce de leche y picarones siempre! The -se form is considered the traditional form of the imperfect subjunctive, while the -ra is derived from an old Latin indicative form. ('I don't like it, Mom'. You can express wishes by using the imperfect subjunctive after either of these expressions: Paula is a foodie and loves tasting new dishes and flavors. There are two forms for the Imperfect Subjunctive in Spanish. | PBL Ideas & Lesson Plans, American Literature for Teachers: Professional Development, Improving Customer Satisfaction & Retention, Common Core Math Grade 8 - Geometry: Standards, Quiz & Worksheet - Physical Change in Science, Quiz & Worksheet - Role of Dialogue in Literature, Quiz & Worksheet - Comparing Social & Fiscal Conservatism, Quiz & Worksheet - The Importance of Being Earnest: Characters, Quiz & Worksheet - Role of Excerpts in Writing, Under Western Eyes by Conrad: Summary & Overview, How to Prep for the NYS Physics Regents Exam, School Closures in PA: Online Learning for Pennsylvania Students, Tech and Engineering - Questions & Answers, Health and Medicine - Questions & Answers, Working Scholars® Bringing Tuition-Free College to the Community. just create an account. The verb comer belongs to the second group, so its conjugation would be as follows: Ana is very busy today - phone calls, emails, preparing dinner and feeding her children, who are picky eaters sometimes. imaginable degree, area of https://www.123teachme.com/spanish_verb_conjugation/comer, https://www.123teachme.com/learn_spanish/imperfect_tense, https://www.123teachme.com/learn_spanish/spanish_imperfect_tense_intro, https://www.123teachme.com/learn_spanish/verb_comer_imperfect, https://www.123teachme.com/learn_spanish/imperfect_comer, https://www.123teachme.com/learn_spanish/imperfect_tense_2, https://www.123teachme.com/learn_spanish/preterite_vs_imperfect, https://www.123teachme.com/games/drag_n_match/category/comer_imperfect, Interactive Exercises to test the student's knowledge of the Spanish, https://www.123teachme.com/learn_spanish/quizzes_imperfect_tense_1, https://www.123teachme.com/learn_spanish/basic_course_imperfect_tense_index, Quizzes to evaluate the student's knowledge of the Spanish, https://www.123teachme.com/learn_spanish/quizzes_imperfect_tense_3, Quizzes to assess the student's knowledge of the Spanish, https://www.123teachme.com/learn_spanish/quizzes_imperfect_tense_2, Present indicative conjugation and use the Spanish verb, https://www.123teachme.com/learn_spanish/verb_comer_present, https://www.123teachme.com/learn_spanish/quiz_quizzes_106, Interactive exercises to evaluate the student's knowledge of the Spanish, https://www.123teachme.com/learn_spanish/imperfect_verbs_quiz_3, Conjugation and use of the Spanish verbs in the preterite, https://www.123teachme.com/learn_spanish/preterite_tense_verbs, https://www.123teachme.com/learn_spanish/verb_comer, https://www.123teachme.com/learn_spanish/imperfect_progressive, 100 lessons on the conjugation and use of Spanish verbs in the present indicative, https://www.123teachme.com/learn_spanish/spanish_present_tense, https://www.123teachme.com/learn_spanish/preterite_tense_regular_verbs, https://www.123teachme.com/learn_spanish/expressions_requiring_imperfect, https://www.123teachme.com/learn_spanish/subjunctive_mood_imperfect_tense_b, https://www.123teachme.com/learn_spanish/verb_hacer_imperfect. Log in or sign up to add this lesson to a Custom Course. To say you were eating or you used to eat, Let's begin! If you are just begining Spanish or are almost fluent, we think that this will be a valuable tool. 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