The deep Web provides information in all disciplines, for all populations, and is better in quality than the surface web. htm Comparative research is a research methodology in the social sciences that aims to make comparisons across different countries or cultures. Unlike a library, the internet is a computer network where students can attain any kind of information simply by opening the network. But a researcher can be misled with wrong or obsolete information from sources less than credible. Information junkies know arguments for using either the library or the Internet are out of touch with reality. Our life has gotten so used to having technology around us that we can’t imagine our lives without them. While the least number of respondents 10 or 20% of the respondents stated that they find internet sources les credible. The names of the students of the total population will be arranged alphabetically and according to year levels. Inserting or Altering Words in a Direct Quotation, Shorten the Title of this Source in the In-text Citation. Table 2. De Rosa pointed out college students might use libraries more than any other group because they need it for their coursework, but she said it’s also because college students are good at navigating the resources libraries offer. In the table on the right, these aspects are called A, B and C. During the process of analysis, you then can add new aspects or drop out fruitless ones. ” They strive to acquire works from reputable publishers. Statistics vary from country to country and may include users who access the Internet at least several times a week to those … •75% of undergraduates reported using library print materials within the last year. ResponseFrequencyPercentage Yes2754% No1020%, Sometimes1326% Total50100% In this table, majority of the respondents, 27 or 54% stated that they find internet resources credible and it is updated. In the last five years, more than 33 percent of these resources have been checked out. There are research sites out on the internet, which a researcher ill find suitable but te maybe hard to find or locked to all but academic researchers. However, most of the research is either fiction or repeated on several web sites, we would say that there is more information available on the internet and unless you know exactly where to look. While there are 13 or 26% who stated that there are times when they find the resources less credible because it is not yet proven or published unlike those books that have been published. businessbookmall. It is understood that they can do well as far as researching on the topics they need. Data was collected Last year, 812,000 items were checked out or used in-house, a figure that is average for a library system the size of WSU’s and yet one that represents a slight decrease for the university. Going to the library takes time – you have to go there, look up a number of books, find those books, look through those books, realize that they are all horrible and can’t use them due to the fact that they are written 20 years ago. While looking at historical artifacts is valuable, … ” There are advantages and disadvantages. Undergraduate students who use library resources report the following: •76% of undergraduates utilized electronic databases/article indexes within the last year. But teenagers, who always seek fun activities around them, use computer to play games, chat with friends and to catch up with the latest gossip on celebrities. This is appropriate for the purpose of the study as it attempts to compare the number of students who prefer to use internet in searching than going to the library. The IEEE Digital Library (IEL) is available to the DOST System. Is the information cited correctly? As one considers the wealth of information that is available on the internet as compared to the libraries for educational purposes, a person may be baffled as to which is best. The Demographic Profile of the Respondents: 1. These harmful waves can cause headache, drop in eyesight, a brain tumor and leucosis in the worst case. Literature on library and the Internet were reviewed. This is not a passing fad but a reflection of student expectation, based on their upbringing and experience, says Steel. 1 Age Majority of the respondents, 15 or 30% belong to the 17 years, they stated that they find internet searching more convenient and comfortable. “Today’s students grew up with PCs,” she explains. What is the Difference between library and internet in information provision? And before they know it, they are addicted to computer. On first glance, most people this much is true. NOTES IN CHAPTER I Descriptive Comparison aims at describing and perhaps also explaining the invariance’s of the objects. This essay will examine libraries and the internet in two features: veracity and efficiency. The report found that college students use library resources more than the general population, but the Internet is the first place students go for information. Different authors give their definition of comparative research as follows: The comparative method is often used in the early stages of the development of a branch of science. Background. A library's publications cannot provide up-to-the-minute news and information the way Web sites can. This is the technique of Normative Comparison. … library. In this table, majority of the respondents, 21 or 42% of the respondents belong to 2nd year college, while there are 18 or 36% who belong to 1st year college level. Ho: There is no significant relationship between the use of internet and the use of library. Want to scan a large portion of the information available on the internet. •Coverage Are the links evaluated and do they complement the theme? The traditional library has items selected by qualified librarians who are really “information specialists. Get a verified writer to help you with Library vs. Internet. High bandwidth Internet connectivity Focus selectively on acquiring digital resources Electronic journals, and gradual elimination of print subscriptions •A special style of research is needed when the aim is not just to detect and explain but also to improve the present state of the object, or to help improving or developing similar objects in the future. Library VS Internet - nine good reasons to use the library 1. Students are often unable to distinguish appropriate from inappropriate resources. Has no system that catalogs and organizes all resources. For example, a hybrid library user can borrow a physical book at the same time he/she might access remotely a digital book using the library webpage to use the digital library. Conclusion 1. A Comparison between B2C and B2B As the title suggests B2C or Business to Consumer provides products and services to a consumer customer, while B2B or Business to Business supplies other businesses. How about getting full access immediately? In other words, distinctions between the library and the Web are blurring. Foreign Studies. Short range reference service is provided immediately or within very short period. It has been making studying easier for years. Research projects are done in … www. Quickly browse through hundreds of Library Automation tools and systems and narrow down your top choices. Think of the books, magazines, newspapers, DVDs, audiobooks , and other media it contains as websites. It’s easy and it’s broad-based,” said Cathy De Rosa, vice president of marketing and library services for the Online Computer Library Center, a nonprofit computer library service and research organization that conducted the report. The libraries in those schools offer a wealth of information at an age appropriate level, and educators can control the type on informational sources the children are researching. 2. Internet has made rapid inroads in our lives and has grown exponentially to touch our lives in all spheres. There are many different types of information sources each chararacterised by different conventions and target audiences. Distance education and branches rely on electronic information, but they have not abandoned print. This article uses a Creative Commons license: CC BY-NC-ND 4.0. The traditional library is here to stay. Technology, Libraries and the Internet: A Comparison of the Impact of the Printing Press and World Wide Web Plenary Session Speech given October 9, 2001 International Scientific Conference in Library-Information Service V. Vernadsky National Library of Ukraine, Kiev, Ukraine A Spokane billboard shows the shocked face of a grade-schooler as his computer screen reports over 9 million “finds” on his “search. A trained librarian can tell the difference in both quality and credibility. So the traditional library is still viable, but the availability of electronic databases and journals are changing the WSU system. It is also reliable and more efficient when applying to the studying process.