So glad you enjoyed them! These are a go-to when you don’t have a ton of time, don’t feel like cooking, but still want to feel nourished and have pleasure in your eating. ), Roll up. I just made a huge batch of these, and now my freezer is stuffed! We tried it out tonight and it was GREAT! These look great! To use, remove foil; place a paper towel-wrapped burrito … If you’re eating on the run, though, just grab and go! Thanks for letting me know! I did change the recipe up a bit by adding more garlic, Adobo seasoning, more onions, and some […], […] made Layered Enchilada Bake x3, 28 Brown Bag Burritos, 4 lbs of Sloppy Joe’s, Chicken Tetrazzini x3, Saucy Parmesan Chicken x3, Tuna Noodle […], […] and 20 Whole Wheat Brown Bag Burros […], […] Brown bag burritos. My senior high daughter loves frozen burritos. I do a similar recipe although they are called Chimi’s and when I put them in oven I spritz or brush with some butter… but the tortillas would be a little firmer than yours if heated in foil. Oh I am liking the look of this. Amy from The Finer Things in Life has a great recipe for Brown Bag Burritos. Hope you enjoyed the recipe! And to top it all off, I have 15 more frozen for lunches! I hope that was alright. To heat, pop them into the microwave (no need to defrost) and heat 2 1/2-3 minutes, rotating once. We all enjoyed them. @Suzanna, That’s why I love this recipe. Any way around that? I’m so eager to try this!!! Thanks Amy!!! These sound wonderful! Jeff and Jaden sped through these rather quickly. I have learned my food preferences and found foods that really have “staying power” for my body. I have a really good recipe for steak fajitas that can be made ahead and frozen that I should share. Spoon 1/4 c. beef mixture down the side of each tortilla. I have an enchilada casserole recipe that I make my own sauce for instead of buying the can. Thanks for the link! topped w/ Shredded Lettuce, Orange […], […] Sandwiches Wed, 6/8: Lasagna (Double Batch, 1 for the freezer) Thurs, 6/9: Leftovers Fri, 6/10: Brown Bag Burritos (from the freezer) Sat, […], […] Brown Bag or Tote Burritos The or The actual name or title Brown or Dark brown Bag or Tote Burritos comes from or originates from the or the actual … Cooking or Cooking food Day or Day time : The Plan or The program :: Money Saving or Worthwhile Mom® February or Feb 9 or Nine, 2011 or This year at or from 11 or Eleven :30 or Thirty am or ‘m Impromptu or Unplanned Freezer or Deep freeze Cooking or Cooking food Day or Day time : Brown or Dark brown Bag or Tote Burritos … […], […] from this recipe. Can’t wait to give these a try! This post may contain affiliate links. We’re getting “low” here, too. I froze some for dinner later on this month too. I’m making these right now! @Brandy, Thanks so much for letting me know. I might try making a batch using shredded chicken instead of the ground beef, as well. Thanks for letting me know. So glad you like them. If you use the oven to warm them, there’s no need for the paper towel. I’ve dumped black beans in mine, too, when I had some “hanging out” in the fridge. […], […] brown bag burritos and/or chicken enchiladas (cleaning up leftovers) […], […] Homemade French Bread Chili Burgers, Seasoned Baked Potato Wedges, Steamed veggies, Grapefruit Brown Bag Burritos, Green Rice, Tossed Salad Valentine’s Dinner at Church Dinner Out Dinner at Extended […], […] I finished making the Chocolate Chip Pancakes, I made the Brown Bag Burritos. Thanks for this recipe. For a sit down meal they are nice topped with lettuce, cheese, salsa, and sour cream. thanks. Thanks! We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Welcome! you’ll be glad that you did! I like to pack them in the tortilla ziplock bag. I just bought all the stuffing’s for taco’s and have changed my mind. I’m giving them a choice of Southwest Wraps (no prep work involved) or Amy’s brown bag burritos (with little prepwork using ground beef). , I make the burritos with this recipe for refried beans: Yours look really good. They would be great for nights when the babysitter is serving dinner, too. I *love* bloggers who actually monitor comments and reply. Yum! peeled and finely diced Yukon gold potatoes. I made 16 of these and between her and her sister they were gone in alittle over a week! If you are making and freezing a lot I highly recommend investing in a seal a meal. I will be trying this one for sure. @Anne, Thanks! I made these last week, and have already tried a couple. I agree with you, I don’t think I would like them cold. It came out awesome. […] craving burritos since reading about these Brown Bag Burritos at The Finer Things in Life. The burrito is vegetarian, so I used beans, corn and then added some additional vegetables like butternut squash and broccoli. Thank you! Plus he is happy that I used venison! I assume I could sub the ground beef for ground turkey to make them more weight friendly..These look GREAT Btw…Going to make these for the week. I have been thinking of making a recipe of my own for a while, and I decided to make a recipe for Amy's bean and rice burrito. Thanks for letting me know! I’m curious though, I send these with my husband to work & he has problems with the papertowel sticking to the tortilla. Thank you for sharing. Thank you! […], […] nice to have some on hand for when you need to fix a sack lunch really quickly.} Pingback: No Bake Clif Bar Cookies | TastyThin, Pingback: 44 Ideas to Satisfy Your Next Vegan Burrito Craving -. Bookmark the permalink. I can usually fit 10 per bag. Thanks for sharing! In case this helps anyone, I figured out my cost per portion on this and it was (surprisingly to me) .61 a burrito, including costs for paper towels and aluminum foil – so that’s a top end cost. The filling is very forgiving. I bet you have read the Complete Tightwad Gazette. Bring to a boil. Bookmarked it. Brown ground beef; drain. Thanks for the great idea and recipe. I only had one lb of meat, so I added 2 cups of rice to bulk it up and it turned out great! Plus, I shared how you told me you make refried beans. These burritos taste just like the store bought version and are even healthier! I would love to print the peaches & cream muffin recipe, too. It’s what’s for dinner!! I made these last week and they were REALLY good. Thank You very much for this recipe! I also love to make up meals and freeze them. My hubs loves burritos…I will definetly give thse a try!! Can I make my own? Perfect for the boys since they can zap them in the micro on their own. To build the burritos, place a generous amount of filling onto each wrap (I used Toufayen brand gluten free wraps) and roll them like a burrito (folding the two short sides in first, then fold in the long side and roll up). I love that different fillings work beautifully in these. When mixture is slightly cooled, place a generous amount in the center of each wrap and roll like a burrito. Now dinner time was one less thing on my mind during those first few […], […] Burritos (double recipe, 10 bacon and 10 sausage) Brown Bag Burritos (regular recipe, 20 burritos) Super Simple Crockpot Pulled Pork (3 dinners) Taco Meat (2 […], […] Brown Bag Burritos (I plan to freeze a batch of these as well! Copycat Amy’s Vegan Quinoa & Black Bean Burritos (Gluten Free) – make ahead, freezable vegan burritos that are budget friendly and taste just like the original! I also recommend making enough to put some away in ziploc freezer bags for tacos- we had a couple of really great family meals this way, as well. I need to find the time to make some of these and freeze them for […], […] Brown bag burritos (use beef mix) […], […] Thursday Breakfast – Fried Rice Lunch – Tuna Casserole Dinner – Beef and Beans Burrito (Make Beans the day before) […], […] by Amy on January 10, 2010 I made these for dinner tonight. To heat, remove frozen burrito and microwave for 2 1/2 to 3 minutes, rotating throughout cooking. So glad you like them! And I WILL be making these again! Flexible meal planning my friends. Love this type of food. I’m definitely going to try these. If you have not […], […] in the 4 Weeks to Fill Your Freezer series, we worked on making Brown Bag Burritos from Amy’s Finer […], […] We’ve made it time and again since I first discovered it on Amy’s blog. These come in at a little under $1 per burrito, compared to $3 at the store for the real thing. I love this idea! The store bought seem to be going up in price every time I buy them! I stumbled across this recipe a few days ago while reading up on meal planning. *nutritional information does not include gluten free wraps. Amy’s Kitchen frozen burritos are on my list. Thanks so much!! =0). I wish more blogs would have directions for freezing/making extra/storing portions like this – I love it and it’s totally going to help me make some and plan ahead!