Replace the instant coffee with a chai tea mix for a Dalgona chai tea. I have tried to make this in a glass to avoid splashes, but a big bowl works best. A lot of dalgona coffee videos on TikTok show people using a whisk to whip the ingredients together. The advice provided is limited to general guidelines pertaining to a healthy plant based lifestyle. It should hold its shape and become like a foam. Last night I tried to make Dalgona with a milk frother, but the foam was very minimal. I'm also an avid reader and traveler. I replace the white refined sugar with for example coconut sugar, xylitol or erythritol. ★☆ In my no coffee Dalgona version I’m using the same ratio of 1:1:1, but then with Dandy Blend (a herbal coffee substitute), xylitol and hot water. One of the easiest ways is with an electric mixer, but if you don't have one, don’t fret. For more information, please see the, A traditional Dalgona recipe uses instant coffee. I say try, because you will really need some patience when using a fork and some arm muscles too. If this 1:1:1 ratio is too sweet you can try to use half the amount of sweetener. It’s a cold latte that is served with a fluffy, smooth and sweet whipped coffee on top. A lot of dalgona coffee videos on TikTok show people using a whisk to whip the ingredients together. In a large mixing bowl, add herbal blend, xylitol and hot water in 1:1:1 ratio. {links in this post are Amazon affiliate links to products I love}. There are other ways you can whip your dalgona coffee. Spoon the foam and add it to the top of the cup. Getting that texture might seem hard if you don't have an electric mixer, but it isn't difficult to achieve that whip without one. Try adding cinnamon or ginger to the coffee foam or dusting the top with one of these spices. However, if you do have some tools such as a hand mixer or stand mixer, then use that. Copyright © Koti Beth 2020. If you happen to have one, this takes out a bit of the hard work for you. It may take you then about 10 minutes to create the typical Dalgona foam. Another option would be to use pb2 powder to make a peanut butter version. It also helps to tilt the bowl a bit. Then turn the speed to the highest setting. I personally love Dandy Blend and am drinking it daily. This blog does not claim any responsibility for any product, recipe, or company discussed on this site. Always do your own research and ask your doctor for medical advice. Twitter user @JO1poetry did it by pouring the ingredients in to a plastic bag and shaking it until it reached a frothy consistency. So for me that wasn’t a success. Want to save this recipe for later? I'm also a food photographer. A big mixing bowl will allow more air to get in and that is important to create a fluffy foam. how to make dalgona coffee without a mixer, change it up with other dalgona coffee recipes. I am not a doctor or other medical professional. I have tried cinnamon and chopped hazelnuts and both were a delicious addition to this recipe. Pin the recipe to your Pinterest boards: This no coffee Dalgona recipe is the most fluffy coffee substitute ever. Blenders and food processors don’t whip in the air and create not the typical Dalgona foam. In this ”how to make Dalgona” recipe you will find the perfect ingredients to make this treat without (instant) coffee and without white refined sugar. The advice provided here is not intended to form the basis of regular medical treatment or function as a replacement for the advice provided by your general practitioner or a medical specialist, nor is it intended to form the basis of treatment by a dietician or to replace the advice provided by a dietician. This Dalgona recipe is also vegan. Dalgona is basically nothing more than a powder frothed with sugar and water.