I do agree with the author, however, that the taste of the additives is not for me. It takes more than 4,000 times the amount of potassium present in a cup of Dasani to kill someone–delivered all at once, intravenously. In early 2005, two flavored versions of Dasani were introduced: Dasani With Lemon and Dasani With Raspberry. The real question is why Dasani has chosen to add these chemicals to their water? Brendan Pokémon, This led the Food Standards Agency (FSA) to request Hillingdon trading standards officers to launch an investigation into whether the claim was accurate.[8]. Dasani Ingredient #2: Magnesium Sulfate. I gave it a try and got tired of the dry mouth from the minerals they put in it for that reason. } @media (max-width: 992px){ Property For Sale Sandown Iow, I can’t speak to all of Canada (it’s a big place) but in Toronto fluoride is added to our tap water. Dasani Bottled Water Has 4 Ingredients: Tap Water, Known Teratogen, Lethal Drug, and Salt, The Fertility Diet: 15 Tips To Help You Achieve Pregnancy Naturally, Oregonians Committing Suicide and Dying of COVID-19 At Similar Rates, Study Links Vaccines To SIDS: Infant Mortality Rates Regressed Against Vaccine Doses. height: 1em !important; I too have passed on drinking Dasani for years because I never liked the taste. Dasani is one of the most popular bottled waters today. Thanks for this tip, Cal. One of the more disturbing uses of potassium chloride include the roles it plays in lethal injection, where it is injected directly into the bloodstream to cause death as quickly as possible.Advertisement.medrectangle-4{text-align:center; padding-top:10px !important;padding-bottom:10px !important;padding-left:0px !important;padding-right:0px !important;width:100% !important;box-sizing:border-box !important;background-color:#eeeeee !important;border: 1px solid #dfdfdf}eval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'theheartysoul_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_2',125,'0','0'])); Side effects of ingesting potassium chloride include having a bad aftertaste, nausea, abdominal pain, diarrhea and heartburn. It is advised to avoid the ingestion of potassium chloride if you have ever experienced kidney damage, if you are suffering from Addison’s disease, if you are taking diuretics or (ironically) if you are dehydrated. Canadian Embassy In Uganda Website, Water is the lifeblood of every single living being on this planet. You can learn more about the FDA’s position here. For instance, it has been successfully used in cases where labor must be postponed because this compound can calm the contractions in the uterus. If you like what you see, follow us on Twitter @WellandEqual or share a post with your friends by clicking the Facebook icon below the article. While one bottle of Dasani water may not have much salt, if you drink six or seven bottles of Dasani water in one day, suddenly the amount could be much higher. This is because, according to the FDA, there is a good chance that it can cause birth defects. As I’ve written before, I believe that table salt gets a poor reputation simply because sodium is added to almost all processed foods. Note that for the well water, we had a system to filter out the sand before it got to any of the faucets or to the water heater. You should avoid supporting to the manufacture and waste-stream of the plastics industry at all costs. We evolved drinking water that wasn’t “pure”. i was just being weird. I have always hated Dasani water. In 2005, Dasani was introduced in the Argentinian market with the flavours peach, lemon, citrus and regular. What should I drink……..I love water! Although magnesium sulfate is beneficial in some ways and works for a variety of medical uses, consuming it can be harmful if you are breastfeeding, pregnant or are planning on becoming pregnant. The additives I agree are unnecessary. How To Check Visa Expiration Date, As a substance that doesn’t contain water, magnesium sulfate is a very efficient drying agent. I own a Bottle water Company in the Northeast and these things you read are true to a great extent . This compound is frequently used as a good fertilizer. Coca-Cola immediately recalled half a million bottles and withdrew the "Dasani" brand from the UK market. At home I use filtered tap water. While it is true that there is still no evidence whether the amount of potassium chloride in Dasani bottled water can lead to negative effects, it is also true that most people are not prepared to make experiments by drinking this water. Almost all of the bottled waters add “minerals for taste”, in fact if you drank deionized water, meaning the trace minerals were taken out, it’s bad for you. For example. But, this use is slowly becoming less popular because several scientific studies have confirmed that there is a connection between magnesium sulfate use and birth defects. The whole idea of bottled water is genius. The customer has to take it upon themselves to know what they put in there bodies, its not only drinking water but its all the other product made with that water. The information held on this blog is merely the opinion of an active, health-conscious, informed citizen. Dasani Ingredient #1: Tap Water. It includes regular tap water. The Great Trail Thru-hike, I asked if there was salt in it and she said yes. http://www.drugs.com/potassium_chloride.html. We do keep one case of bottled water stored away in case of emergency, and it is a grocery store brand. Most bottled water companies bottle their water from tap. I agree with you 100%. Demand high quality water from the utility. If you are like most people, then you are probably fond of tap water. That is not an endorsement of bottled water, which is an absurd concept for all but the few that have actual problems with their local water supply. Restaurant Interview Attire, Dasani (CocaCola) and Aquafina (Pepsi) have been forced to admit their fancy branded bottles contain nothing but glorified tap water. 25 bucks plus a new filter every month or so depending on how much you run through it! Hi Tia, thanks for your comment. An under-the-sink filter system is far cheaper than bottled water. The added ingredients are unlikely to be added to make consumers thirstier. Also, anhydrous mag sulfate is a drying agent, not dissolved mag sulfate. Thanks for the info…makes sense now! I sort of appreciate a condition that forces you to eat and drink clean! All three are essential to our physiology, and all three are found in spring water, tap water, well water, etc. As natural and harmless as water may be, big corporations have found yet another way to ruin this essential substance for us, and believe or not it’s a whole lot scarier than the fluoride everybody has been fussing about.