Let’s keep it simple by boiling down mattresses to three basic designs. I have a question, though. We would suggest 3″ of latex foam on top of 5″ of Lux-HQ foam for your application. 2″ of super soft on 2″ of Latex with a 5″ HDHQ base. You then add additional toppers-build as you go, and save money. My question will be all foam mattress or replace foam with some from you onto of springs. For my daughter, I ordered 5” HD36 HQ foam, and the same 3” soft blended latex topper. It is much too firm to sleep on so needs some softer layers. Multiple thin layers? With latex as the top comfort layer you will get pressure relief enhanced air flow, and a material that contours to your every curve. Did you order it with the foam or make it yourself. DIY Memory Foam Mattress. My wife is 125 and a side sleeper with lower back pain. It's here:http://www.foambymail.com/LTX6TLY-/talalay-latex-foam-mattress.htmlI guess I'm answering this kind of late. Can’t wait to get this set up and covered. Typically we suggest our custom cut conventional foam and wrap it in plastic. Does it roll up? This is the replacement mattress after making a warranty claim on the first that had the same problem. Have trouble putting my own shoes on in morning. Powered by, http://www.sureline.ca/Templates/institutional_mattresses.html, Stove Top Espresso the Second Time Around, Braised Brussels Sprouts and Homemade Ricotta. But the link to our mattress base was in the post under The Foam Factory. What is most popular with customers is our Medium HD36-HQ foam. Required fields are marked *. Also, I have a electric bed warmer that sits on top of the mattress or topper but underneath the user. 4″ or greater, use our Lux-HQ Mattress Foam. When you say topper, do you mean the more malleable memory foam? It us also just plywood, no slats. Affiliate Program. We like a med-firm mattress and are not all that thrilled with the heat from the memory foam. I am still using the topper, though, because my husband likes it and it doesnt bother me. Have it your way. Would you recommend any modifications to this mattress (to provide moderately firm support for the hips and shoulders) for side sleepers? Alternative DIY Uses for Memory Foam Mattress Toppers Like virtually all synthetic materials, memory foam mattress toppers will eventually wear out, lose their unique body molding and support capabilities, and have to be replaced. Totally going to do this. I think it's usually a combo problem with people, but I was surprised to see the connection between my hormones and migraines. However, for now, the price of this one is right. The remaining 3 inches needs some help. DIY mattress is that source. Hi. For example, you could upgrade the base foam layer from 1.8LB to 2.8LB density HD36-HQ foam for less than $50. I want to send it back and try my own. After first day I felt great. I have been following your blog since so many days.. thecontent you provide about mattress really helps me..Great post.. very attractive and filled lot of information aboutmattress thanks for sharing.RegardsMattressesSuppliers In MumbaiBuyMattresses In MumbaiMattressesManufacturer In Mumbai, I'm so happy with your blog site, it containsall the matter with regards to mattress Good luck to you and your wellperformed job. What you have suggested would be a good setup for your need. dmw, I just wrote what I remember of the frame making plans in a new post for you, here:http://myso-calledhandmadelife.blogspot.com/2012/04/cheap-diy-memory-foam-platform-bed.html. That is actually our standard memory foam mattress. I loved this post and your creativity. A queen setup will weigh approximately 59 pounds. Do you think you could sleep on just a 4" topper on plywood? Long post but I figured your answer might help others. foam and latex? Now it has broken down ..not surprised though. So the alternative is memory foam instead of latex foam in this case. I know it won’t pass the famous string test for warranty claim. buy 3 layers at twin size? The foam comes covered like an ordinary mattress. Would love to figure out how I can go about recreating a firm, yet inviting bed (I am a 120 pound stomach sleeping female with back problems) perhaps in a California king size?