Flesh is crisp and juicy with sprightly flavor and coarse texture. (400 Chill Hours) These Pear trees will provide plenty of pears for canning, preserving and eating from the tree. Pear Tree Care. Browse products that can be shipped to California here. If I could give a 10 I would. Growing Kieffer Pear Trees. European pears are harvested from the tree before they ripen. Mulching helps to keep weeds away which will compete with your new investment for water and nutrients. They ripen from October to November. Plus, you get a strong tree with lifelong roots. Most of the water you put on the plant at first will run away from the plant until the soil is soaked. All of our grafted pear trees, provide you with the exact tree you will see in the picture and the description, because pears don’t grow true to seed. For example, a 1 gallon pot would be watered until you count to five, a 3 gallon pot would be a count of fifteen, and so on. Maintain the tree’s natural shape by pruning large, lateral branches. We suggest when planting your newly purchased Kieffer Pear Tree that you dig a hole twice as wide as the root system but not deeper. They will range in height betwe… Kieffer Pear This item will be released January 1, 2021. The Kieffer Pear is beautiful, easy to care for and will provide delicious fruit for many years. We carefully groom and nurture our Kieffer Pear Trees to produce large, delicious pears that are unparalleled. Depending on the quality of your existing soil you may need to add a locally sourced compost or topsoil to the back-fill soil. European pears can be self-fertile, but unless noted below, it is recommended that customers have at least two different pear trees to pollinate one another. 9AM-6PM ET M-F. 9:30AM-6PM ET Sat & Sun. Planting: Plant your Pear Tree in a location that features full sun (6 to 8 hours per day) and well-draining soil. The Kieffer Pear is fire blight resistant as well. All five, giant-sized pears on one tree! It is pest and disease resistant, and tolerates heat and drought. The Kieffer is self-pollinating, but like all fruiting trees, gives the best yield when paired with at least one other pear tree. Shipped 3-4' trees. They are an Asian Pear Hybrid. Fill in the hole completely and gently remove air pockets that may have formed by tamping down, and finally, water to settle the roots. It is resistant to Fire Blight. When ripe, a European pear has a soft, juicy, melt-in-your-mouth texture. Kieffer Dwarf Pears produce large, rich-yellow pears. Remember if you can only grow one dwarf Pear tree to choose a self fertile variety. Kieffer Pear - Semi-dwarf. Before you plant a Kieffer Pear Tree, make sure to read all of the recommended care instructions to keep your young tree healthy and thriving. Will be planting today in it's new forever home. When the weather gets hot and dry during the peak of summer, increase the amount of water to maintain proper hydration and moisture. This is a long list of needs, but one tree, the Kieffer Pear tree, satisfies them all. Pear Tree Video, Etc. Received my 6-7 ft Kieffer Pear Tree today and it arrived via FedEx in perfect condition. | All Products Kieffer Pear. Best of all, we take great pride in delivering healthy, vigorous trees. (September) The Keiffer Pear is a hybrid pear from European and Chinese sand pears with large yellow fruit. Plant this Kieffer Pear knowing it will be a treasure that's enjoyed by many generations to come. An excellent first line of attack would be an organic method of applying manure and/or compost around the roots. A good rule is that you should still be able to see the soil the plant was grown in after back-filling the hole. Call to Order! Kieffer Pear Tree again 6 to 8 weeks later to encourage denser foliage or faster growth of young trees. And because we’ve carefully selected and maintained a diverse medley of Pear Trees that vary in size, flavor and growing season, we’re able to ship the right tree for your landscape directly to your door. They ripen from October to November. The Kieffer Pear is fire blight resistant as well. Any type of mulch will do but cypress or hardwood mulch will be of a higher quality and provide better nutrition overall as they breakdown. They are an Asian Pear Hybrid. Use for cooking and canning. Waimea Nurseries produce a large variety of Dwarf fruit trees that will suit your gardening needs. On the plus side, pear trees are less susceptible to the various pests and diseases commonly experienced with apples. The most common cause of plant death after transplanting is planting the new plant too deep. So pleased with this order. The Kieffer Pear Tree is a large pear tree of the antique variety. All pears are grafted onto semi-dwarf rootstock, OHxF97. They can be grown about 2.5m apart making them a great space saver for those short on room. Excellent for The Kieffer pear grows best in slightly acidic, deep, heavy, and moist (but well-drained) soil. Kieffer Pears are known to be customer favorites, so be sure to order yours soon while we still have plenty available. Design by Unleaded.Digital, One of the best pears for eating fresh or storing. $99.00. Well packaged for protection. Order your own Kieffer Pear Tree today! Shipping height will be between 4′ and 6′ as 15 trees or less fills into a 5′ box these will be pruned. Dwarf Pear Trees can easily be maintained at around 180cm’s and with a width approximately the same. In 1853, Peter Kieffer planted a small nursery in near Philadelphia where he grew imported Chinese Sand Pear seed. We had this bigger size fruit tree this Spring because they expect it grows quickly to fill the space. The Kieffer Pear Tree is a large pear tree of the antique variety. 4-6′ (+ 1/2” dia.) Kieffer pears are large, aromatic, and have a pleasing golden-yellow color with a ruby red cheek. If you are thinking of planting fruit trees, here are some reasons why you should and where to begin on our website. Stores well. Kieffers are very hardy and tolerate hot climates better than other pear varieties. You can enjoy browsing our full range of dwarf pear trees for sale here. Kieffer Pear Tree has a large, long, golden yellow fruit with a crimson blush. If you love pears, you'll appreciate the care that went into this particular tree. Pick bushels of sweet, juicy fruit. While some varieties can be grown successfully in most parts of the country, in cooler regions many varieties are best only grown in warm, sunny, sheltered locations. ... Make Offer - Dwarf Ruby Flesh Jackfruit Starter Tree Huge Fruit on Small 7 Ft Tall Tree! Estimated Chilling Requirement 200-300 hours below 45°F ... (semi-dwarf, 2/3 of standard) Pear (standard) For Home Gardens.