We can also send you a free brochure of representative samples if you prefer. ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturer of non-woven netting fabrics including laminated & disposable fabrics made of nylon & plastic materials for backing, filter, industrial & medical applications. Manufacturer of abrasion resistant nylon filter backing fabrics for rotary drum vacuum applications. A wide variety of manufacturers, distributors and service companies are featured in our extensive vertical directory to allow ease sourcing and research for Backing Fabrics. FlameBlock ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturer of non-woven netting fabrics including laminated & disposable fabrics made of nylon & plastic materials for backing, filter, industrial & medical applications. It can also present interior designers with quite a challenge. } Please provide us with the chemical composition of the fabric to be treated. Simply submit the form below to receive a complimentary brochure with fabric samples. Fabric, a fulfillment company that helps retailers with digital strategy, reported that 70 percent of consumers it surveyed said they will probably continue shopping online for groceries. It is being used as a backdrop at a school, and it needed to meet special fire codes. Distributor of finishing supplies including grommets, thread & seamstick. Welcome to the premier industrial Backing Fabrics resource. width and 50 yd. Store Director, Antique Furniture Store in Houston, TX, That sounds GREAT! Fabric Backing and Finishing Using COM (Customer’s Own Materials) Most fabrics need to be reinforced or strengthened in order to be durab... Wallpaper Backing & Stain Protection!! Our stain protection technologies make it easier to keep your upholsteries, draperies, and fine fabrics looking fresh and clean, protecting them from soil, stains and spills. Embossing capabilities include hot embossing, cold 3D embossing, and pressure rolling. Enlist Your Company ico-arrow-default-right. Send us a sample of your fabric and our technicians will gladly apply the appropriate backing to suit your application (for a small fee). For many, the backing fabric of a quilt is where things get tricky. You can count on us for superior quality and service from start to finish. Distributor of backing. Website Last Modified November 25, 2020. This means that our treatment has been satisfactory on similar composition fabrics. .free-templates-lthmenu > .free-templates-lthmenu-li-separator { Do you provide certificates of Flame Retardancy? This application is frequently used to meet the most stringent fire codes for upholstery and in the aviation industry. This is great. THE SBI DIFFERENCE. Laminating methods include adhesive, hot (thermal), and cold laminating. Thanks again. .elementor-element-a81an46 { Applications include carpet, rug, mop, and furniture. We always feel that your company does a great job. Thanks for all you do! See and feel knit backing on your own fabric. Fabrics are made from materials including vinyl-coated fiberglass, polyester, PVC yarn, nylon, plastic & synthetic materials. Processing time is approximately 7 – 10 days from in-work date to packing date. Please inquire. Director of Distribution and Inventory Management, Fabric Store & Interior Design Services Company in Kennett Square, PA. Thank for you making the process so easy. Types of fabric include animal skins, chevron, chinoiserie, contemporary, damask, faux leather, vinyl, faux silk, satin, linen, cotton, chenille, outdoor, velvet, and wool. I love that y'all are so professional... so rare these days. This certifies that your fabric was tested after our application by an independent laboratory and is certified to meet the applicable codes. Applications include interior design and hospitality trades, retail products and industrial OEMs. Products include laminations and coatings for fabrics. Hi SBI, This is great news! Products include SAE wool and polyester needle punched felts. In this case, higher proportions of natural fiber yield better results. Styles include polypropylene woven, polypropylene and polyester spunbond, polypropylene needle punch nonwoven, laminated polypropylene pointbond spunbond, and nylon pointbond spunbond.