Next, check the thickness of the bar. 1 oz American Prospector Silver Bar. However, we recommend that customers leave this particular method of testing to a professional since such machines can be costly, typically starting at $1,000 USD and assessing the speeds require a lot of technical knowledge. They are mostly either 99.9% or 99.99% silver. For instance, many counterfeit coins that attempt to replicate the reeded edge finish often display uneven reeding or reeds of the incorrect size. silver bars… If nothing happens or the melting occurs very slowly, you have purchased a fake. One relatively easy and fun way to test your silver bars and coins is to place a cube of ice on them. Genuine Version #1. Notable Differences. Different metals will affect how quickly the sound waves pass through it. 1 oz Perth Mint Lunar Dragons. Any other color indicates a counterfeit. (In fact, it was developed for this specific reason.) Find another (ideally smooth, soft, and non-abrasive) metal and gently strike it against your metal bullion. Unfortunately, the magnetism check requires a somewhat powerful magnet to prove. Gently strike this metal against your bullion piece. The text on the front of the bar is thinner on the counterfeit. Next, check the width. How To Buy Gold/Silver Bullion Coins & Bars, How to Sell Silver & Gold Bullion Locally, Buying Gold & Silver From Local Coin Shops. Use the caliper to measure both the diameter and width of your bullion piece. For example, sterling silver products almost always carry a “Sterling” stamp, usually near the bottom. Instead, silver bars and coins (and jewelry, etc.) No markings at all are a clear indication that the piece is fake. *Of course, this information can also help you find out if your silver jewelry, cutlery, or decorations are authentic, too. Most fake silvers use a thin silver plating to achieve the same shine and, to a much lesser extent, the same conductivity. 1 oz Scottsdale Silver Bar. American Bullion can discuss your options and help you every step of the way. Although the information in this commentary has been obtained from sources believed to be reliable, American Bullion does not guarantee its accuracy and such information may be incomplete or condensed. Here we have compared the first generation counterfeit Silvertowne bar to three known versions of genuine Silvertowne bars. Next, check the height. What is an Assay/Certificate of Authenticity (COA)? While these markings can be faked, missing or incorrect markings are a clear sign of a cheap knock-off. There are some edge finishes that even combine textures, like “interrupted reeding” which combines plain and reeded textures along the coin’s edge. It’s a naturally occurring element with its own unique atomic properties. Our agents are ready to help get your started! Chinese manufacturer have produced counterfeit silver bars from a number of mints including Johnson-Matthey, Engelhard, Sunshine, NWT & Pan American. silver bars [must see counterfeit ] Jul 26, 2016 9:31:44 PM. That said, all silver owners should understand that no investment-grade bullion is 100% pure silver. If you are using a screen reader and having problems using our website, please call 800-465-3472 between the hours of 8:00 A.M. and 4:30 P.M. Pacific Standard Time for assistance. “Relief” of the coin refers to the height of its images in relation to the coin’s actual surface. Most coins designs have a standard relief that enables owners to stack them neatly on top of each other. The term “ping” refers to the chime you will hear when you strike a precious metal piece. Another structural detail that counterfeiters often fail to replicate is the relief of the coin. Investment grade silver products are Fine silver. If your bullion is genuine silver, the ice should start melting immediately due to the stored heat of the silver. So Why Physical Silver and Gold Bullion Right Now? You should hear a ringing that lasts for approximately 1-2 seconds. How To Tell The Difference Between Real And Fake Silver. All Rights Reserved. Some are smooth, some have lettering and others have “reeding” or little ridges. Below is the height a bar should measure from each mint. Silver remains the second-most popular precious metal for commodity investing, both in the United States and internationally. A caliper is a tool used by many professionals in the precious metals industry to provide the most precise measurements possible. Could The Government Confiscate My Metals? Costs Associated With a Precious Metals IRA. Past performance is not indicative of future results. However, this betrays one of the most powerful identifying properties of real silver: silver is not magnetic. What Is The Most I Can Contribute To My IRA? Be sure to read the instructions completely and carefully before attempting any testing. Investment-quality bullion is always fine silver. Since many silver bars and coins qualify for Self-Directed IRA inclusion, investors can protect their portfolio while staving off the IRS, too. If you have additional questions, please contact American Bullion. This test identifies both genuine and counterfeit bullion through a small chemical reaction. An average person can usually discern the difference by feeling the coin itself. If there is, it's fake. Below is the width a bar should measure from each mint. At JM Bullion, we are dedicated to helping customers meet their investment needs by providing them with a wide selection of authentic precious metal bullion. The tests outlined on this page would have identified those fake bars, its (temporary) success depended on getting the fake bars into the trusted stockpile and thus avoid having to pass all but the most cursory tests. 1 oz Sunshine Mint Silver Bar. All Rights Reserved. When inspecting gold and silver bars, rounds or coins, the first details you should examine are their markings. So when examining the edge of the coin, check to see if the edge finish is appropriate for that particular coin design. By creating an account, you are agreeing to the Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy. Sterling-quality silver is 92.5% silver. © 2014 Detect-a-Fake. Light striking as in the “Ping” test is acceptable and should not cause any damage. Since many pieces of bullion have their weight inscribed on them, another simple test is to compare the actual weight of the item with the weight indicated in its markings. Your information is 100% secure with us. Pure silver is incredibly delicate and soft, not very conducive to retaining a bar or coin shape. Since the earliest days of coinage and artisanship, silversmiths and craftsmen put a designer market on their creations to prove quality and to differentiate from the competition. American Bullion will not be liable for any errors or omissions in this information nor for the availability of this information. Start, by purchasing the silver … Pass a magnet over the bar and see if there is any attraction between the bar and magnet. The ability to verify your precious metals bullion is the first step (and maybe the most important step) when investing in gold, silver, platinum, or palladium. How Much Fine Silver Bullion is in the World? Of course, the fastest and most obvious way to check for authentic silver is to look at the silver markings. Other common markings worth noting are weight, purity, serial numbers and, in the case of coins, mintage year and denomination. Private vs. Reportable Bullion Transactions, Cheapest Customs Duties / Easier International Transport, Currency Crisis Hedge / Use in Direct Commerce. 1 oz Canadian Maple Coins. Copyright © 2018 American Bullion, Inc. is a Registered Trademark. All Rights Reserved. Practically every piece of silver or gold bears the mintmark of its producer, so any items missing this essential marking should give you cause for suspicion. If the metal and magnet attract each other, you can be certain that your precious metal is not genuine. You can unsubscribe at any time. The opinions expressed are subject to change without notice. The 2008 Gold & Silver Shortage of Bullion Products, Gold & Silver as a Percentage of Global Assets. Risk Disclosure: Purchasing precious metals in bullion bars, coins, proof coins, and numismatic coins involves a degree of risk that should be carefully evaluated prior to investing any funds in a Gold IRA or making a cash purchase. This can be difficult since most households lack such magnets. Below is the thickness a bar should measure. If you hear a “clunk” or any other cumbersome non-ringing sound, your bullion is not genuine. Every coin design has a distinct edge finish that is associated with a design. Customers who fail to confirm this vital piece of information will not only waste a substantial amount of their time and money, but they will also jeopardize the value of their investment or collection. Observe the change in color to the site of application. Since the majority of our products are sourced directly from the most respected mints across the globe, customers can place their orders with full confidence they are purchasing a genuine silver or gold collectible. How Is The Package Wrapped And Is It Secure To Take Delivery?