Soil us pretty dry by the time I water it. East Florida climate. If not it many not be an insect but the adenium plant not getting the right nutrients so the plant is dying back. One branch is drooping and the further I go down on the stem of the plant, the softer it gets. Two weeks to heal. I am used to it going dormant with leaves just casually falling off in the fall, but I’m not used to seeing the brown spots on the tip of the leaves. Please save my Desiree!!! If you do not give it enough water the desert rose plant it will go dormant and loss the leaves. I sounds like you live up north. At the same time remove all the leaves. If you use store bought cactus soil get a bag of perlite too and mix it with the soil 50/50 (50 of cactus soil and 50% perlite). The insides appear rotted and soggy .. brown and slimy in places, moldy in others. I stay in Mumbai, India. I’m getting ready to repot my roses but I still have questions. I do not see any rot or fungus. They all are in clay pots! Some young leaves of my desert rose are born stuck and twisted, what could it be? treat again in 10-14 days (you just can't get all the eggs on the first go-round). Can you help please. Main probable sounds like not enough water. Now the plant has black edges around about 10% of the leaves. Its been like this for the past year. It seems to be going downhill since then. I did see a small amount of aphids but sprayed lightly with my soap spray that I always use. It has bloomed each year, but less and less. It is in 50/50 cactus soil to perlite media and I water every 2-3 days depending on the temperature. There are fewer and fewer leaves and the few leaves that are being produced are getting smaller and smaller. You need to cut out all rotted areas. If its the leaves hen you haev black tip and you need to treat with fungicide and give it more light! Did I pot them wrong and fid they get over watered? Common Desert rose adenium problems and desert rose plant rot. I live in NJ and the 1st 2 years I took it outside in the summer and it got bugs, so I stopped taking out. they should be much larger by move with a caudex of over 1″ based on the age you indicated. Water a bit once a month and about 3 weeks before spring give is some fertilizer designed for desert plants. Preventing rose diseases involves proper maintenance of the plant throughout the growing season. The other two are also losing leaves, but not as much. I did notice white, fuzzy insects on the initial leaves, which I promptly picked off and cleaned the leaves with warm water. And when is the best time to move it into a bigger pot? I moved the plant to a corner inside our home. Before repotting, the plant was kept outside in sunlight. Lots of new growth. I have a large desert rose in the Bahamas. 1) You will need to grow in a shallow bonsai style pot. The stems are not growing straight up. Our plant also has white spots and we have no idea how to remove these creatures, we really need a your help with answering on how to remove them and what they are doing. Leaves turned yellow quite fast (before the leaves are fully matured) Florida and yes, the plants are in plastic pots, will change that quickly. Last weekend, though, it was 70 degrees, so I out it outside on the porch to get it more sunlight. It has a nice tuft of leaves at the end of the trunk, but the trunk is not sturdy enough to stay upright. Adeniums can be out of soil for 2..3 weeks if keep in a dry location. Soil gets depleted over time and without the right nutrients plants will have various problems. No air plants on it however. You may not be watering enough. If you use artificial growing lamps you can extend the season. I have had my desert rose for several years now. I have attached the image in Facebook ( If it looks like the trunk shrinking them give more water. It is now coming out of dormancy and the leaves are curling at the edges. I would love to send you a picture so you can see the caudex and see if I just dont know how to detect root rot. Maybe the pots are too small? Also, you need to fertilize the desert rose plant. I have taken away all the dead root and much of the top soil and I am currently letting the soil dry to try repot it. Sometimes flowered more than others, lots of time without any flowering but still looking healthy. Take the plant back. I have five of them now but they are still about the size of a baby…only about an inch tall. Have you tried a systemic insecticide? Answer: Mealy bugs have over taken your desert rose and can quickly cause it to decline. My desert rose seems to be going into dormancy (losing leaves). Is there any saving this? Thanks again! on coast, and have 2 very large desert roses in full sun on my patio. So far, they have done great. In order to ship here I trimmed plant and shipped bare root. Thank you so much for your help. Last watering was about 4 days ago and now I notice black spots on the leaves with some slight yellowing. Should I cut or spray? I have brought it inside for the winter and it sits in front a window that gets light all day and direct sun light about 4 hours a day. I’m sorry to hear about the problems with the adeniums. Leaf rot occurs in adeniums when the leaf is continually wet. Miracle grow is OK but it is missing several micro-nurtirents needed by the adeniums. The heads have horizontal/bumpy “rings”. The adenium desert rose plants are easy to grow but once a year (we do it twice do to too much rain) you should provide nutrients to your adenium plants. The driveway curves into it. I live in Los Angeles. Fortunately, neither of these conditions cause the death of the rose bush if you catch them early. We would un pot the plant, wash out the pot and repot using fresh soil. Make sure you leave the plant out for 5..7 days for the cut to heal before re-potting. It contains most useful information. They are not soft or have yellow/brown leaves. Help with damage control! What can I use or what should I do? About 2 yrs ago my plant started blooming, we moved to southern California, the bloom fell off and it hasn’t bloomed since. 5 hours is a bit short for sunlight through glass if you want to get regular blooms.