Thank you for sharing your experience, Chef Kel. 1/2 cup dried shrimps These balls can be eaten while still warm, or at room temperature. Set out a bowl of warm water, a clean dishcloth,for your hands, and a plate rubbed with oil. I'm Liz and have been cooking, baking and teaching since I was a teenager, with over 40 years of experience. Fried sticky rice is cooked from raw rice with a little bit of water and oil. Made with just a handful of ingredients, the most difficult part of this tasty recipe is rolling the dough into balls. Gently roll it once again to return it to its former ball shape. Abby also blogs at Manila Spoon, where she shares tried and true recipes from around the world. What took a little bit more work was figuring out the right proportions for the dough. A sweet, coconut Filipino after school snack or dessert! In a large bowl combine rice flour, baking powder, sugar and pour into boiling water. Stir them well under low heat for 5 minutes. Note: This post may contain affiliate links; view, Rice.Noodles.Yum, Everyone’s Favorite Southeast Asian Dishes. It takes some time to stir the ingredients into a cohesive dough, and I finally used my hands to finish off the process. The dough is a simple mixture of sticky rice flour, shredded coconut, and coconut milk. Growing up in Southeast Asia, Abby found rice and noodle dishes were plentiful. Pour a few drops of oil over this surface (up to 1/2 teaspoons) and​ "grease" it as you would a cake pan, or the balls will stick and you won't be able to remove them later (you will also need to grease the paper)! Hi Susie, good catch! A medium cookie disher holds more like 1 1/2 tablespoons, but that size worked well, too. Without cleaning the wok, add 2 tablespoons of cooking oil and return the wok to medium high heat. Add 2/3 cup of the reserved mushroom and shrimp soaking liquid to the rice, allowing it to absorb and cook. 9-10 medium dried black mushrooms Serve (and Enjoy!) Then receive gourmet recipes, dining tips and restaurant reviews to help you enjoy dim sum all year long! Wear a pair of wool gloves to squeeze steaming hot sticky rice with cooking oil until all grains and mung beans break up and turn into dough texture. With my first nibble, I was tempted to skip lunch and feast on this carioca. You may need to add slightly more coconut milk, or more flour depending on how thin your coconut milk is. Cook for 1 minutes. Please click “OK” or continue to use our site if you agree to these terms. It’s often served under a glass bowl from the dim sum cart, appearing on the table in a perfect dome. Dip the balls into the sauce, or to avoid sticky fingers, thread about four balls onto a wooden skewer and pour the caramel sauce over. 3-4 green onions, minced After a few tries, I found 1 ½ cups glutinous rice flour to 1 cup of water ratio to yield the soft and chewy texture I like. Repeat until all the balls are cooked. the Sticky Rice Balls! Scoop about 1-2 Tablespoons of rice, mold around a small amout of filling, and shape into a 1-inch ball between your palms. Mix the ingredients, bring to a boil and time for 5-8 minutes until the mixture thickens. Moisten hands with warm water. They will sink to the bottom at first, then gradually rise to the surface. Stir fry the rice until it is translucent and slightly sticky/chewy texture. That’s it! With only four ingredients and ready in 30 minutes, these sweetened fried sticky rice balls are quick and easy snacks to prepare at home. Dense, decadent and packed with coconut flavor, this Filipino snack was incredibly delicious! I love sticky rice. As a certified coconut fan, I can vouch for these fried sticky rice balls. (the lenght of time equals to your rice cooking period). Place about 1/2 teaspoons of brown sugar in the rice ball. (Ga tam mat ong) In a heavy-bottomed pot bring 3 cups of water to a boil. Add rice and return to a boil. It is made in a similar fashion to Italian risotto, constantly stirred with small amounts of liquid continually added. Now repeat these steps with the rest of the dough until you have lots of sticky rice balls filled with brown sugar, and all of the dough is used up. Repeat the same process with the coconut flavored mix. 38.4 g In total there are 75 wonderful recipes for those who’d love to explore this cuisine with an expert. 3-4 tablespoons sesame oil 4/ Fried sticky rice serves better with grilled chicken soaked in honey. To glaze, dip each fried sticky rice ball into the caramel, then set on a platter. Rest for 5 minutes and knead for a few minutes until the dough is smooth. Smoky Wok makes Cantonese-style Fried Sticky Rice. Removing the Rice Balls from the Boiling Water. Drain rice and return to pot. Let stand, covered, for 10 minutes. ~Wes. Of course, I zeroed in on a dessert, these yummy Fried Coconut Balls. In a deep-fat fryer or electric skillet, heat oil to 375°. Gently stir fry the sweet rice for 5-10 minutes (leaving it 1-2 minutes on each side before turning), until the rice is translucent. Yes, definitely. If it’s too sticky, add more flour. 11. Love the updated insights. Alternate adding a little liquid and cooking the rice, taking care not to let the rice stick or burn, until the rice is soft. Storing Instructions: Do not store in the refrigerator - this will only dry them out. Fill in fresh water to slightly cover mung beans and rice. Can this be made vegetarian way? Reserve the liquid. In their most basic form, sticky rice balls are made with boiled short grain rice. Stir the pandan essence in well to distribute throughout the dough. Soften the dried mushrooms by soaking in hot water for 20 to 30 minutes. 10. Fry rice balls, a few at a It uses the classic Cantonese trio of Chinese sausages, black mushrooms and dried shrimp to create a savory, satisfying flavor combination. Place the finished rice balls on a plate – or you can give each one a colorful wrapper by placing them in muffin papers (small or medium size). Shape 1/2 cupfuls of rice mixture into balls; roll in bread crumbs. Serving Your Sticky Rice Balls!. Stir the coconut milk into the flour to form a dough. Darlene Schmidt is a cookbook author and culinary teacher who specializes in Thai cuisine. Besides these delicious fried coconut balls, Abby’s Moo Sarong caught my eye. Makes: 4-6 Servings | Prep Time: 2 Hours | Cook Time: 1 Hour Sign up for our newsletter to get recipes, dining tips and restaurant reviews throughout the year! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Heat canola or vegetable oil and fry the balls, on medium-low heat, until golden and crispy. Use a skewer to poke holes through each ball to prevent exploding in oil. They’re like dense, coconut laden doughnut holes doused with caramel sauce instead of a glaze. Remove the sausage, mushroom and shrimp mixture from the wok and set aside. Cover leftovers, or place in a cookie jar or other container on the counter. Sticky or Glutinous Rice Flour, I used Bob’s Redmill Sweet White Rice Flour, 2½ cups (315 g) sticky or glutinous rice flour, 2½ cups (250 g) shredded sweetened coconut, 2 cups (480 ml) cooking oil for deep-frying, or more as needed, ½ cup plus 3 tablespoons (120 g) brown sugar. Place on a plate or cutting board dusted with glutinous rice flour. Scoop onto a strainer lined with paper towels to remove any excess oil. Blend and mix them well. Abby found that noodles and rice are the “perfect canvas for the sweet, salty and spicy flavors of Asian cuisine.” These carioca or fried sticky rice balls are made with sticky or glutinous rice flour then drizzled with a coconut cream based caramel sauce. Details here. Carioca is everything you want to eat on a stick: crunchy, chewy, sweet, and absolutely addicting. Gently pat the sugar down with your finger. Served as a tasty snack or fun dessert, they’re also gluten-free! Instead of a specific amount of water, just put the mushrooms and the shrimp in separate bowls, then add enough water to cover the contents. Drain rice and return to pot. If it doesn't stick together, it's too dry – add a little more coconut milk. Now indent the sticky rice ball with your thumb or finger. Roll the balls around in the hot oil so all sides get evenly browned. Just substitute out the sausage and shrimps! Whisk together all ingredients except scallions. Get it free when you sign up for our newsletter. 4. 1/ Soak mung beans and glutinous rice. FOR THE FILLINGS:. When it starts to boil, lower the heat slightly, stir and cook for 5 to 8 minutes or until the mixture has thickened. Heat the cooking oil in a saucepan over medium heat to about 350°F(175°C). 3. 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