[email protected] I’ll tell you how. You just have to keep them from getting back in and kill all the ones that are there already. *Make sure to protect your electronics with the vaseline. Check all the nooks and crannies in your kitchen to see if there are any old crumbs that have accrued anywhere, and then clean those areas thoroughly. We moved in around X-Mas so it was cold. I was 22 years old and I moved into my very first apartment in North Florida. Even though the management calls in a exterminator to spray, roaches are still in my kitchen and now they are spreading to other rooms. https://www.combatbugs.com/en/home/pest-identification/bug-files/cockroaches-and-cardboard.cky.html. Read landlord & tennat laws. oh and it's pet friendly. i went back to the office several times and each time, they’s send the hung over maintenance guy over with his trusty dollar store spray can which did nothing. How did u get bed bugs? no they cannot evict you could even break your lease.roaches are a health concern. Rosemary Vacuum often – at least twice a week. When we went back downstairs to leave the laundry room door was open and OMG…..and this isn’t being over dramatic but HUGE waterbugs and roaches everywhere. you would think that if they sprayed something there would be a smell of some sort. I just want out!! I told her I was moving. It looks like we might have to move to a townhouse. in some states they make the land lord move u out and pay u to stay else where until the problem is fixed. So what can I do to prevent them from coming along or if they do cant I just bomb and spray my new place and will they die as soon as they come out of the box? Your email address will not be published. I’m going to call Orkin or someone and have the house sprayed…. The neighbor and I bombed the place with 20 foggers. This did not work. Neem, when applied to the only food that desert locusts had available, caused the desert locusts to starve themselves to death. with german, it’s pretty simple. I poured bleach into the sink drain,shower drain,toilet and mopped. I have seen 2 live roaches and 2 dead ones in a month. I spent the weekend at a friends with a dog, cat and child. Ugh!). October 27, 2016 at 1:46 pm, Arlene Smith said: > Thank you ladyjaye. i have a 1 year old daughter and i use the stuff. Cleaned out my oven and stove real good with oven cleaner. It’s not beautiful but they will leave. Good to know they can't evict me. ROACH Not right instantly but it does work! The landlord is a waste of time to talk to as is the owner…. Cedarwood It’s GREAT. and crazy enough as many times as she wacked and sprayed it it was stilly moving! again, keep absolutely no clutter. The bugs were gone within days. Put it under sinks and things where the holes are around the pipes where they can travel between apartments. Consider weather stripping your windows and doors for added protection. Unless you bomb the entire building…you are stuck with the new friends. Roaches cant live with me and I love my apt I would hate to move! We have cock roaches even in the bedroom…and don’t let anyone tell you they don’t “bite” they do! And as stated before.. roaches need water even more than food. The house had been vacant for 3 months and the realtor promised they had just sprayed for bugs. Even if you take out the trash religiously and not leave any unwashed dishes on the sink, your clean apartment can still be invaded. I swear by the stuff…it doesn't work for German roaches..but it works wonders for the water bugs. is it time for legal action???? I have called the complex and they have a guy come and spray something that seems to make it worse! You might even want to use some disinfecting wipes to get the job done. *I put a ring of Vaseline around the plants too to stop them from getting water from them. i am writing this at 2AM in d morning, because i just saw a cockroach at 1AM which was one hour ago, and u wanna know it came out from where??? Is the microwave in need of a good wiping down? It’s a recession and it was cheap rent. Don't be victimized u deserve to be comfortable. When the tell-tale egg casings and droppings appear, frantic calls to landlords soon follow, and exterminators are usually dispatched to spray down the apartment with a witch’s brew of chemicals (many of which are highly toxic). June 20, 2017 at 9:42 am, KC Benton said: Gentrol tell manager to ensure the exterminator is using Gentrol it kills egg sacks..the exterminator should use something that acts as birth control as well as killing the roaches.