New York shows its highest increase in score since the ranking began as it benefits from the effects of a strong evaluation in Startup Environment and Variety of Workplace Options. The city profiles analyze each of the 44 target cities of the GPCI and illustrate the city… You can download the PDF version of the Summary below. Reina Matsushita / Kaya Tanabe, - - - CAPA International Education believes that there are special opportunities for learning afforded by studying abroad in a global city … The “power” index begins with a list of 40 “representative” global cities and scores and ranks them according to six criteria or “functions”: economy; research and development; cultural interaction; livability; environment; and accessibility. Learn more from this report put together by Kearney experts. Today’s Nihon Keizai Shimbun notes the just-released 2014 Global City Power Index published by The Mori Memorial Foundation’s Institute for Urban Studies. Vancouver; 23. Along with the city’s previously strong evaluation in Livability, GDP Growth Rate also rises, bringing up results in the Economy function. The YEARBOOK provides specific details on the methods of research, definition of indicators, lists of data sources, and scores and ranking analysis of each city. Preview. I am delighted that Tokyo is again recognized as one of the world’s leading cities in terms of overall strength. Berlin; 9. Seoul will never cease to innovate and transform itself. Toronto (#16) and Vancouver (#23) achieved high scores across most indicators, especially in “Social Freedom and Equality” and “Economic Risk of Natural Disaster.”, Zurich (#15) and Geneva (#34) marked high in Environment such as “Urban Greenery” and “CO, Among the new cities to the GPCI, Melbourne (#11) and Helsinki (#28) achieved strong results in Environment, while Dublin (#33) possessed high GDP Growth Rates. Executive Director, The Mori Memorial Foundation. For R&D, they are academic resources (e.g., major universities), research background, and research achievement (e.g. In Livability, the city enters the top 10 as it sees improvement in the indicator Total Working Hours. The relatively low rankings for Osaka (26th) and Fukuoka (36th) bespeak a myriad of challenges for Japan’s second and third tier metropolises. Understandably, the report is keyed to the relative performance of Tokyo whose overall fourth place ranking, as well as that the other seven top cities, was unchanged from 2013. Full Size. As with other cities, there was considerable change in Tokyo’s relative ranking on the six criteria, however. Beijing; 15. Watch the GPCI-2017 video to find out more. This, surely, is the key to unlocking the potential of Tokyo. In an effort to deal with changes in the conditions surrounding global cities, the GPCI is continuously improving its indicators and data-collection methods. Tel Aviv (#38), a prominent technology hub, ranked #7 in “Startup Environment.”. We often think of ‘magnetism’ as a human quality, as well as a physical phenomenon. The Global Power City Index (GPCI) ranks the world’s most important cities according to their ‘magnetism’, that is, their perceived power to attract creative people and businesses from across the globe, and to “mobilize their assets” to boost economic, social and environmental development. By actively welcoming different cultures and stimulating innovation, Tokyo can promote an even greater appeal to audiences worldwide.Rather than waiting for external pressure to bring about change, we need to transform our thinking and act on our own initiative. This year’s comprehensive ranking sees the top 5 remain unchanged from last year, with London, New York, Tokyo, Paris, and Singapore maintaining their positions. Hong Kong jumps from fifth to third in this ranking. Nevertheless, the city still possesses superior strengths overall, with 12 of its 16 indicators in Cultural Interaction placing in the top 5. This research shows that despite the recent vote to leave the EU, London is the best place in the world to do business. Standard population projections show that virtually all global … Chairman, Institute for Urban Strategies, Copyright© 2020 THE MORI MEMORIAL FOUNDATION. The Global Power City Index YEARBOOK 2018 is a full report of the GPCI-2018, providing a detailed account of its methodology and results. Competing groups have developed multiple alternative methods to classify and rank world cities and to distinguish them from non-world cities. New York maintained its second place on the GPCI, also for the fifth year in a row. Toronto; 18. patents). Its purpose is research aimed at improving urban development and urban living environment. I am working with London’s business community to ensure their needs are met as we leave the EU and that our great city maintains its global position. The city profiles analyze each of the 44 target cities of the GPCI and illustrate the city’s strengths and weaknesses in reference to the score and ranking of the 70 indicators. In part, these results can be said to arise from the influence of National Strategic Special Zones (NSSZ), while also contributing strongly are the macroeconomic policies related to 'Abenomics' (cheaper yen). Barcelona; 28. These included Roppingi Hills in Tokyo, the Shanghai World Financial Center, and Omotesando Hills near Harajuku Station. Figures from the Office for National Statistics show the number of foreign visitors to the UK increased by 3% in 2016, and in the three months to December this figure was 6% higher than the same three months in 2015. Professor and Dean, Professional Graduate School of Governance Studies, Meiji University Old Japan hands quickly associate the name “Mori” with property development in Tokyo. It was peer reviewed by Allen J. Scott, professor, UCLA; and Peter Nijkamp, professor, VU University Amsterdam. Preview. Boston, Chicago, and San Francisco are bunched around 30th. Paris’s lower ‘cultural interaction’ ratings were due to a fall in the number of overseas visitors, international students and foreign residents. Singapore held onto fifth place, despite experiencing a decrease in its overall ratings because of slowing GDP growth and a decline in total employment. A large number of challenging events occurred or continued to occur in 2019, such as U.S.-China trade friction, the UK’s intended withdrawal from the EU and protests in Hong Kong. More detailed results of research conducted for this ranking are scheduled to be published in January 2017 in the Global Power City Index YEARBOOK 2016. In this category the top four cities are Geneva, Stockholm, Zurich, and Frankfurt. In its journey for betterment, the GPCI findings will serve as a guiding star and valuable reference for our city’s policy-making. According to the institute, “as half of the people … Small. It is also an educational destination, ranking 3rd among all cities for “Number of International Students.”, The North American cities Los Angeles (#12), Boston (#25), Chicago (#26) and San Francisco (#18) were strong in “Winners of Prizes in Science and Technology,” all placing in the top 10 in Research and Development. Fax: +81-3-3578-7051 Fukuoka; 37. Paris; 4. Akira sought a scaled-down and slightly different direction of small-scale office and leisure properties. Peter Dustan, +81-3-6406-6800 Its improved ratings were due to a number of factors, the 2016 report says, including a cut in Japan’s corporation tax rate, a rise in the number of visitors from abroad and more direct flight connections to overseas destinations., The Mori Memorial Foundation’s Institute for Urban Strategies, Istanbul; 22. Seoul (#7) scored well in Research & Development, landing in the top 10 in five of eight indicators. Along with other Asian cities such as Taipei (#39) and Hong Kong (#9), Seoul scored highly in “Waste Recycle Rate.” Berlin (#8) performed well as a livable city with a strong art and culture scene.