All displays come with the Keiser eChip system standard. The Keiser Platforms have a unique low profile and are trimmed in steel tubing with cast-rounded corners to reduce injury. It offers the same effectiveness and customisability as the rest, but gives exercisers more room for their workouts. Please note, online shopping at is only available to UK & Ireland customers. Wider base provides a larger training area, giving taller athletes room to perform crucial squat movements. We also use analytical cookies to measure and analyze the use of our web shop. We are the team behind the BISON brand of lifting equipment and the official distributor in the UK and Ireland for all Assault Fitness products. © 2020 Titanium Strength , S.L. To accommodate different exercises, the pegs are adjustable towards the front and rear of Keiser Racks. 16.5" x 55.5" x 96.5" (140 cm x 141 cm x 245 cm), 37" x 74" x 96" (94 cm x 188 cm x 244 cm), 37" x 55.5" x 96" (94 cm x 141 cm x 96 cm), 57.5" x 74" x 96" (146 cm x 188 cm x 244 cm). Instructions say it takes 3 people to construct it but I built it just by myself in 1.5 hours. Measuring 130cm (length) x 160cm (width) and 215cm (height) this power rack will fit even the smallest of gym environments and add variety and versatility to your regular exercise regime. We seal the bottom and sides to prevent moisture absorption. Exporting any piece of Keiser equipment Now even space conscious consumers can take advantages of the rack with the short base variant of the half rack. Very sturdy, and everything works great. It looks like this: This is a half rack Also known as a squat stand. The Stealth Commercial Fitness Half Power Rack sets a new standard in commercial power racks. Resistance training has many benefits to the whole body, including: -. The Suspension Trainer Attachment Set is designed specifically to extend the functionality of your Keiser Power Rack for suspension training. This allows us to show you relevant ads and products in our web shop and on third-party websites based on your interests and keep track of the third-party websites through which you reached our web shop. Discover our products with ¡24 months financing available! Any incentives, special pricing, free shipping or Band pegs allow for the use of resistance bands on Keiser Racks and also are easily and quickly attachable to other models of racks. Best online prices, robust and durable home equipment. 43 hole options and fully-lined J-hooks allow for a wide range of exercises. I wasn't sure if it'd be sturdy enough (because it's much cheaper than other models I looked at), but I've used it for a few sessions, and I've very happy with it. :+1: Really good value for money, very sturdy, perfect size for home garage gym. Allow us to help you bring your dream to life with payment and financing options. Pull-up and Chin-up variations are some of the most versatile and beneficial exercises you can do to improve strength and overall body health! No matter whether you want to get a little bit healthier or you’ve got your eyes set on competitive weight lifting, resistance exercise will help! 150kg bumper set (2 x 5,10,15,20 and 25kg) 1 x 15kg barbell, 1 x lock jaw collars and 1 x adjustable bench, 6 x chrome coated weight plate storage pins. Phone: +44 (0) 7415 983 992 / +44 (0) 1275 852 463 All Keiser Platforms may be customized with team logos and special paint colors. Often used to save space (note: footprint of 1200mm x 1240mm) over a regular power rack, the Professional Half Rack is the ideal choice for a heavy-duty gym with limited room. Comes with a Black semi-gloss finish and Red Accessories, making it look at home in either a home or gym setting! Store your weights on the weight storage bars or check out our M2 Half Power Rack with Storage System for a great, space-saving solution for your garage gym. Looking for the Best Half Racks for your Home Gym during the 2020 Pandemic? Terms & Conditions applyLoans available to permanent UK residents aged 18 and over. The surface is triple-coated with a finish for commercial floors such as basketball courts. Keiser engineers can design a system to accommodate the most demanding installation requirements. Fitted an elastic over pull-up bar during construction in order to make this exercise easier. Power Racks, Power Cages and Squat Cages - Powerhouse Fitness Customer Services: 0141 737 2249 or 0141 876 3972 Sales: 0141 737 2250 or 0141 876 3976 The Half Rack Short is a smaller version of the original POWER Rack. Resistance exercise training has a massive range of benefits for everyone! Weighing in at just under six pounds, The Lightweight Bar was designed specifically for use with the Keiser Racks. Keiser offers numerous options to customize your equipment. No swaying during pull-ups. Creating inviting and transformative fitness solutions that benefit every exerciser and any facility. The dynamic HD Elite Half Rack is our most space-conscious rack. Match your facility colour scheme and the intensity of your workouts. 44 Bilston Lane, Willenhall, West Midlands, WV13 2LH 01922 Save 10 %. Backed with a lifetime, full commercial frame … The sturdy construction will give you the confidence to get the most out of your workouts every time! The bar conforms to the International Power Lifting Federation standards for knurling and diameter. Our mission is to inspire healthier lives by creating the best products, services and experiences for our customers. 43 … Built for easy storage and mobility, The Bumper Plate Storage Rack can fit most of your favorite olympic style bumper plate sets, with plenty of room to spare. Primal Strength V2.0 Commercial Half Rack from £1,199.00 The Stealth Commercial Fitness Half Power Rack sets a new standard in commercial power racks. Complete with spotting arms, pro jhooks, barbell holders and plate storage pins. With a maximum user weight of 363kg/800lbs, this Heavy Half Rack is sturdy enough for newbies and seasoned weight-trainers alike.