Cockroaches are a very common pest problem. Simply apply the powder to locations where cockroaches may be hiding, such as cracks and open spaces, as well as on the outside of your home. If it rains, just re-apply the powder to all outdoor locations. These tiny creatures are not only ugly to look at, but also harmful to your health. Bay leaves are a natural roach repellent – they simply hate the odor of them. This means inside your pantry, between the kitchen counter and the wall, and in the baseboards. This essential oil is very effective against American and German roaches. But you can also go to the extremes – which is what we suggest. It’s one of the most effective natural options to get rid of roaches. Hi I am a Buddhist, and we are forbidden to kill or harm any life– but I would like to say good bye to the cokies, with out killing them— any suggestion’s? If you can’t figure out where the infestation or track down the nest, bug bobs can be useful. Thank you for sharing. Allow it to cool and then put this solution into a spray bottle. Simply place the leaves in a bowl and grind them into a powder. Fragrance free, the Raid Roach Killer is an effective spray that kills cockroaches on contact and continues to kill on surfaces for up to four weeks. This may seem like a lot to do every day, but if you start doing these things on a regular basis, a 15-minute cleanup should be plenty at the end of each night to get rid of most residues (unless you have a party – or kids – and then cleaning will take a little longer). You’ll need to leave this bait out and repeat your sprinkling of the mix frequently to make sure there is enough to kill the roaches. They’re best placed around hot water systems and under fridges, bathroom cabinets and washing machines. I haven’t had anymore of those big, nasty cockroaches come back to my apartment. And they become active at night taking advantage of darkness. They are attracted to your home in search of food and water mostly. I know, we should love every little thing created by the God, but the thing which disturbs and irritates our daily life and which is harmful too for our healthy life, so how can we love or like these kinds of the creation of God. This home remedy is not safe for kids and pets. A 2003 study by the School of Biological Sciences, National University of Singapore, reports that pandan leaves work as a natural cockroach repellent, though not the most efficient one. Take out the cap and now it act like a funnel. The benefit of using a cockroach spray is that it is fast acting, stopping individual roaches in their tracks. There are so many products are available in the market for cockroach removal from the house. Understanding why cockroaches are infesting your home is essential for removing them, and preventing their return in the future. If you cut the water supply and keep your house clean may decrease the chance of getting a cockroach in your house. A spray bottle mixed with three parts fabric softener and two parts water can be an effective way of eliminating cockroaches. PS: If you are using any of the chemicals like spray, gel, or anything else, always be very careful and ensure to read and comprehend the instruction on product label/packet before using. There are many over the counter chemical available to get rid of roaches but they can have bad effects on your health. It’s one of the most effective natural options to get rid of roaches. Keep this mixture at cockroach accessible area in the house. Baking soda in the mixture, combines with the stomach acids of the cockroaches and kills them. To increase the effectiveness of borax, it should be used along with sugar. This is the best natural way to protect your house from roaches because they just hate the bay leaves smell. Using a food and water combination, the Hot Shot Ultra Roach Bait traps and kills cockroaches when they ingest the bait. Home Remedies to get rid of Cockroaches. Reducing water or taking care of leakages and food sources should adhere to. This remedy will take some time to get rid of a cockroach. Note: This remedy is not recommended if you have kids or pets at home. Check insulation around motors and clean them regularly. Coffee is also the something that roaches like, too. Coffee is also one of the most effective home remedy to repel the roaches. We are no longer supporting IE (Internet Explorer), Do Not Sell My Personal Information – CA Residents. Repeat once daily until all the roaches are gone. So while they are active in your kitchen or any other dark place in the house, just disturb them by switching on the overhead lamp and follow their route to the hiding place or nest. Add equal quantities of each of the cornstarch and plaster of paris powder and sprinkle it on the cracked walls or affected areas. Borax is one of the best ways to rid of roaches. The required ingredients are boric acid, flour and cocoa powder. Thank you , i will try this remedies i moved into this house and roaches just come out eww. Keep checking your book shelve or drawers. Dish washing detergents create a film around their lung and make difficulty in breathing for roaches and suffocate roaches to death. So when temperatures go up there during the summer season, most of the cockroaches spread their wings and fly.