To have a better experience, please upgrade your IE browser. How Are RSVP-TE Path Messages Forwarded on the MPLS Network? Why Are Loopback Addresses Used to Establish BGP Peer Relationships? What Should I Do If the Account Is Locked? Can Multicast Packet Source MAC Addresses Be Learned? What Are the Functions of GTL License Invalidation Codes? Why Cannot Information About AAA Users Be Displayed in the display ssh user-information Command Output, Example for Configuring the ACL-based Packet Filtering Firewall. Do FXS Interfaces on a 4FXS1FXO Interface Card Support Polarity Reversal? After a User Logs In to Outlook Web Access 2010 Through the SSL VPN Gateway, the User Cannot Log In to Outlook Web Access 2007. AR100, AR120, AR150, AR160, AR200, AR300, AR1200, AR2200, AR3200, AR3600, AR100-S, AR110-S, AR120-S, AR150-S, AR160-S, AR200-S AR1200-S, AR2200-S, AR3200-S, AR600, AR1600, AR6000 and AR1000V series see the Table 28-36. How Do I View Details About the main_task Process of the CPU? The default username is also admin. How Is Bandwidth of Different Types of Traffic Guaranteed? Is There a Possibility that the AR Cannot Detect the DTMF Tone Using G.729? Can the Standby SRU of an AR3260 Router Run Services? What Are the Causes? What WLAN Standards Do the Wi-Fi Interfaces on the WLAN Subcard Support? Try logging into your Huawei router using the username and password. How Many Ports Can Mirror Traffic to One Observing Port? How Do I Set a Proper Interval for Sending Beacon Frames? How Do I Limit Mutual Access Between Intranet Segments (Using the Web Platform)? That’s why you will find people looking for information on the default Huawei usernames and passwords. eLTE Multimedia Critical Communication System (MCCS) Solution, eLTE Broadband and Narrowband IoT Solution, eLTE Anti-epidemic Inspection and Control Solution, Smart Traffic Video Surveillance Solution, Intelligent Cloud Contact Center Solution, Industry Consulting and Application Integration, Nine Steps to Response to the Pandemic Using Technology, Using Revelations of Troublesolving for Troubleshooting, Troubleshooting: Common Information Collection and Fault Diagnostic Commands, Reset Commands Clearing Packet Statistics, Troubleshooting: System Maintenance Methods, Using the RESET Button to Restore Default Settings for AR100&AR120&AR150&160&200 Series and AR100-S&AR110-S&AR120-S&AR150-S&AR160-S&AR200-S Series, Restoring the Default Settings Using the Configuration File, Terminal Does Not Display Anything Or Displays Garbled Characters, The User Fails to Log in to the Server Through Telnet, The User Fails to Log in to the Server Through SSH, Troubleshooting Cases for Basic Configuration, Monitoring Device Does Not Receive Any Mirrored Packet After Port Mirroring Is Configured, Monitoring Device Does Not Receive Any Mirrored Packets After Traffic Mirroring Is Configured, The NMS Fails to Receive Trap Messages from the Host, A UDP Jitter Test Instance Fails to Be Started, A Drop Record Exists in the UDP Jitter Test Result, A Busy Record Exists in the UDP Jitter Test Result, A Timeout Record Exists in the UDP Jitter Test Result, The UDP Jitter Test Result Is "Failed", "No Result" or "Packet Loss", Troubleshooting Cases for Network Management, Eth-Trunk Interface Cannot Forward Traffic, Statistics on Sent and Received Data Packets Are Incorrect on the Serial Interface, E1/T1 Interface in Up State Fails to Correctly Send and Receive Data, Packets Fail to Be Forwarded on an ADSL Interface Working in ATM Mode, Packets Fail to Be Forwarded on a G.SHDSL Interface Working in ATM Mode, 3G Calls Failed After Dialing Parameters Were Correctly Set, Troubleshooting Cases for Interface Management, Users in a VLAN Cannot Communicate with Each Other, Correct MAC Address Entries Cannot Be Generated, MSTP Topology Change Leads to Service Interruption, Layer 2 Traffic Forwarding in a Bridge Group Fails, Traffic Forwarding in IP Routing of Bridge Groups Fails, Local Device Fails to Ping the Remote Device When the Link Protocol Status of Their Connected FR Interfaces Is Up, Local Device Fails to Ping the Remote Device When the Link Protocol Status of Their Connected MFR Interfaces Is Up, Link Failed to Be Established on ISDN Interfaces, Protocol Status of a PPP Interface Is Down, A Client Cannot Obtain an IP Address (the device Functions as the DHCP Server), A Client Cannot Obtain an IP Address (the device Functions as the DHCP Relay Agent), Internal Users Fail to Access the Public Network, External Hosts Fail to Access Internal Servers, Internal Host with a Conflicting IP Address Fails to Access an External Server, Device Does not Receive Partial or All the Routes, The OSPF Neighbor Relationship Cannot Reach the Full State, The BGP Peer Relationship Fails to Be Established, BGP Public Network Traffic Is Interrupted, BGP Private Network Traffic Is Interrupted, Troubleshooting Cases for IP Unicast Routing, Users in User VLANs Fail to Receive Multicast Packets (IGMP snooping), The PIM Neighbor Relationship Remains Down, The RPT on a PIM-SM Network Fails to Forward Data, The SPT on a PIM-SM Network Fails to Forward Data, MSDP Peers Cannot Generate Correct (S, G) Entries, The Multicast Device Cannot Generate IGMP Entries or MLD Entries, Queue-based Traffic Shaping Results Are Incorrect, Congestion Avoidance Fails to Take Effect, Congestion Management Fails to Take Effect, MAC Address Authentication of a User Fails, MAC Address Bypass Authentication of a User Fails, Packet Filtering Firewall Fails Because of Invalid ACL Configuration, SYN Flood Attacks Are Detected on a Network, The ARP Entry of an Authorized User Is Maliciously Modified, The Gateway Address Is Maliciously Changed, User Traffic Is Interrupted by a Large Number of Bogus ARP Packets, Users Fail to Go Online After DHCP Snooping Is Configured, Interface Forwarding Is Interrupted After a BFD Session Detects a Fault and Goes Down, Changed BFD Session Parameters Do Not Take Effect, Failed to Ping the IP Address of the Remote Tunnel Interface, A PC Fails Ping to a Remote PC Using L2TP Dialup Software, Users' Unsuccessful Login to the SSL VPN Gateway, Spokes Fail to Learn Routes from Each Other, Spokes Fail to Communicate When They Have Only Summarized Routes to a Hub, Troubleshooting Roadmap for a Ping Failure, The AR Directly Connects to a PC, but the Ping Operation Fails, Packet Filtering Does Not Take Effect When the External Network Is Pinged on the AR, An AR1220 Cannot Communicate with a Remote Device Connected Through a Leased E1 Line, Users Connected to an AR2240 Intermittently Fail to Access the Internet Due to an ARP Attack, In AR Multi-Egress Scenarios, the Internet Access Speed Is Slow After NAT Is Configured on an Interface of a High-End LAN Card, Optimizing the MTU Configuration to Solve the Problem that the Network Access Rate of a Branch Is Slow, PPPoE Dial-up Service Cannot Be Used and the Network Access Rate Is Low, Users Fail Portal Authentication Through AR511, A PC Cannot Access the Internet Through the AR, An AR Router Fails to Push the Portal Authentication Page, AR2220 Fails to Configure Portal Authentication Associated with RADIUS, When an AR Router Connects to the Internet Through Two Uplinks for Load Balancing, Some Users Cannot Open Web Pages After One Uplink Is Interrupted, Slow Web Page Access on a PC Connected to an AR, Abnormal Network Access of Some Users Caused by ARP Attacks on ARs, Top Questions from Customers and Solutions.