Back in Dark Souls 2, we Dragon Covenant folks used to flex on each other with pure honour and testosterone. Nightmare of Mensis is a location in Bloodborne. Now I just want the game to be over. It's highly advisable that you equip as much frenzy resistance as you can, if you haven't already, because it's time to face the source of that orange light once and for all. Nightmare Chapel: After being squeezed out of existence by Amygdala you'll find yourself in an eerily familiar area. There are several more Attendants blocking your path. This video is unavailable. Fight them one at a time, being mindful of the pits, and continue on to another lift - but before using it, head to the left of it to grab a pair of Lead Elixirs. In the next room, head to the left before going down to find a chest containing 2x Yellow Backbones. I've seen a few people saying they have trouble rolling into the window from the cage elevator, as someone who's got a platinum trophy using no quides, and beaten the game 5 times, I gotta say, that window jump kills me 100% of the time if I try to do it going downwards, i always gotta wait and ride the elevator back up to jump into it haha. So deal with them swiftly and walk up the stairs to the right. Defeat them, and you'll find the Chime Maiden for the second part of Nightmare of Mensis. Awesome. Because if you do I can't see myself finishing it. The Lamps in the early areas will generally be on the first Yharnam Headstone, but as you explore more you'll open up options on the other ones higher up the stairs. Take note of the windows on the left - if you remain in the open a light will shine from … Whoever came up with that spider at FS can drink bleach. Want me to join for that one for last? If you get close enough they'll aggro but largely they'll just wander on their own paths. Once the small ones are dead, carefully deal with the bigger bug and continue to the far end of the room, where you will find 6 Shaman Bone Blades on a body. Once in the Hunter’s Nightmare, this is the new area for the DLC. Thx. Remember the cathedral we passed where monsters were fighting which would normally be the Grand Cathedral? When you're inside the cathedral, go towards Laurence and take what's in his hand. 1 Description 2 Connections 3 Notes 4 Trivia 5 Gallery The Nightmare Church is a small church that appears to serve as a checkpoint to the boss fight that lies ahead of the area. Don't worry, it can't hurt you now. Killing the brain is not difficult as it does not fight back, but it does have a large amount of health. Go across the bridge and you'll meet another new enemy, the Skeleton Puppet. There are huge pits just beyond the Chief Attendant, so watch your step as you cross through the room. Hunter's Nightmare Underground Corpse Pile There is a bloodied undead human beating his hand on the large gate just outside the church. Lamps in Bloodborne are checkpoints that allow for the Hunter to respawn there upon death. Continue beyond the two hostile hunters you may or may not have already encountered. Coming back from the shortcut, you'll see a doorway to your left, take it. You'll spot a lever at the end of the next room, run across and activate it. If you have defeated the Blood-Starved Beast, there will be a Snatcher on the … Remember the cathedral we passed where monsters were fighting which would normally be the Grand Cathedral? Go there, and you can just quickly pass by everyone by going forward instead of the route we went since we opened the short cut. Sprint-fall onto it (don't jump) and quickly kill this freak of nature to nab a Tampering Damp Blood Gem(5), then return to the stairs and keep going. Head right out of the room and across a bridge, but be careful - there's a hunter (Choir Intelligencer Edgar) waiting to fight. These are different to the Nightmare Apostles that you encountered earlier in the level, in that they have an AOE attack they can use if you don't kill them quickly enough, and they have human heads. I will admit the frenzy***** needs to be toned down its unfair even with all the resistances. "Sneak up on the winter lanterns." Watch Queue Queue. You also have to get something back in the hunters nightmare lamp. There are four spiders in here. need help a this part, im at the first lantern and get get trough that part, Tempering blood gemstone(5) was not there, instead there was an Arcane damp blood gem(5), Contributions to Fextralife Wikis are licensed under a, The Brain of Mensis produces a passive effect, causing the player to generate, Left from the main lamp, you will run into three separate, A slightly easier method is to simply run to the right first, where you can draw the two. Once they're both down, pick up the Tampering Damp Blood Gem(5) next to the second, then head into the building at the end of the bridge. Lamps: Lamps serve as mean to transport back into dream world, Hunter's Dream. Once you rested you can transport from dream world to any lit lamp in real world. With all three moon runes equipped, I was able to get around 50k blood echoes in the middle loft alone, So, not amazing at this game, but one trick I figured out for the spider room was to do the steps said at first (pebble the lone and lure the two from the bridge), but then to slowly pebble each spider and kill them one at a time.