Good manners can be developed only with the help of discipline. If you are well mannered it makes your impression good in front of others. In the ‘olden days’ children were taught about the Golden Rule, “Always do to others as you would wish them to do to you if you were in their place.” This is still a good way to behave nowadays. Mindful parenting involves being fully present with our children, free from distractions and judgment, and with a soft and open mind. A score of 50 or 60 means you need to do some work and pay a lot more attention to how you are treating the people around you. Don’t be bossy. This is because people like when you talk with respect, ask permission, and show gratitude. Certain attributes are drilled into us since we learn to stand and talk, and later on, we instinctively know that going against these rules is not good manner. Good manners hold great importance in a persons’ life. Good manner creates an effective interaction with friends as well as make a good impression on a public platform. Good manners are important in both personal and professional life of a person. Good manners refer to the responsible behavior that an individual exhibits in any place that he or she is. Be thoughtful. The little things really do count, probably much more than you have been thinking. Good manners are indispensible for good social behavior and to building healthy relationships with others. It is essential because lack of it may create confusion in society. And due to manners being enforced so intensely many years ago, it is probably only natural that society has gone to the other extreme and become more permissive. Practicing these manners on a daily basis makes for a more pleasant life. They help a person to win friends. With the bad manners you can’t expect from someone to say you welcome. Good manners are important for considering the feelings of other people and being the kind of person that others will like and respect. They also helps you to feel good about yourself and your identity. The fact that an individual is well or ill-mannered cannot be hidden. Choice is the process of creation itself." Be helpful. Various businessman and successful people are achieving heights. Do you look people in the eye when you are talking with them? In spite of these influences, if you, while you are young, can come to realize the power of practicing good manners and treating others in respectful ways, you can gain an important social advantage over many of your peers and friends. Do you smile at friends and family members when you come in contact with them? The importance of good manners is as important as a good education is. It boils down to being thoughtful of our actions. They help you gain respect and create a good as well as lasting impression. Using manners at the table is all about taming impulsivity. Would most of your friends characterize you as a really nice person. Fred Astaire was also well known for some of his other traits. I’m not sure what all the reasons were back then, but today a young person may be handicapped by not seeing good manners practiced at home, or by seeing very poor manners displayed by many of their friends at school, or by witnessing lot of “improper conduct” on TV. It is a part of the human characterisitcs. Do you show your appreciation to your friends’ parents/guardians when they have you in their home or help you in some special way? No matter where you are, at home- with kids, at work- with colleagues, or with friends, practicing good manners are important. Powered By Avista Technology, LLC. It forms an important part in the development of every child is best taught when young. They are the oil which lubricates the friction of interpersonal relations and creates a happy and successful society. And is it possible that saying “please” and “thank you” can actually help your peers as well as yourself? Will saying “please” and “thank you” actually help in getting you what you may want? If you show good manners everywhere you go, you are more likely to encourage others to behave in the same way towards you. While you may not have heard of Fred Astaire or his quote above, he was a gentleman in every sense of the word. Below 50…well, there may still be hope for you, but you better get on it quickly or you are not likely to have many friends left before too long. Good manners and idiosyncrasies of human beings are the measures with which we should judge a person if he or she is good or not. He was always well dressed, immaculately groomed, and was ever a gentleman. Most of these are simply the application of the “Golden Rule” – treating others as you would want them to treat you. Etiquette provides personal security. It is impossible to overstate the importance of having and practicing good manners. Good manners play a very important role in the life of boys and girls. - Caroline Myss, Copyright © 2020 Good Choices Good Life | All Rights Reserved | Powered by RocketFuel®, "So impressed! Good manners show the best you have to offer and encourage others to be their best. Do have a firm and welcoming handshake that you readily share when meeting  someone new for the first time? And, of course, a good first step in showing kids the importance of good manners is to be a positive role model with our own behavior. Do you speak to teachers by respectively addressing them as Mr., Ms. or Dr.? He was always positive, always interested in what you had to say and always greeted you in a polite way with a big smile on his face. So, Give Respect and Take Respect! Just as oil makes an engine run more quietly and easily and efficiently, so do manners make your life and the lives of the folks with whom you come in contact run more quietly and pleasantly and efficiently. Daily we will gather all the News headlines and summaries based on your selection criteria and deliver them to your inbox in short and clear e-mail process. Having “Good Manners” in daily routine life is as much important as any other thing in your life. It helps us to be positive throughout the day. I love the set up and the explanation of what Good Choices Good Life is about.". It is the very essence of a civil society. Ed had an upbeat spirit that you could actually feel when you were with him. Do you show respect by consistently saying “please” and “thank you” to those around you? And, important for us here, he felt strongly about the importance of good manners. Good manners are required to make a successful communication with companions and in addition, establish a good connection on them. Great Manners are a sort of approach to interface with individuals. Good manners always give you the chance to show your best. This is a custom that we should never lose, as it’s the basis of civic behavior and manners in our society. This has so many different types of resources available on such a broad range of topics. Okay, take your time and go back over your answers to this little test, recording your yes and no responses…be honest, no one is looking, and an honest score can tell you if you need to make some improvements or not. If we all practice good manners, then daily life will be all the more delightful. Only education will not cover your personality. Good manner creates an effective interaction with friends as well as make a good impression on a public platform. And by seeing the power of these basics now, you will learn to appreciate the power of practicing good manners throughout your life. Be generous. Contrary to the often quoted phrase…“good guys almost always finish at the top or very near to it.” Courtesy is an integral part of good manners. Again, whether you realize it or not, everyone – your parents or guardians, other relatives, teachers, spiritual leaders, neighbors, and, yes, even your own friends, will value your behavior. Good manners define you as a person, while etiquette is what make you socially acceptable. Having stated this, adults today still hold strong to the notion that, as your parents or guardians, we generally know best as to how to handle various situations. Respect other’s privacy. We all have learnt from our parents about saying Thank you, sorry and please words and their importance. Manners teach us how to behave in society and kept the society alive and happy. The unequivocal answer to all the above questions is YES. Adults these days seem to understand that it is absolutely acceptable for young people to speak up (in a polite way) about their own beliefs, ideas, and thoughts – even when they are not the same as those held by their parents or guardians. The foundation of proper etiquette is behavior that is accepted as gracious and polite in social, professional, and family situations. Simply stated, you have more opportunities to be mannerly than children did back in Fred Astaire’s day when “don’t speak until you are spoken to” was often the rule of the day for children. “The rules of good manners are the traffic lights of human interaction. My friend, Ed, was one super nice guy. Though good manners are a very valuable possession for developing social relations, yet they cost nothing. Life could be much happier if conflicts weren't allowed to escalate to a point where they can't be resolved! Using these small but important words can be beneficial to you in countless ways.