companies are run in a socially responsible way and that there should be a lucidly ethical, basis to the business complying with the accepted norms of the society in which it is, operating. The corporate governance framework is there to encourage the efficient use of resources and equally to require accountability for the stewardship of those resources. (2010), ‘‘Corporate social responsibility as a conflict between shareholders’’, Bhasin, M. (2005), ‘‘‘Dharma’ in corporate gover, relationships through mutually beneficial corporate social responsi, Carrigan, M. and Attalla, A. – From the findings emerged the interconnections between ethics of justice and calculation-based trust. This effect is found to be larger among highly-profitable banks, suggesting that privileged relations with politicians help banks to be more profitable and lead to higher levels of leverage. Journal of Management and Governance,19(2), 371–394. A resource-based perspective on corporate environmental performance and profitability. Putting the S back in corporate social responsibility: A multilevel theory of social change in organizations. The main advantage of this financial indicator is that it does not take the financial structure and taxes into account (Ernst & Young’s Corporate Responsibility Report 2012). Waddock and Graves (1997) argue that governance has struck a balance between economic and social interests, as well as between individual and collective interests. McGuire et al. Management Science,46(8), 1059–1074. and Drozdenko, R.G. avoiding harm or social injury, respecting moral rights of individuals, doing what, desirable (e.g. Journal of Business Ethics,114(1), 29–43. Codes of good governance. An analysis of the relationship between corporate social and financial performance. Furthermore, corporate social, responsibility has focused on corporate governance as a vehicle for integrating social, and environmental concerns into the business decision-making process, benefiting not. Nwabueze, U. and Mileski, J. Centering Educational Administration: Cultivating Meaning, Community, The Ethical Dimensions of School Leadership. Evidence from the French stock market”. dataoecd/32/18/31557724.pdf (accessed 12 April 2011). The second most studied dimension is the environment. (2015), the authors develop an index based on recommendations by the IASB, FASB and GRI to gauge the quality and extent of environmental disclosure. Several researchers have found a negative relationship between CSR and CFP (e.g. With over forty years' experience, Emerald Group Publishing is a leading independent publisher of global research with impact in, business, society, public policy and education. Thus, these resources, financial and otherwise, are necessary to improve social performance. Lantos (2001) classified CSR into three types predicated on their, optional) and purpose (for stakeholders’ good, for the company’s good, or for both): ethical, CSR, altruistic CSR, and strategic CSR. Sahut, JM., Peris-Ortiz, M. & Teulon, F. Corporate social responsibility and governance. Corporate social responsibility also goes a long way in building a positive image of the brand. For Barnea and Rubin (2010), it is rather CEOs and senior managers who tend to over-invest in CSR activities to establish their own personal reputation as good citizens, which can lead to conflicts with other stakeholders. 1997). 547 - 560,, References: This document contains references to 86 other documents, To copy this document:, Access to this document was granted through an Emerald subscription provided by Emerald Author Access. RSE et éthique d’entreprise : la nécessité des institutions. However, while it is reasonable to argue that technology contributes toward reducing pollution, there is evidence that it currently does not yet create sustainability but instead lessens the extent of sustainability. Margolis, J., Elfenbein, H., & Walsh, J. governance and its antecedents highlights the magnitude of the ethics training program as well as CSR. and Carroll, A.B. A population of 2,418 listed companies at the Ho Chi Minh City Stock, , 2001; Spanos and Lioukas, 2001) where middle and top managers with hectic, 0.01) than ethics of justice, and ethics of justice is more correlated with legal CSR, is verified through the positive and significant correlation between ethical, 0.05). CSR is often removed from ‘governance’ departments (in HR, marketing); apart from main business (e.g. Journal of Business Ethics,97(1), 71–86. Dynamic capital structure under managerial entrenchment. fair and ethical trade systems) or investor interests (e.g. The relative value relevance of shareholder versus stakeholder corporate governance disclosure policy reforms in South Africa. Business ethics and CSR are closely related. Gill, A. The fourth paper by Rihem Braham, Christian de Peretti, and Lotfi Belkacem is entitled “Do political connections affect bank leverage? Ethics of justice revolves round, such notions as rationality, rights, and justice, while ethics of care is concerned with, consideration, sentiments, and responsibility (Plot, 2009). Boards of directors and firm performance: Integrating agency and resource dependence perspectives. The authors use a sample of commercial banks from the MENA region for the period between 2003 and 2014 to study whether political patronage shapes banks’ financing decisions. © Oxford University Press, 2018. Moreover, as Gaski (1999), wrote: ‘‘the ethics of one day may be the law of the next’. Also, with regard to the concept of ‘trust’, a number of important distinctions will be made to clarify what is meant by trust within the context of this paper. CSR merupakan agenda penting di Indonesia sejak berlakunya UU no 40/2007. The corporate social–financial performance relationship: A typology and analysis. Bhasin (2005) highlights that corporate governance is about, ethical conduct in business; it is beyond the realm of law. It seems that the moral and economic values linked to CSR provide balance and robustness to the system, as well as temper the incentive to maximize profits as the sole objective. Journal of Business Research,69(12), 5964–5971. In other words, legal CSR and economic CSR may not pave the smooth path for corporate governance. Ernst & Young (2012). Ethics of care shifted the focus on ethics, from individual rights to relational prerequisites (French and Weis, 2000) or the caring, relationships the self has with others (Lantos, 2002).