According to body language experts, how you eat your pizza actually says something about your personality, and publications have style guides so those who seek out the best pizza in America can get the most from their slice. There's lots of words that have different meanings in different disciplines. A Pop-Tart, on the other hand, is a hand pie, a pastry made with biscuit-style dough with either a sweet or savory filling that is baked, fried or deep-fried. Sales of American cheese are dropping. Even the best deep-dish in the country is subject to scrutiny: Is a pizza that has a deep, thick crust actually a pizza pie or is it more like a casserole than a flatbread? If you've ever worked at a unionized grocery and read its agreement, there's almost always a section in the CBA about tomatoes being fruit. Some people will take one piece of bread, add peanut butter, put jelly on top of the peanut butter and then add the final slice of bread. So there you have it folks...a ketchup sandwich. Just as some people prefer a cake slice with a lot of frosting and others prefer an interior piece, some people like the drumettes (the mini-drumsticks) on a plate of chicken wings and others prefer the flats. (the answer is...yes...seriously find something useful to do), I'll stoop to any low to show how I'm right and you're wrong, EDIT: I'm also so tired of people asking this goddamned question hotdog taco or otherwise...are we really that bored? This results in biscotti-shaped slices of bagel that truly confound people outside of Missouri. Both spots offer budget-friendly fast food-style burgers with special sauces, fries and milkshakes, and both have cult followings. At its core, a cheeseburger is just a patty, cheese and a bun. Yes, this is something people actually think about. ckngbbbls. There will never be a Tide Pod flavored Pop-Tart Have a nice day — Pop-Tarts (@PopTartsUS) March 6, 2018 He applies the ketchup to the bread and then goes to slap the 2nd peice of bread on top. Y e s To enable Verizon Media and our partners to process your personal data select 'I agree', or select 'Manage settings' for more information and to manage your choices. It is not prepared the same way. A Pop-Tart, on the other hand, is a hand pie, a pastry made with biscuit-style dough with either a sweet or savory filling that is baked, fried or deep-fried. Does socialising with strangers on the internet via a forum based around a server on a niche 2D multiplayer game count? However A donk pocket could possibly be a ravioli. I get the ham, cheese and mustard from the fridge. The idea is that you can fit all food into one of seven categories based on where the starch in a dish is positioned: Ravioli are a type of pasta, often filled with meat or cheese and cooked in boiling water. Merriam Webster defines sandwiches as “two or more slices of bread or a split roll having a filling in between.” By this definition, hot dogs and burgers should indeed be considered sandwiches. Others will put peanut butter on one slice of bread, put jelly on the second slice of bread and then bring the two pieces together. These two slices are the cause of much discussion, as they go by many names. And 17 Other Food Mysteries, Solved, Regional Chain Restaurants We Wish Were National. A pop-tart a ravioli? Chicagoans like a lot of things on their hot dogs. Discuss. Some folks won’t eat a slice without pepperoni, while others think that simple sauce and quality cheese is the way to go. Information about your device and internet connection, including your IP address, Browsing and search activity while using Verizon Media websites and apps. But I do not feel we are asking the questions that need to be asked, fennofen. 6 Answers. What about Jamaican meat pies? Are pop tarts really ravioli? Drum proponents like the easier eating that comes with that shape, while flat proponents like the sauce-to-skin-to-chicken ratio. However A donk pocket could possibly be a ravioli. You might be surprised to learn that there’s more than one way to eat pizza. Search query By It’s also called a grinder in New England, a hero in New York and a hoagie in Philadelphia. All those people who get annoyed over whether tomatoes are fruit or vegetables hsould just realize that the meaning of words is depending on context. fennofen, Answer Save. It should be simple, but of course, there’s room for debate. EDIT: I'm also so tired of people asking this goddamned question hotdog taco or otherwise...are we really that bored? Former “Daily Show” host Jon Stewart went after deep-dish pizza in 2013, calling it “tomato soup in a bread bowl,” causing many Chicagoans to staunchly defend their signature pie. Cereal is soup. You can adjust your cookie settings, otherwise we'll assume you're okay to continue. (the answer is...yes...seriously find something useful to do), So there you have it folks...a ketchup sandwich.. Everyone eats it, and it connects us with different people and cultures. (the answer is...yes...seriously find something useful to do). is an online debate akin to Is a Hot Dog a Sandwich?in which people argue over whether or not the pastry product "Pop-Tarts" qualifies as a type of ravioli, generally thought of as a type of pasta. Some people insist on folding their slices, while others just dive right in. Google sparked this particular food debate in 2017 when it launched its burger emoji with the cheese on the bottom. Regardless, there’s one good thing to come out of all this: better happy hour deals at chain restaurants. Some people like the sweet and salty contrast when it’s paired with ham, while others think pineapple on pizza ruins this beloved dish. You could make tomato jam/jelly w/ sugar and pectin. There are so many incredible pizzas across America, but some stoke controversy just by existing. Relevance. Under this scandalously loose definition, a Pop-Tart could be a sandwich, and probably so could ravioli. How do you make yours? Join now. Enter the city of St. Louis, where, for years, people have been slicing their bagels like a normal loaf of bread. Mash potatoes are hot ice cream. Search query We have placed cookies on your device to help make this website better. What else am I to do when at a delivery? He finishes putting the bread on, I shrug, and he enjoys his creation. “Cahr-uh-MEL” or “CAR-mul?” This sweet, sticky treat should be easy enough to pronounce (unless you have a mouthful of it), but there’s plenty of regional debate across America. Not all chicken wings are created equal, even among the best Buffalo wings in America. How you top your hot dog isn’t the only debate around that ballpark classic. Pop-Tarts are not ravioli 2. Pizza may just be the most debatable food out there. What do you call the end piece of a loaf of bread? Sign up for Yahoo Life’s daily newsletter. Once this meme hit Top 5 on Reddit, the floodgates opened. In the tiny illustration, the burger had the toppings and patty sitting atop the cheese, while competitor Apple’s emoji had the cheese on the top of the stack. no. Tomatoes are indeed fruit! About Pop Tarts. 8/11/2020 in Questions. January 23, 2019 in Debates and Discussions. ... and probably so could ravioli. Brb, gonna go spread some ketchup on my toast. You take the bagel, slice it in half, maybe toast it then add your desired toppings and eat. But no pizza topping divides a group as much as pineapple. You might think there is a universal consensus on how to prepare a bagel. It would be closer to a chutney, presumably. A pop tart consists of a rather plain casing containing some delicious filling, with a yummy topping on the top of it! More unorthodox pizza eaters will go for a sideways slice, head in crust-first or choose to eat their ‘za with a fork and knife. One of the biggest internet food questions of the last few years has wondered whether a Pop-Tart can be considered ravioli. yes. I put everything in front of him. Terms of Use. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. While this seems like a joke, it actually brings up a valid question. Mayonnaise is no longer a staple of backyard barbecues. food debate s1 ep3: is a pop-tart a sweet version of the ravioli. Join now. There are so many encased foods from around the world, from empanadas to dumplings. We and our partners will store and/or access information on your device through the use of cookies and similar technologies, to display personalised ads and content, for ad and content measurement, audience insights and product development. Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Ravioli are a type of pasta, often filled with meat or cheese and cooked in boiling water. But this generation also often gets accused of “ruining” food. Twitter users have lots of opinions; there’s even discourse on how best to remove eggs from their container. In 2017, Heinz tried to market ketchup as “Chicago dog sauce” to Windy City residents, who were not buying it. But apparently there is more than one way to do everything, including making a basic sandwich.