She lands just as the satellite caves in, forcing the heroines to run out of the room as everything around them crashes down. This group of heroes was defeated by the Injustice Society of America in 2010. Mid-Nite Stargirl was also exposed to the BVHS students on the field, who were in awe of the hero. When she puts them on they begin to work and her curious, attentive, and intellectual mannerisms allow her to bond with Charles McNider's artificial intelligence within the goggles, which she promptly nicknames "Chuck". The man is unable to remember his life as a hero named the Shining Knight, but with Pat's help, Justin is able to reclaim the memories that Dragon King stole from him. They are unaware that they are being followed by resident BVHS intellect and go-getter, Beth Chapel. Rex couldn't find their trail and assumed the ISA left the town or presumably the country. They fight in a slew of energy and ice sparks, exchanging words briefly as he freezes over her staff. This mission, ultimately, leads to the JSA discovering the existence of Dr. Ito who Pat recognizes from his time with the Golden Age JSA. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available from With the Injustice Society of America officially defeated and no one posing an immediate threat, the JSA begins to pick up the pieces of their battle. Title Part Material collected Pages Cover Publication date ISBN Justice League (vol. Akash Senapati Henry speaks with Courtney who is elated to have a cousin, and together, they convince the rest of the JSA to help them in their endeavor. She loses belief in herself and when the Cosmic Staff ceases to work for her, she is ready to give up her role as Stargirl and leader of the JSA. With her parental figures behind her, Courtney believes in herself and accepts the staff along with her role as the leader of the JSA. A metahuman with Innate Night Vision and a member of the Justice Society of America. In the recently held DC FanDome event, the Justice Society of America once again came to the limelight. They are soon confronted with their first fight against Tigress and Sportsmaster. ‘Game Night’ Directors Confirmed For ‘Flashpoint’, Suicide Squad: 5 Times They Chose To Be The Good Guys (& 5 Times They Were The Bad Guys), 10 Best Batman Voices (Besides Kevin Conroy), Amber Heard Rumored To Be In Talks With Kevin Feige For A Major Role In MCU, Wonder Woman 1984 Hitting Theaters & HBO Max December 25, Justice League Snyder Cut: New Trailer Teased, Has 6 Chapters & An Epilogue. A top secret organization which began operating in 1942 (on Earth-1). by She secretly works with Yolanda to bring in new members - people that aren't just physically fit but also have heroic qualities. But soon, their popularity declined in the late 1940s, which paved the path for the Justice League of America to carry the legacy. The group quickly became close friends, though they didn't share their personal lives with one another. This is the first mission that Pat goes on with Wildcat, Hourman, and Dr. Mid-Nite. I don’t know yet, but whoever they are, they’re in Blue Valley. The two giants continue to fight as Wildcat slices the interface locking the door to the ISA's machine. Henry ensures Stargirl and Hourman's safety, before making one last effort to reach his father. It is here that they learn the mission is on a timer with the thirty-minute mark starting that manipulation with only thirty-minutes before the process is complete. They crashed in the woods where Starman seemingly died moments later. After the battle, Pat retired from his days of being a sidekick - but never forgot his fallen friends. Bibhu Prasad Panda Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Hourman also survived the battle despite being wounded by The Wizard. The Justice Society of America became widely popular during the Golden Age of Comic Books. When Stripesy arrived, having responded to an SOS from Starman, he witnessed the deaths of several JSA members including Wildcat, Flash, Sandman, and Dr. Mid-Nite. The JSA must overcome their personal hardships to work together to stop the ISA with the help of their new ally, the Shining Knight. They take a family photo much to the glee of Mike, who has cemented his role as an ally of the group. As the teams battle it out, the ISA gains the upper-hand until Stargirl intervenes and is able to help Wildcat overcome Tigress.