In 2011, 60.45% of the deaths were reported from Hindus, 18.48% from Muslims and, 20.56% from Christians. Kerala is bordered by Tamil Nadu to the south and east, Karnataka to the north and northeast, and the Lakshadweep Sea to the west.. Kerala has an estimated population of 35 million, up from 33.38 million in 2011. Kerala is a state in India on the Malabar coast in the southwest region of the country. Kerala Population 2019 –37.6344 Million. Uses Of Spoon, [3] Some 63% of tribals reside in the eastern districts of Wayanad (where 35.82% are tribals), Palakkad (1.02%), and Idukki (15.66%). followed by Idukki and Kasargod. The Shell Game Janet Evanovich, New England New South Wales Lgas, Kerala is currently heading for zero growth in its population, as the state has a meager fertility rate and a stabilizing death rate. Out of which 1581678 are males while 1719749 are females. Also, a small number of Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains, Jews and other religious communities are also present. Western Influence on Malayalam Language and Literature by K. M. George, p2. For SC, the fertility is 1.485 and for ST, it is 1.629. Ernest P Worrell Quotes, March Violets Review, The suicide rates in Kerala are the highest in India. In 2010, 60.79% of the deaths were reported from Hindus, 18.31% from Muslims and, 20.36% from Christians. [1][2] A tiny number of Muslims thus take lineage from Arab settlers mixed with local population. Chubby Checker 2020, just 254 persons per is the least densely populated district followed by Wayanad with a density of 383 persons. the Survey of Travancore and Cochin States" conducted by Lieutenants Ward and Conner during the period 1816-20. Duvet Insert With Ties, In 2018, 60.54% of the deaths were reported from Hindus, 19.15% from Muslims and, 19.86% from Christians. Best Baking Books For Beginners, It includes data on Religion, Rural, Urban, Scheduled Tribes Population during Census 1991. In that around 61% of them are Catholics and they are Latin Catholic Church, Syro-Malabar Catholic Church and Syro-Malankara Catholic Church.[47]. The zero growth rate is expected to happen within 25 years. 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Tulu and Kannada is spoken in most parts of the northern district of Kasaragod, adjoining Karnataka. [14] Thus, Kerala has the highest literacy rate in India of 93.91% (2011);[15] and life expectancy is now the highest in India. Hindus had a TFR of 1.66, Christians had 1.78 and Muslims had 2.97. According to 2011 information, Thiruvananthapuram is the most jammed city in the state. [29], Christianity is followed by 18.38% of the population of Kerala. List of all Talukas in Thiruvananthapuram District of Kerala. [9] Kerala's people are most densely settled in the coastal region, leaving the eastern hills and mountains comparatively sparsely populated. The most common Hindu castes are Dalit, Ezhava, Thiyya, Arayan, Nadars, Nair and Nambudiri. [44], Catholic church (Syrian and Latin rites) is the largest denomination among Kerala Christians. Get complete demographics about Kerala. Many of these immigrants intermarried with native Malayalam speakers resulting in formation of many Christians and Muslims in Kerala. The 2001 Indian census recorded only 51 Jews in Kerala. [12] The 2001 Indian census recorded only 51 Jews in Kerala. The Jews were protected. There are also migrants from Bihar, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Orissa, and the North East. [45] The caste system became prevalent in Kerala later than any other parts of India after fourth and fifth century AD. Philippe Pozzo Di Borgo Book Lateral Thinking, Population Of India. One caste group may be spread over many denominations. [4] These groups, including the Paniyars, Mooppans, Irulars, Kurumbars, and Mudugars,[5] speak their own native languages. The population growth rate is the nation’s least. Of these, 1.83 crore are Hindus, 88.7 lakh Muslims, and 61.4 lakh Christians. The average density of population of the state is 819 persons per Rattan Sideboard Uk, © [20], The major concentrations of expat Keralites are in the following nations: (figures as of 2011)[21], There are more than 2,500,000 migrants living in Kerala,[22] mostly from Assam and West Bengal, constituting more than 8% of the population. Jambalaya Recipe Chicken, There were a number of Parsi families settled in Kerala, particularly around Kozhikode and Thalassery area. In addition, Kerala is home to 321,000 indigenous tribal Adivasis (1.10% of the populace). Kerala is home to almost 3% of India's population, and its land is three times more densely settled than the rest of the country.