Related: Kitchen Renovation Trends in 2020. However, somehow the idea of an all-white kitchen with white cabinets, white fixtures, and even a white countertop and white flooring has begun to lose favor as an ongoing trend. Why would you have a desk in the kitchen? Instead, the preferred choice is to organize them into neat stacks and store them in drawers or cabinets. But this time, it’s Statuary marble for some big, bold contrast between light and dark in an elegantly simplistic manner. The concept just does not gel with the theme of a contemporary kitchen. Many faux finishes are now on the wane. For 2020, some kitchen backsplash trends to avoid include the once-popular low-height backsplash, where an attempt at minimalism just made a kitchen look choppy and cluttered. It's hard to imagine, but the wall plaster would look incredibly old quite early. Other options that are going strong are natural wood tones, bold cabinets and even a splash of a color that pops on one statement wall. They are still nice and all; above and beyond, they made a comeback even in the most minimal details of the designs. Unless you love this design and have pots especially for this purpose, this is one kitchen trend to avoid. The trend of large cabinet drawers is here to stay, and there is plenty of room in there for your toaster. Contact us to find out more. Not only does it makes your place seem clean and neat, but also improves your mood significantly. It is always nice to reveal what you have to arrange; especially if there is a nice splash of colors. So, you have to super careful with your choices so that the final design lasts for a good ten years or so. Related:  7 Reasons to Reconsider Wallpaper, Zillow Digs home on Bainbridge Island, WA. Over the past few years, a lot of people have renovated their kitchens using … Related: 10 Extras to DIY for Your Kitchen. Take a look inside our Galleries for inspiration for your own dream kitchen. Avoid Pot Racks. Say no to the concept of pot racks hanging over a kitchen island. However, this popular look will soon be dated. Splurge color all over your kitchen through the items and not the walls. It is where to go to hang your hat after a long day. Related: 7 Clever (Unauthorized) Uses for Common Appliances. Disclosure: participates in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for publishers to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. Avoid Distressed Cabinets. However, what they lack in looks they make up for in functionality, and it’s ultimately functionality that makes a kitchen classic. Some trends are tempting, but remember classics will never go out of style. Most people are opting to use stone, timber, and concrete as the preferred material for counter tops. With the onset of 2020, we figured we'd take a look at a couple of past-their-prime types that are ready to retire, at least until the pattern inevitably comes back. Putting a desk in the kitchen was all the rage for about a decade, because after all, most family life does revolve around the kitchen. If you keep your kitchen trendy, you may feel more energetic while cooking delicious meals. Your home is a reflection of you. Address: Pulling out the pan you need becomes a chore, and if it’s late at night you’ll probably wake the dead. Pot racks certainly had their moment in kitchen design. Related:  Knobs of Note—16 Ideas for a Cool Cabinet. Well, while painting your walls, make sure you add accessories and supplies that radiate colors too. Though it. As the days progress, many people are adopting the use of closed shelving in their kitchens. When choosing finishes for a cabinet replacement or refacing, choose more modern looks, whether crisp paint colors or clean wood tones. Don’t make your whole kitchen woody, but go for wood floors or maybe a small dining table will do. The main reason is that it does not incorporate any creativity in it. Since we were just talking about a way to add natural texture, let’s keep … There's nothing objectionable about the subway tiles— it's just that they've been so overdone that they've refurbished the bathroom, and they just look like overkill. Copyright © 2020 Acton Media Inc. All rights reserved. Reliable Home Improvement can help you identify kitchen trends to avoid, design a new kitchen tailored to you and complete your perfect remodel. It is good to show class in your kitchen and even at the entire house. That is not something that you want. Over and beyond, there is a quote that goes “Kitchens Sell Houses.” It sounds weird enough, but it is true; buyers usually check the kitchen before deciding to go with your bid. Unexpected shades of green kitchen cabinets give a room that earthy natural feel. This is a big issue especially in a space that is overly exposed to splashes and other gruff. While following trends may feel like a fleeting pursuit, when it comes to kitchen design, they often outlast their time in the spotlight.From millwork to backsplashes, color palettes, and design styles, we asked top designers to weigh in on what trends are most popular on the home front this year.