Tito full-mounted Ken, and I was hoping that Ken would buck him off. My motto…i dont train “Small-Bootys”, and if it is it wont for long. Lift your head, shoulders, and legs off the floor and into a V position—your hands and feet should meet as close together as they can. Dear Bret, I actually have the same problem as Iris, my knees hurt when I do the barbell hip trust. Alternative: Bodyweight Glute Bridge. Could it be because I have long limbs which seems to be a disadvantage for weight lifting? Dumbbell Squat Thrusters / Squat to Overhead Press Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart with dumbbells above your shoulders. Benefits of the Kneeling Hip Thrust: I really like the kneeling hip thrust exercise and have found it to enhance our ability to engage the glutes to extend the hip. Release the hamstrings for a brief moment, and then fire them explosively. Repeat, pulling the left hand up to bring the dumbbell to the chest. In the beginning, there were bodyweight glute bridges, single leg glute bridges, feet-elevated hip thrusts, and single-leg foot-elevated hip thrusts. I like to end each workout with some high rep glute work. Personally, I love doing pause reps with band hip thrusts, both on two legs and one leg. I will use tubing with handles on both ends so that I can wrap the tubing around a stationary point and slide the dowel through the tubing handles. The amount of reps for each exercise vary, so see below for specifics. At this point forward, I knew that I had to teach my fellow brethren all about this magnificent glute exercise as to that day, I’d never felt anything work my glutes before to that extent. 1 1/2 sumo RDLs 4. In fact, it's so effective that it can be dangerous if you jump right into it without proper progression. 50% Upvoted. Personally, I have to always include some sort of hip thrust variation. Bret, I would love to make the hip thrust a part of my training routine but apart from lower back issues it gives me knee pain in the aftermath (more precisely its my patella tendon that hurts, even with bodyweight only). My goal when I started up this blog was to equip thousands of “glute-guys” all over the world in every major city haha! Thank you! Lie on the floor, contract the upper back, and bring the feet in to where the knees create a 90 degree angle when in hip extension. Within five months, I had a comprehensive EMG study conducted by a reputable biomechanics lab showing that hip thrusts greatly outperformed squats and deadlifts in gluteus maximus activity and that single leg hip thrusts greatly outperformed lunges in gluteus maximus activity (click on this link to access that report: To make a long story short, Skorcher didn’t pan out, I learned how to conduct EMG on my own because I wanted to conduct more experiments (especially with heavier loading), I realized that one could hip thrust off of a standard bench (at that point in time, my clients, training partners, and I always used the Skorcher and never considered using a bench), I wrote an eBook, started up a blog, wrote an article for TNation (, Now, I’m certain that there were plenty of coaches who thought up hip thrust variations before me. Lift hips into a plank, forming a straight line from your head to your feet, feet stacked on top of each other (your elbow or hand should be directly under your shoulder). For hip thrust w abduction, place a mini band below the knee. Being an aficionado of the history of physical culture, I’m interested in finding coaches, lifters, and scientists who were recommending hip thrust variations before me. BTW I’ve got your Bodyweight Strength Training Anatomy book, and found it very useful. Thanks. Return to starting position. Bodyweight Hip Thrust. Perform only hip thrusts; OR. In fact, she quickly marched inside because she was enjoying her Tuesday night on the couch and couldn’t understand why this couldn’t wait until the following day, thus leaving me all by myself to manipulate the heavy equipment. Like us on Facebook to see similar stories, Chemours plant fire: Two people were hurt after an explosion at West Virginia chemical plant, Australia orders extremism probe amid push to tackle far-right. The band hip thrust off of “The Skorcher” was incredible. Hi Bret, Holding dumbbells in both hands stand with feet at hip-width apart. The Kneeling Smith Machine Good Morning. Getting into position was highly challenging if you were training alone. Stew, Thank you for a very informative site – but I think you should stay away from religious jokes “even Jesus doing ————–“, “Hey bro, will you straddle me while I thrust you up and down for 20 reps?”, * raised eyebrow turns slowly to big smile.