But this post just gave me enough inspiration to maybe try with one, maybe one like the blue you proposed in this post, it is such a vibrant color and I am trying to incorporate them into my closet ;D, Ohh I know you’d work the puffer jacket well! Therefore, anything that highlights this — like the status symbol of a coat — can be powerful, because it shines a light on a topic and emotions that are rarely discussed openly but that people feel. It’s an interesting trend indeed! Shanghai crowned most expensive city for luxury jewellery in Asia, Japan’s millennials are embracing 3rd wave Korean boom. I also think they’re quite fun to pair with floral midi skirts and dresses as they contrast each other quite well. Many individuals look to their favourite Korean stars for inspiration, so when the boy-band members of BTS step out in Puma’s down padded coats, it’s likely that a legion of fans will follow. The South Korean market presents a major opportunity for fashion brands, with designer apparel and accessories approximately worth $5 billion and growing 7.2 percent on average each year. Folks! “For Autumn/Winter 2018, we presented four to five puffer styles and 3,000 pieces were ordered from international retailers,” says D-Antidote designer Park Hwan-sung. “In our store, Ienki Ienki sold out straight away in its first season,” says Rare Market’s Kim. Theme By. Mine is oversized and black and it’s super warm. Have a great day! How did South Korea’s retail industry do in July? But it’s a phenomenon that isn’t restricted to the continent. SEE ALSO : Shanghai crowned most expensive city for luxury jewellery in Asia. Allurerage In the first nine months of 2018, Moncler’s sales in Asia grew 39 percent, noting that China and Korea were the strongest performers. Xx, Just love puffers! GET yours now and enjoy a warm winter! Launched in 2016 by Kiev-based Dmitriy Ievenko, who also co-founded Asthik Group, one of Ukraine’s fastest growing luxury retail companies, Ienki Ienki’s down jackets begin at around $700 and go up to $1,500. South Korea restricts operations of restaurants and cafes in Seoul. Hip-Hop’s influence on the booming Chinese streetwear market, Canada Goose announces long-term growth strategy in China, Regeneration 20|30 : Happiness as a driver for the global economy, INTERVIEW: Grown Alchemist debuts in Singapore, Retail in Asia and The Great Room partner for event in Bangkok, Thailand, Translatio and Bluebell Group forge Asia-wide retail and distribution partnership, Moncler launches Moncler Poldo Dog Couture, Moncler and JW Anderson present an Exhibition in a Box. Gemma x A few years ago, the craze was specifically for North Face jackets. Many Koreans are willing to spend on a brand name because of its perceived value, says art director Gary Bradnick, who has spent a lot of time in the country. Xx, You know what? Brands such as The North Face, K2, Descente, D-Antidote, Youser, This is Never That and Ienki Ienki have also been popular with Korean shoppers. It is similar to how consumers in need of status use loud luxury goods to signal to the less affluent that they are not one of them. The jackets have commonly been done in a more cropped style (ending by the hips/waist) or a midi style. Korean model Irene Kim wearing an Ienki Ienki puffer jacket “There is a tendency for people here to follow key trends en masse ,” agrees Caroline Kim, chief operating officer of Solid … The puffer jacket is a must if you want to work that casual chic look! http://sophieatieno.com, Puffer jackets are such a fun! The puffer is also Korean menswear label D-Antidote’s bestseller for the Autumn/Winter season. The puffer jackets 2020 are all about that warm, voluminous and cozy style. Yet, a wealth gap, driven largely by wage disparity and differing levels of access to education, has opened up. 'https':'http')+'://btn.createsend1.com/js/sb.min.js?v=3';e.className='createsend-script';var s=document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0];s.parentNode.insertBefore(e,s);})(); In October, a group of Italian entrepreneurs in conjunction with international speakers have gathered in Parma (Italy) to discuss how to make sustaina…. It’s become like a uniform for that generation.”, However, for the older generation, the puffer’s appeal has less to do with following K-pop trends and more to do with finding comfort in conformity rather than individuality in South Korea’s culturally homogeneous society. Love the red puffer jacket in the third look. “Each brand, style and colourway signifies a certain social subgroup,” he continues, explaining that playground hierarchies are determined by the choice of puffer jacket worn. Begin typing your search term above and press enter to search. Xx, Never really tried wearing a puffer jacket but these are so well styled. I wouldn’t work the jacket with too elegant pieces though, such as lace. The brown puffer jacket in the fourth outfit is also really chic, love the retro vibe of the boots, the flared jeans and the mustard yellow bag. Such a good statement! The jackets are great if you want to combine staying warm and fashionable – a combination I can’t get enough of these days. “We launch two to six new styles, exclusive to the Korean market each season,” says Nobis co-founder Robin Yates, who formerly served as vice president of Canada Goose. “You see celebrities on TV shows; when they’re shooting outside it’s very cold and they have to stay outside for a long time, so they wear these puffers and it becomes a big trend,” says Jung Kuho, executive director of Seoul Fashion Week. Now, it’s starting to take over airwaves in South Korea, even though the country is better known for its monumental K-pop scene. “A middle class demographic has been forming over a few years … in this instance, the price tag becomes more important, as it becomes less about how cheap did you get it for, but more how much you paid to own an authentic item, which of course is a statement of one’s wealth.”. I think silk and organza, if not done too preppy, could be a fun match though.