– ‘Miel d’arbousier’, Forest Honey (aka Deciduous or Hardwood Forest Honey) – ‘Miel de forêt or Miel de feuillus’, High Mountain Honey – ‘Le miel de haute montagne’. It was the only honey bee in the United States for 239 years until the introduction of the Italian or golden honey bee (Apis mellifera ligustica). For your health, eat at least five fruits and vegetables a day. Pinterest. Much of what is now France, and indeed most of Western Europe, was originally occupied by the ancient Celtic civilization of Gauls. Louise Beattie, Can you tell me where I may find a distributor for Fleurs de France honey? Part of my thesis relies upon the south of France being the greater producer of honey in the country. From shop Apialpes. SUGGESTED USE: Drizzled over vanilla ice cream, scones and as a sweetener for tea, especially Earl Grey. It has a fresh and light mild floral flavor, fruity, and without bitterness. January 21, 2013 11:22pm . i bought some royal parks honey as a souvenir for friends as well and i enjoy the different varieties on offer. It must be of good quality and they need to be able to supply it on a monthly basis year round, Of over 2,500 beekeepers in Alsace, only 25 are professionals. 40 €/kg. Reply. We can thank Charlemagne’s penchant for organization that produced the earliest written documentation of beekeeping. Honeys of Provence – French Thank you so much in advance! Attention : dernières pièces disponibles ! With this product, we recommend : Aromandise. Alcohol abuse is bad for your health, please consume in moderation. sku. I would like to order a few cases of Lavender Honey, depending on the price. Your Dad’s honey was likely produced by an amature beekeeper. Our Body Wash collection gives you a gentle formula that gets rid of the daily grime without drying out your skin. Black Bee Conservation Efforts in the regions of: Bullion, Bonnelles, Rochefort and Saint Arnoult en Yvelines in the Île-de-France region of France. Add to basket. A truly unique honey. Garrigue Wiki – French Honey of Provence – ‘Meil de Provence’ (PGI, Red Label – ‘Label Rouge’), Resources and Further Reading: Par des ruchers abrités au coeur de cette région de traditions, nos apiculteurs et leurs minutieuses abeilles en concentrent les arômes dans un miel unique. Thick, rich, and deliciously decadent- you will never choose regular honey again! Make sure they ship to the USA and take a credit card. I was hoping you might be able to provide me with some sources for your statistics on honey production in France. Provence lavender Honey. The authentic French taste comes from locally-sourced honey by a family business. Enjoy in your favorite teas. Our own Auberge de la Fontaine Lavender Pancakes - these are made with home-grown organic lavender flowers from our garden here in SW France, where we often serve them for breakfast! French honeys are ideal to discover the floral richness of our regions. GOLDEN-YELLOW COLOR- This French honey comes in a beautiful golden-yellow color and a completely smooth texture for spreading on toast. There are two honey cookbooks put out in the 1940s that have some wonderful recipes. Discover Buy. 4.3 Naturopathica Lavender Honey Balancing Mist, 4.2 oz. The honey is extracted cold to maintain its unique flavor and keep it nutrient … A fascinating subject! Much more than the honey although the weak euro makes it a little easier to take. Référence 0705011S. I will try the muffin recipe and I am so glad to find out about the honey vendor at St. Lawrence’s Market. France is the source of some of the best honey in the world! Our hair & body care products are free from sulfates, parabens, dyes, gluten, phthalates, propylene glycol & bad vibes. BODY WASH: Cleanse, escape & relax with our Lavender & Honey Body Wash to gently remove oils, dirt & impurities without stripping your skin of the essential oils it needs to maintain moisture. Hi, The taste will transport you straight to the French Provence fields! Any here would be great! Provence. Probably the best-loved of all French honeys. It is a light (almost white) amber and is silky smooth both in aroma and a flavor. Lavender Honey. The label read Miel Georges Johner Apicuiteur 31 rue de Kindwiller 67350 La Walck . €8.90. Looking now, I find that http://www.miel-du-sud.fr has a wonderful variety, including miel de garrique.