Email Save Comment 2. At that maturity they would be indigestible for a human. 7 years ago. See more pictures of lima beans & lima bean recipes. After wresting the beans from their pods, I boiled them in just enough vegetable broth to cover for about 10 minutes, then hesitantly speared one for a taste test. Lima beans–also known as butter beans–are grown for their immature seeds which are shelled out of the pod. I imagine the very young pods would be edible. They called them Lima beans, in reference to the Peruvian capital. Healthy too, 1 cup of cooked lima beans provides 20% of the daily value for copper and magnesium, plus a whopping 13 grams of fiber. Harvest usually comes about 70 days after sowing for bush lima beans and 80 days after sowing for pole lima beans. Big Mama will make "lima lovers" of your whole family. Lima beans are best harvested when they are plump in the pod and the pod is still bright green. And, when the Spanish ate them raw, they suffered severe stomach pains which may have even been deadly. Follow. Some varieties of lima beans are called butter beans, particularly in the southern United States. Comments (2) pnbrown. 7 years ago. Harvest fresh when pale green or allow to dry to white for storing. Can you eat lima bean pods? Easy to grow, the 8-10 ft. vines yield huge 8" long pods that are packed with giant beans. When the Spaniards opened them, they found each pod contained 2-4 huge beans which were almost too tough to eat. They cautiously stuck some in their saddlebags. klanch. Once you have the beans removed from the pods, is there any way you can use the pods in cooking? Lima beans are popular with origins in South and Central America. Ripe lima beans, in and out of the pod. About Lima Beans.