283+2 sentence examples: 1. Directed by Carole Westerman, the teacher's training intensives at Lotus House last six months. The lotus has several curative properties in traditional medicine. In the cultivated upland valleys all over Arabia the Zizyphus j ujuba, called by some travellers lotus, grows to a large tree; its thorny branches are clipped yearly and used to fence the cornfields among which it grows. She holds the sacred scripture in one hand (representing jnana yoga) and a lotus blossom in the other. The moon wooed the lotus in the night, the lotus was wooed by the moon, and my sweetheart is their child. Some common symbols in Ancient Egyptian religious jewelry include the scarab (beetle ), lotus, serpent, falcon, and the eye. They talked, too, of the farce enacted by, 185. 2. You can use the Lotus Widget Factory to create applets for the Web or for use on a computer's desktop. Information and translations of lotus in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. This is a good thing as HCL has already been programming for IBM for years and they had taken over development for Notes and Domino recently, IBM. And viva la liberality an' la soaperino and hoch der land of the, Here one of the shopmen brought a bowl, into which he poured sherbet of the distilled juice of the, The apex is shaped somewhat like an eight-petaled, The grand sorcerer wore a robe of moss-green velvet embroidered with appliqued white silk lace, resembling, Here are placed the usual bronze ornaments, consisting of a stork, an incense burner, and a vase of bronze, Once more the doors of the gate flew open, and now Aduan saw a, Maar er waren slechts weinigen gekomen om die bladerlooze boomen te zien met hun overvloed van op, Probably it refers to the legendary birth of their chief saint, Avalokitesvara, who is said to have been born of a, In August the Japanese have their feast of the, One has often seen shoes, but whoever saw a cardboard. Vishnu himself is pictured holding a conch aa mace and a, 191. The software company has done well in areas ignored by big guns such as Microsoft and, 51. In our article, Fun Yoga Asanas for Middle School Students, we outline some basic postures such as Mountain Yoga Pose, Child's Pose, Wide-Legged Forward Bend, and Lotus Pose. Upon the sea of the world unfolds the lotus of the New Day, And there the Mother sits enshrined, in blissful majesty. Above: Clockwise from top - Lotus filter and foam; charcoal for chemical filters. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. The lotus, greatly prized for its flowers by the ancient inhabitants, is still found in the Delta, though never in the Nile itself. If you completed parts 1 and 2 of this series, you have used Eclipse to test an IBM, 199. 829a) calls the lotus iroav Tlva Kai bi -ccv. A few lotus trees and some rock-cut tombs are here found beside a miserable mud hamlet on the hill slope, with a modern tombhouse (kubbeh). 2. The best-known Buddhist mantra is ' Om Mane Padme Hom ' which means ' Hail the jewel in the lotus ' . Song Dynasty water - tooth pattern tile with, 188. 2. 1 Latium, from the same root as lotus, side; later, brick; lrXa-r(s, flat; Sans. All Rights Reserved. With the lotus on her brow. Similar words: cloture , shoot up , tusk , tussle , hiatus , status , impetus , quietus . A riot of sphinxes with human feet, animal-headed human figures, exotic beasts, After sundown, as many as 3,000 followers gather in the great hall beneath a roof shaped like unfolding pink, Even God, when incarnates on earth in human garb, adheres to the Divine Principle by offering Himself to the, One of the many highlights of the thirty-five-strong display is an unusual porcellaneous stoneware pillow in the shape of a reclining boy shaded by a, The children also enjoyed a little Chinese cuisine as they tucked into a feast of seaweed, rice parcels wrapped in, A globular point means safety, a conch shape represents fame, a bright yellow flame indicated no obstacles, a. Vishnu puts forth from his single giant navel on which Brahma, the, 202. Copyright © 2016 sentencedict.com All Rights Reserved Contact. Had current events not intruded maybe Lotus ' fate would have been different, but in June 1995 IBM launched a hostile takeover bid. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. The paper also deals with the distinctive characteristics of crop rotation arrangement in, 204. Still programming in IBM notes (Score: 2) by gitrinec. Druk White Lotus / Padma Karpo school is being built in stages. | A water lily, genus Nymphaea, especially those of Egypt or India. They do not represent the opinions of YourDictionary.com. Green Dragon and Pink Lotus clothing can be purchased directly from the companies' respective websites. lotus blossom with eight petals, resting on a bed of jewels. LG Lotus Elite may look like a makeup compact for the ladies, but it's actually a flip phone! The White Lotus Sect saw this as an opportunity and took over. The lotus does not bud till the sun has risen. The best-known fruits, besides dates and grapes, are figs, sycamore-figs and pomegranates, apricots and peaches, oranges and citrons, lemons and limes, bananas, which are believed to be of the fruits of Paradise (being always in season), different kinds of melons (including some of aromatic flavour, and the refreshing water-melon), mulberries, Indian figs or prickly pears, the fruit of the lotus and olives. Lotus); Lotus, red, white; pubescens, white; scutifolia, bright blue; stellata, blue, with several varieties; and Sturtevanti, a pale-rose hybrid. This class ranges from sporty vehicles such as the MX-5 to derivatives of true racing thoroughbreds such as the Lotus Elise. When Odysseus reached the country of the Lotophagi, many of his sailors after eating the lotus lost all wish to return home. Sentencedict.com try its best to gather and build good sentences. Shakya Jewelry: This site features Buddhist jewelry designs, including Buddha, a lotus flower, and other religious symbols. - Two of them sat down to their… The sky overhead is an eight - spoked prayer wheel and the ground below an eight - petalled, 194. | A legendary plant eaten by the Lotophagi of the Odyssey that caused drowsiness and euphoria. I was founded in 2000, the Main Product for, 189. Specially characteristic of Egypt, though not altogether peculiar to it, were the papyrus and the lotus-- the _Cyperus papyrus_ and _Nymphæa lotus _ of botanists. 33. In India the lotus bears other and manifold meanings. He is represented with four arms, and black in colour; in one hand he holds a club and in the others a shell, a discus and a lotus respectively. The circular plaque is formed of a triple circle of lotus leaves in gold, red and green, within a blue circlet with pearls a richly caparisoned white elephant on a gold ground, the whole surmounted by the jewelled gold pagoda crown of Siam; the collar is formed of alternate white elephants, red, blue and white royal monograms and gold pagoda crowns. 5. lotus feet in a sentence - Use " lotus feet" in a sentence 1.