It is the essential source of information and ideas that make sense of a world in constant transformation. It's appropriate that Apple's 2019 update to the Macintosh operating system carries the name of a California landmark that has long served as an iconic getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city, a place that attracts talent and investment, hosts various styles of entertainment, and offers a wild frontier for exploration. QuickTime Player also now supports timecode support. Now it runs on Mac. You can turn the Touch Bar on for it if you like. You should back up your existing system using Time Machine before performing an install. Voice Control also supports sophisticated text editing by voice, you so can use natural commands, such as "Select previous word. There are some complications, however, as Apple has clearly used different versions of frameworks to build its various apps over the past decade. Supporters have been disappointed with the quality and depth of the developer tools Apple has provided, which could mean that the doubters will be proven right. Just like the physical Touch Bar, the virtual one presented on a Sidecar iPad presents a dynamic set of buttons and controls relevant to the app you're working on. At WWDC19, Apple demonstrated "Fender Play," a video-based title for learning to play guitar. Adding touch support for Mac UI elements appearing on an iPad would require a significant rethinking of how Mac UI elements— developed for a precise pointer such as a mouse or trackpad— are selected and manipulated by the much larger target area of multitouch finger gestures. Apple has also enhanced ARKit to apply motion blur and even camera grain to AR graphics in order to make them look more realistic when viewed through a mobile camera, composited on real-world video. In macOS Catalina, that same task-based, distributed app overhaul is now coming to the Mac. Note that using Sidecar appears to requires a newer Mac: at least a Late 2015 27-inch iMac, Early 2016 MacBook, Mid 2016 MacBook Pro, Late 2018 MacBook Air, 2017 iMac Pro, Late 2018 Mac mini, or a 2019 Mac Pro. If you are running at least macOS 10.12 Sierra, you can go to About This Mac, click the Storage tab, and click the Manage button for the drive you want to install onto. Podcasts is slow to connect to Apple’s servers, for example, but I was most disappointed in the Apple TV app. However, this appears to be slowly changing — Apple is now commonly featuring individual videos at the top of Apple Music, along with featured new videos, its own curated music video playlists, as well as some of its own documentaries and shorts. The iOS app Screen Time comes to MacOS to let you know all the ways you're wasting time on the web. Sidecar's sidebar of special buttons can be placed on either the left or right side of the Mac screen hosted on your iPad. For most users, installing Catalina in place over your existing installation should not be a problem, and spares you the complication of having to erase your previous install volume at a later date, or waste around 20GB of storage plus any duplicated personal data maintaining a secondary macOS installation. It’s not anything like Steam, but it is a nice bonus if you’re already subscribed for your other devices. Apple already delivered the technology to recognize people, places, objects and scenes in previous versions of Photos, enabling you to do advanced searches using this AI metadata. Apple features that rugged coastline of the wide-open northwestern tip of Santa Catalina Island as its default Dynamic Desktop image that shifts from light to dark when set to match the time of day automatically. by Edward Mendelson Feb 10, 2020. Continuity Camera is such a great feature that I was hoping iPhones would eventually be supported as a simple sketch pad for inserting quick drawings into documents as well, so it's great to see Apple agreed. New in macOS Catalina is support for iOS-like Activation Lock on T2-equipped Macs, enabling you to require your Apple ID before an erased machine can be reactivated. Apple states that the system is "anonymous and end-to-end encrypted so no one, including Apple, knows the identity of any reporting device. Reminders and Notes have been updated to match their iOS counterparts. QuickTime Player adds support for PIP playback, which floats your video in a resizable playback window without any window chrome on top of other windows, allowing you to watch a video while continuing to work in the background. Apple did introduce new Ultra WideBand technology in its latest iPhone 11 models using custom U1 silicon but didn't announce any news related to device tracking tiles. Apple is investing a lot into making the Mac into an AR creation machine. This means that if you search for "Gadget Lab," not only will you find our podcast, you'll find any others that talk about Gadget Lab or use the phrase "Gadget Lab.".