IB Maths IA topics?? Optical fibres and optoelectronic signalling: Calculate the advantages viz. This subreddit encourages questions, constructive feedback, and the sharing of knowledge and resources among IB students, alumni, and teachers. Work by Antoni Gaudi. Do a stats IA on the marking of stats IAs, Your prediction was correct! Press J to jump to the feed. For example, while studying multivariate calculus you will come across the famous Stokes’ Theorem but it turns out that there is a high chance that it won’t be of any immediate use to you in practice and even in reading research papers. As good as it sounds, generating IA topic ideas is not always easy and that’s why we decided to help you here with some unique math IA ideas. Geometry and Symmetry Link Title. I couldn't find a good enough topic in time and I was getting desperate. If you are unsure, do a simple google search for each topic [ + “machine learning”] and read from top links to develop a broad understanding. Have a look there. I think Polar functions are very interesting and based on a new realm of coordinate associations, they look really interesting and i would like to learn more. A good IA should demonstrate your own interest of the topic. A good IA does not have to be a very complex and intricate piece of work. yup most subjects have one, just google “ibpublishing [subject name]”, chemistry | physics | visual arts | economics | history | english A lit. ISOCLINE: Graphs of solutions of a first order equation can be understood in terms of the slope field and isoclines. PROOFS: You can explore different ways of proving. This is important as we can plan how we play to a certain extent based on what we know regarding the different measurements in the court. > calculating the fuel efficiency of a slingshot maneuver. Basketball is of great interest to me as it is the sport I most Please note that difference between HL and SL IAs is the level of math expected of students which is reflected in slightly different rubrics and consequently the HL and SL grades differ slightly. One such example is the graph of. The wave equation: how differential equations can be used to find the shape of a music note. And keep in mind that in a math IA, it is more important to pick a topic that genuinely motivates you to display personal engagement than to pick something that sounds harder but does not resonate with you. As long as you aren't plagiarizing, you can do the same topic as someone else. edit: nvm i found a post with all links lmao here you go. It is a Read more…, What Is Internal Assessment Your Internal Assessment (IA) is a project that you will have to complete in all your IB classes. and how much did you get btw, hey bro, can you share your project with me? Hi guys! Photo by Alex Knight on Unsplash. and compare the “energy” and “power” generated by these curves and explore their uses. A good IA should demonstrate your own interest of the topic. Take a look, All Machine Learning Algorithms You Should Know in 2021, What to Learn to Become a Data Scientist in 2021, Top 11 Github Repositories to Learn Python, 10 Python Skills They Don’t Teach in Bootcamp, 8 Must-Know Data Visualizations for Better Data Analysis, A Complete Guide to Time Series Data Visualization in Python, Learn linear algebra, probability, multivariate calculus, optimization and few other topics, And then there is a list of courses and lectures that can be followed to accomplish the same, And only then go for the other concepts as you encounter them during practical implementation and reading literature, Random variables- continuous and discrete, expectation, variance, distributions- joint and conditional, Popular distributions- binomial, bernoulli, poisson, exponential, gaussian, Information theory- entropy, cross-entropy, KL divergence, mutual information, Markov Chain- definition, transition matrix, stationarity. If AI is the secret sauce to make Pepper smarter! Did pretty well on it :DD. Posted by. Moreover, it should show that the student has learned and has been able to apply what they have learned.