The Minimalist Woodworker is about making woodworking clean and simple - from the tools and the workspace to the easy-to-follow instructions. Not what we usually want at all: With the Stanley long point, there is sufficient steel backing up the point for most work, however, the point sometimes breaks here too, but the broken point now advantages us in the work and if it does break simply leave it alone. There’s even a range of minimalist outdoor exercise equipment – attractive, almost sculptural forms that are ideal for those who value keeping fit and healthy. Techniques for keeping each piece sharp and well-maintained are also detailed. The projects include clear drawings, a cutlist and lots of step photos to guide the reader through each operation. I’ll compare and comment. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. “He was trying to make other people appreciate what it was like to live with a handcrafted object in which there was a kind of union between maker, object and owner,” according to Jeremy Adamson, author of … Yes sir, this was the first woodworking book I purchased when I got started a few months ago. Aimed at beginners, the text is highly readable and very informative. Want to stay up to date with Paul's blog? They’re also practical and easy to maintain. If you purchase a product or service with the links that I provide I may receive a small commission. The Minimalist Woodworker is about making woodworking clean and simple - from the tools and the workspace to the easy-to-follow instructions. The 152-page book is a great single-point introduction to the craft. If calm is your charm use none." The Best Minimalist Living Blogs of 2020 Written by Jessica Timmons and Karen Lamoreux — Updated on July 16, 2020 The minimalist lifestyle isn’t just about a simple design aesthetic. Found a problem with the site? Vic, who works for Lee Valley Tools by day, is one of my favorite guys in the craft. Minimalist design helps tackle that problem by paring down clutter and confusion. It was totally demolished by the British after taking it over so it would not rival with the newly established Halifax port. How to Redesign Your Kitchen to Become all Minimalistic? These were a perfect fit for the minimalist homes of the postwar period. I simplified your method of disqualifying the spear point blade by simply allowing it to drop, point first, onto the concrete floor. Garden clutter such as underused lawn furniture can be replaced with more simple, easy-to-maintain minimalist designs. A philosopher and woodworker too, they blend so well, you sir are a pleasure to know. At the time, I realized that I needed a bit more of a steady 9-5 job to support my woodworking interest, so I went on a job hunt and found myself as the editor for Canadian Woodworking & Home Improvement Magazine. All very interesting. Subscribe to our newsletter The cutting edge is uncompromised and works just fine. Now, my main gig is VTW and contract work for woodworking companies around the world. The Minimalist Woodworker is about making woodworking simple: from the tools and the workspace to the easy-to-follow instructions. Moving into a smaller space has many advantages: a small apartment or condo is often more convenient than a full-sized house, and capital freed up by the sale of one’s home can be used to modify the property to become more accessible. Almost a zen like philosophy to his art! We’re immensely proud and incredibly grateful to you, our NM community, for supporting us and our work and helping us earn the tremendous privilege of bringing another book into the world.. This website uses cookies to store information on your computer. But is the current craze for de-cluttering and downsizing relevant to seniors? It’s great to connect with fellow woodworkers of all skill levels, abilities, and experience. Now it doesn’t work in either direction. Vic's book will be available for purchase and signing. For the record, the author has powered equipment in his workshop but the book is more about working without them. As well as conventional dwellings, many seniors are getting the minimalist “tiny house” bug. …I was curious and looked up the other titles on your shelf… Art of Mitring, Drawing shortcuts and The Shepards life and American Furniture 2013. You can contact us here. The Minimalist Woodworker Vic is a fantastic guy and was one of the main people responsible for the success of last weeks Woodworks ’14 Conference in Perth. The first 60 pages of the book introduce you to the tools and how to set up and use them. This fortress is a complete reconstruction, started about 1961. Submit your work to Gessato Blog by filling out the form here. I love your stuff. Minimalism is all the rage, thanks to superstar minimalism enthusiasts such as Marie Kondo — and to today’s shrinking pocketbooks. Band saw or table saw?) Yes, you can have a workshop and start working wood without machinery and power tools, but the book is not so much a rejection of those things, as a statement about the accessibility of woodworking to those starting out. The Minimalist Woodworker shows you how to create a workspace when you think you don’t have room for one, and how to satisfactorily equip it when you may not have the money to buy all the bells and whistles. The remainder of the book is about building the projects that will allow you to enjoy hand-tool woodworking in a space as small as the nook under the stairs. The other projects, all built from common materials, are equally useful: a shooting board/bench hook, a mallet, and English-style workbench and a hanging cabinet for your tools. Sprawling, overgrown hedges can be replaced with simple fences or walls; hard-to-manage trees and shrubs can be removed and replaced with outdoor sculptures in a minimalist.