Halimar Depths is a one time top deck filter, you have to decide whether entering tapped is small enough to ignore. I just played a standard event and went up against a fires of invention Golos deck. The classic version of the deck uses Scapeshift to generate heaps of zombie tokens all at once, but you can do all sorts of creative things with the nonland cards in the deck to your bidding. Scapeshift was practically invisible in the meta until M20 came out, but it got popular for a few months before rotating out thanks to Field. Underworld Breach is a card that has already made an impact on all other Magic: The Gathering formats, and it looks like it can also pull off something similar in Historic thanks to Mox Amber and Diligent Excavator. Decklists for the Mythic Championship V were posted this week and Field of the Dead unsurprisingly had a strong presence, showing up in 40 percent of the field. lol so this guy has been sitting on this event all this time, wow. The classic Mono Red Aggro shell (Goblin Chainwhirler, Ghitu Lavarunner, Viashino Pyromancer, Wizard’s Lightning, and so on) with a lower mana curve still works very well despite adding little since the last few sets. Fires of Invention plays a key role here, allowing for free spellcasting to be combined with powerful on-board ability activations from Kenrith. :) +1 from me. Nyx-Fleece Ram, Thalia, Guardian of Thraben and Ranger of Eos are all good inclusions in this type of deck going forward. , mainly in the following archetypes: Field of the Dead has been played in more than 20 decks in the last year. by Starsky2814, Doom God Golos, Tireless Pilgrim might as well read “search your library for Field of the Dead and put it into play tapped.”. They have been meta decks in Standard at some point as well, so the base of the deck is relatively well defined. 4 Color Reclamation. If I'm able to drop multiple lands, and have a landfall trigger or two, then the extra draw each turn helps me more than the opposition more often than not. by davcot, Omnath, A Song of Creation and Chaos This includes a long list of cards such as Alpine Moon, Blood Sun, Ghost Quarter, Field of Ruin, Goblin Ruinblaster, Virulent Plague, and others. Some Great Ways to Beat Field of the Dead If no one is allowed to update their decks, Scapeshift with Field of the Dead is the best deck in the format by a wide margin; Bant Scapeshift in particular. $3.48, As low as: $0.10, As low as: The deck at its core, is a ramp deck which makes Uro a great addition like Hydroid Krasis that it provides ramp, card advantage, makes use of the graveyard and is also a win condition on its own. Don't log onto magic for a while. Epicurus Greetings! Our MTG Arena Historic metagame tier list ranks and reviews the top decks in the format regularly. We're sorry, we are unable to process your feedback at this time. by Rhayvenloft. $0.08, As low as: It is shaping up to a great start, so far! Path of Discovery could go, but only if I were replacing it with more multi-land fetching spells. This card is typically a combo piece, and not worth the inclusion. A deck focused mainly on the abilities of it's lands doesn't really have a place in edh for the sole reason that there aren't many lands that will do much against three or more opponents that are doing crazy stuff. Apparently, the new black is getting a ton of zombies for free. I'd hate to lose one of the cards that allow additional land drops, though, because that has become the deck's most powerful feature, from my experience of playing the deck. All Rights Reserved. As mentioned, the guy had queued up before the ban and decided to finish the event now. My hive of Friends Whenever Field of the Dead or another land enters the battlefield under your control, if you control seven or more lands with different names, create a 2/2 black Zombie creature token. This unconventional land is the engine behind some of the format’s most explosive decks and it has effectively warped the entire meta around itself. Field of the Dead flooded Standard, Historic and Pioneer with zombie tokens and was eventually banned in each format. Field of the Dead has not been played in any current format in the last year. These decks are surprisingly resilient and can reliably combo out as early as 4-5 turns. Field of the Dead has been played in more than 4874 decks in the last year. Elvish Reclaimer is just a great spell, and it synergizes perfectly with a lot of mechanics and cards in the deck. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. I'll do my best to respond in full: You're probably right about Deathsprout, mostly because of the 4 CMC. by Matrixxx999, Tatyova's Playground (Simic Landfall/Draw EDH) Most of the other decks being played are aggro ones aimed at beating Field decks before they can get going or decks singularly aimed at Field decks. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Maybe it's just my meta. Before rotation happened for Throne of Eldraine (ELD), it was also very strong, particularly in combination with Scapeshift. The first, Assassin’s Trophy, is similar to Field of Ruin, but requires two different colors of mana (compared to zero). Drownyard Temple is probably a definite include.  Flip is great for finding noncreature spells; however, note that it also cannot get lands. By this I mean it is useful to categorize the cards in your … Queue up in standard event with field of the dead. Castle Vantress is going to be the best land for this, four mana plus a tap is expensive though. Feeds | Dozens of zombies can be created with this land in no time. There are two “best” ways to beat Field and they both have major drawbacks. $11.97, As low as: Perhaps most damning is the total lack of control decks. My jaw hits the floor then I proceed to lose to 21 zombies. Path of Discovery This one is a choice based on personal preference. The Esper Control deck featuring Dance of the Manse—which was popular for a couple weeks at the start of the season—has completely disappeared. $1.00, As low as: With no recursion for anything other than lands, 1 piece of removal isnt worth running. Llanowar Elves and Burning-Tree Emissary are the cornerstone cards of Historic that makes the deck super explosive. Golos, Tireless Pilgrim Is a great commander to consider because it fetches whatever utility card you need, be it Cabal Coffers, Field of the Dead, Dark Depths, Thespian's Stage or Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle. Privacy statement | Ashaya, Soul of the Wild interests me. Maybe that's what I should replace the Orrery with. Otherwise, the only way is if it was an event that your opponent left unfinished since before the banning somehow. Field of the Dead. There are two major variants: Bant Golos and Golos Fires. Field of the Dead has come to define Magic: the Gathering‘s Standard format meta. Thanks for reminding me about it! As low as: It is not played in any current format. by saluma, Abzan Combo? It does exactly what I want land to do in this deck. by KayneMarco, Jormungandr the Powersnake Sure, it would rock face with Rampaging Baloths, but the Baloths are really mostly just there as hate bait. Press J to jump to the feed. Field of the Dead enters the battlefield tapped. Historic is full of tribal synergies, mostly aggressive in nature. Teferi, Hero of Dominaria is one of the most powerful planeswalkers in Historic (followed by the other Teferi…) and as Standard has demonstrated with Theros Beyond Death, control is back on the menu thanks to the help of Shatter the Sky and Dream Trawler. A lot of your suggestions care about creatures entering the battlefield, which make a lot of sense for a Yarok deck. Not approved/endorsed by Wizards. ©Wizards of the Coast LLC. The other answer, Agent of Treachery, is a late game hard counter. Edit: Thanks for the downvotes, heaven forbid I try to share a warning to the community that there are assholes out there playing BANNED CARDS. As a part of Core Set 2020 (M20), Field of the Dead was present in the previous Standard season. 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