Must Read Alaska is news of people, politics, policy, culture, and happenings in Alaska. Must Read Alaska is news of people, politics, policy, culture, and happenings in Alaska. On this week's episode, Suzanne Downing and John Quick discuss the latest update on Rep. Don Young's health, the Soldotna Sports Center shutdown, Governor Dunleavy's new health orders, Senator Reinhold's mask mixup with Alaska Airlines, and more! For most Anchorage residents, the scandal that ultimately took down the city’s mayor began a week ago last Friday when local TV anchor Maria Athens posted a bizarre Facebook promo for an expose on that night’s broadcast that promised to prove Mayor Ethan Berkowitz had been posting nude photos of himself on a website meant for underaged girls. During the Oct. 21-23 survey, many respondents also said they: Keep the mainstream media on its toes. Ballot 2 must go and I don’t know what we can do to get rid of it as soon as possible. Hughes: 71%, District 40, 46 out of... ALASKA’S MILITARY ASSETS COULD BE ON CHOPPING BLOCK. Keep the mainstream media on its toes. During the following Rules Committee meeting, Cannon put his displeasure with Rivera on the record: “Defunding power cost equalization would gut a lifeline for rural Alaska” was published by the Anchorage Daily News on Nov. 10. I felt powerless and ignorant of what I can do about it. Clayton “Mokie” Tew leads Behrens by 11 votes, 1,312 to 1,301 for the open seat. Turkey Day Mask Mandate, Is the PFD War Over, 20/20 Split in the House. John and Suzanne talk about Alaska politics from the conservative side of the equation every Tuesday. The Institute for Social and Economic Research says that since the end of July, most respondents of its Anchorage surveys say they wear masks most of the time when they are not at home. Must Read Alaska is news of people, politics, policy, culture, and happenings in Alaska. Contact The Alaska Supreme Court opened the door to fraud when it allowed absentee ballots to be voted on without a witness. Young’s wife Ann is a nurse. Here are the towns/villages with the highest turnout percentages on Nov. 3, 2020:. By  CRAIG CAMPBELL All... Rep. Lance Pruitt lost his race in District 27 by 16 votes to Democrat activist Liz Snyder, but the question is being raised: Was there fraud?. Donate $100 today. Meyer to conduct audit on Ballot Measure 2, Mat-Su Assembly D-5 race to be recounted on Tuesday, Reality check: Republicans don’t control Alaska House, but neither do Democrats, High Court meddled in 2020 election, and it may have flipped this House seat, Parnell leads Alaska’s ‘Georgia Fund’ to win Senate runoff seats in January, Rep. Zulkosky: It’s not enough to recommend masks, they must be mandated by governor, Sen. Reinbold mixes it up with Alaska Airlines over onboard mask policy, Social media leftists send their greetings to Don Young, Map your risk of having a brush with COVID if you go to an event in Alaska, Craig Campbell: The ‘Make America Weak Again’ doctrine of Joe Biden, Crawford: Looking for $1 billion for budget? 2525 Gambell Street Suite 405, Anchorage, AK 99503, Report says Anchorage wears masks, and most of us won’t host Thanksgiving or Xmas gathering this year, CARES Act trail is partially done, but closed to public, Statement of Edie Grunwald at Austin Barrett sentencing, Bizarre court hearing in sentencing of Austin Barrett for kidnapping that led to David Grunwald’s death, Pilgrims: Letter from Edward Winslow on Dec. 11, 1621, Palin to headline NY Young Republicans fundraiser, Passage: First Legislature member Rep. ‘Jamie’ Fisher, at 93, State of Reform: Murkowski wins re-election in 2020, Listicle: Top 10 Alaska towns that voted on Election Day, Murkowski calls on Trump to begin transition to Biden, Citizen Cannon blasts Anchorage Assembly chair for ‘belittling comments’, Lt. Gov. “The team at Providence did an outstanding job, and their commitment to patient care is to be commended. Edward Winslow, the third governor of the Plymouth Colony, traveled on the Mayflower in 1620, as one of the leaders of the separatists who had been living in Holland for a decade before embarking for the New World. The announcement was made today by Murkowski to her staff during their Monday staff meeting. limit my search to u/MustReadAlaska. Donate $100 today. Still do, but mrak is helping me be more knowledgeable and aware of state and local politics. An Anchorage trail project funded by CARES Act money and sold as a jobs project is unfinished and the nonprofit group that has the, This is the 400th year of the arrival of the Mayflower in New England. Must Read Alaska clothing, hats, hoodies, t-shirts, coffee and skincare On the Thursday Edition of the MRAK podcast, Scott Levesque pontificates all about the current federal and key state election races as Alaskans refresh (and crash) the Division of Elections website on a nightly basis. Rumored Monday Shutdown, Requesting Mask Mandates, Trickle-Down Stupidity. On the Thursday Edition of the MRAK podcast, Scott Levesque discusses the sultry rumors of another restaurant shutdown, the reasons why state-wide mask mandates really suck, and how an AK Supreme Court ruling may have screwed over the incumbent in House District 27. Must Read Alaska is news of people, politics, policy, culture, and happenings in Alaska. Must Read Alaska is news of people, politics, policy, culture, and happenings in Alaska. Power Cost Equalization Fund has it, Fagan: What fear-mongering media isn’t telling you about COVID in Alaska, The hits just keep on coming from the Anchorage Cabal, Fagan: Outsiders manipulate Alaska elections, benefit Democrats, Local governments need to take a hard look at revenues, In memoriam: From Gross to grotesque, a campaign of profound dishonesty, ‘Land of No’: Biden is about to shipwreck Alaska’s economic boat, Please don’t send in the counselors and the hot cocoa, Sen. Shower: Ballot Measure 1 gets a ‘no’ vote from me, This sign is illegal in Alaska (but it will come down soon), The rock solid case against Ballot Measure 2. Must Read Alaska is news of people, politics, policy, culture, and happenings in Alaska. Bellwether counties: Where in America do voters nail it. 13K likes. On the Thursday Edition of the MRAK podcast, Scott Levesque breaks down the 2020 Presidential Election trainwreck. It is time to begin the full and formal transition process.”. His campaign and official office spokesmen did not respond to phone calls. Dean Cannon was not happy with Anchorage Assembly Chair Felix Rivera. The woman’s mistake was in thinking she wasn’t on camera. I’m not ready to accept that President Donald Trump did not win re-election. Several sources of Must Read Alaska have learned that Acting Mayor Austin Quinn-Davidson met with representatives of the food and beverage industry, and told them she’ll shutting down restaurants for 28 days starting Monday morning for indoor dining. Come along with us for the ride! Several people associated with the campaign have also tested positive, Must Read Alaska has learned. Suzanne is the former editor of the Juneau Empire, ran a storefront business, has worked as a speechwriter for Alaska governor Sean Parnell, and launched Must Read Alaska, the most well-loved and well-hated blog in Alaska, with more than 11 million visitors since 2016. POCATELLO — A transient man named Pirate donning a face covered in Polynesian-style tattoos was arrested at the Chubbuck Walmart on Nov. 11 after authorities say he burnt a Downey woman with a lit cigarette, ashed in her mouth and gagged her with his foot.