Again - that would be fine as I don't have anything against psychopathic characters (as they can be really fun) - but the moralist attitude about MC's actions ruins it all. For example, one mastermind spends an enormous amount of money plotting to kill the MC because he has a treasure map onto his land. I was somewhat disappointed in this one as I don't think that it was up to Berenson's usual standards. The Most Loving Marriage In History: Master Mu’s Pampered Wife. Any possible nuance is lost with these characters. Each level a "class" is chosen to level up, meaning that the character. Download Apps Wells and Shafer communicate almost entirely by cell phone and nothing in this book advances the plot strand about maneuvering within the CIA. Here's the problem: In this world, you can fairly trivially cast "Cure Poison" and "Divination". This is the third book by Berenson that I read. Night Ranger read free in Mobile, Tablet, iOS, Android, PC, Desktop In order to protect his loved ones, Marvin has no other choice but to delve into the shadows. Anyway, there really aren't that much to say yet, but it looks promising, especially since it's right up my alley. John Wells's estranged son calls his father to ask for his help in rescuing them, and seeing a chance to repair a broken family, he heads off to help. Sci-fi Oh and I almost forgot, the cheat, it's, still the same usual. If you don't mind the incredible luck and the "Oh but I conveniently remember this from the game" to solve so many things then you might like it. You’re reading chinese web Novel “Night Ranger” on BOXNOVEL.COM. You'll know by c15 if it's for you or not. 95% of the characters that we know about aren't even wizards for f*ck's sake. Night ranger has a simple premise: expert video-gamer gets thrown back in time for a do-over, and has all kinds of foreknowledge about the game. Author introduced so many random characters that have little to no value that it's painful to watch how they lamely try to fit in when they join his new city. Advertisement There's a lot of politics here, at home where his hapless boss at the Agency will be retiring to run for congress, and certainly in Africa, where lawless bands rule and money speaks. As a former top player, he would obviously fight to save the world... Yeah, no. Translation is well done. Time to plan and prepare for the upcoming events, better to use that knowledge to get ahead rather than fight with gods. I laugh so much when the author put Hathaway as the last boss, 2 of fate sorcerer s sistser became his enemies at the end chapter, the valkryie eve tried to kill him while getting killed by him instead, the MC ended up sealing the whole universe and he went to the higher universe instead. There are lots of mysteries and connections that I can't wait to see revealed. 735 Chapters Things like instant-death spells make no sense. There's no set plan from beginning to end that's followed to a T. There's quite a few of hype moments in the first half or two thirds of the novel before Marvin became too OP. He goes to some places using the knowledge from the game but it isn't exciting reading about it. Instead, I liked the plot, writing, and characterization less than in the previous books. A hero for our time, a just man and, interestingly, a Muslim. And all the emphasis on their looks was distracting. I'm concerned that instead of MC having his own objectives, he'll just get quests to follow like a player in an RPG. He constantly makes rash decisions, puts other people in danger due to his selfishness, he never reflects ('cause when he does it never sticks), he constantly makes the same mistakes, he's too headstrong... nothing about him screams 'smart'. Follow Marvin’s journey through this new world. Thanks! The problem he's solving here seems to have a more realistic scale. An element of luck is necessary in these types of stories as it provides a buffer for MC to go from nothing to something and not die in the meantime. The best part of the story is easily the vivid combat scenes, which relies on a MMORPG sensibility to drive the action.