You are on the right track for low cost caribou hunts looking at Manitoba. 2. Then I tried pronghorn, and whitetail. Hope to draw MT or UT I guess. your getting to hunt new animals on a budget. I got tired of trying to draw so I went to BC for that. Every hunt I have been on has been successful; with or without an animal! Is there a more doable option? JJ. Right now I'm more interested in hunting additional species in categories"that I've already "filled". You would see some beautiful country and witness spring in different locations. I'd like to get it done by age 60 which is 6 years from now. Each 'list' or set of goals is personal for each individual. Those other 2 states you mentioned are extreme longshots for a newcomer. As you pursue it keep us posted-I know I'd be really interested to see how you fare. How much for a Dall sheep hunt in AK? Travel costs add up fast when you getting to some of these places! BC residents also. I do understand that DIY and draw only permits is unreasonable. the paper means nothing to me i don't enter anything i shoot anywhere. But, as Mathew Man states you can only get to your goal one animal at a time. Everyone has different goals but when I see people who no longer get excited with just hunting, even if its only "dinks" then they lost something. g5smoke21 09-Jul-13. Once you have a child, get older or wiser (ha ha) your motivations will change but don't lose that spirit or thirst for adventure. Should I get my Shiras Moose here in September, I'll need a Caribou to finish up. I used a guide on Lion, Bison, and Caribou. Somewhere along the line, I decided to try for what I call a "Mini-slam"; one species from each genus of North American big game. I drew it the first year I sent it was the only BIG tag I have ever drawn in my life the draw gods were with me on that one!! Or whether one chooses to record his accomplishments or not. I have bison to go and have 17 bonus points in Utah. I got 10 on camera that year...10 out of 11. That kinda went awry as it has progressed for me. fantastic adventure! It is a life-long quest to harvest one of each of the 29 big-game species in North America. best bet a "guaranteed" EWE tag! Don't get so wrapped up in checking things off a list that you forget to enjoy yourself. To do that in 12 yrs will take more than the "average" man can afford. That is an awesome hunt. Don't sell the places you will see turkey hunting short...and you will see some of those places while your buddys back home are shoveling snow, or if you are from the south like me, while they are wiping sweat you will be up north experiencing spring again. I started bowhunting in 1983, and my first goal was to kill a mule deer, which I did. I also don't want to look back and say man I spent way to much money that I should have saved for retirement. Not sure what your doing for work, but if your making a normal living in the 50-75k range start banking some cash for retirement not just hunts. Surely they enjoyed some of the species enough to want to hunt them over and over...if not, I think their goal was not to experience hunting a bunch of animals but to put their name on a list and they really missed out on the enjoyment of hunting. Kota-man has good advice. Anyone know of someone completing it DIY? Most of mine have been done DIY except for the Mountian goat. How long will it take to get a tag for these? Life is an adventure, hunt hard! Super Slam of North American Big Game. The Bou hunts aren't cheap, look at AK and try getting a combo for Bou and moose (do your research and make sure they are both in the area). Probably some where in the middle is just about right. What would this predator slam consist of? Yes I meant to put that under sheep. I live in Colorado and got My Mt goat tag this year. StickFlicker 09-Jul-13. Coues US guys might know, can you do it on your own? I echo Hollywoods comments 100%. Dam! Focusing on trophy class animals only as a bow hunter may leave you with a lot of memorable trips, I prefer to have a goal of a representative animal. Awesome species in awesome country. The Bison needs to meet SCI free range requirements. Accomplishing this with a bow would put you in much less company than the NA 29. Life seems to be all about balance. I think what Mr. steve is saying reflects what you posted. lol. The archery tag is OTC and they are widely distributed. Do what makes you have satisfaction. I too hope to have these crossed off by 35, but only because AK residency will give me somewhat easy yearly access to Goats, Sheep, All 3 bears, Moose, Bou, Bison and Musk Ox...and a "guide" wont be needed for any but the Ox and Bison. This is what I see if you really want it before 35-. Went spring 2012 but unsuccessful. The dedication and commitment it takes to getting that done has to come from someone who loves all aspects of the hunt and that's not something that ever gets turned off IMO, especially after checking animals off a list, Mr_steve, for only being 23 years old your approach to hunting impresses me (I am an old timer). Could combo with something in AK? Look for muskox rather than bison. You say 'A goal of the Super 10 is simply a framework and channel in which to help me experience the country. I am looking to do hunts that the average man can do and afford as well. I may compare my successes and animals with what others have taken BUT I am not in competition with them. Also agree that its more about the adventure than just ticking off a box. My main goal is to see the country and not just pay crazy money for hunts but paying up some will be necessary. I will look to book a Buffalo hunt for 2014 and I have a Woodland Caribou hunt booked for 2017, which I can move up earlier if I chose to. Haul road doable, drop in flights for better quality. Hunters are goal-oriented people by nature. I think elk hunting will get addicting too. Sheep (ram) & Goat (billy)....all state draws are extreme long-shots for NR's who are newcomers. (of course a trophy animal is awesome as well but it doesn't mean I won't hunt if all that's around are dinks). ', Now you guys have done it! I've done Newfoundland three times and loved it. Personally, I see no reward in spending tons of cash on shooting lesser animals to achieve a number. It has to be easier to obtain as a single person in my case rather than being a family man and having to support others. For me, I started out with simply wanting to take as many different species with a bow as I could. It's not a pressure's more of a lifetime of hunting for variaty. I've since completed the Big 9 with a Shiras' moose, and still hope to draw a desert sheep tag someday. I would have to take a bison/musk ox and cougar to qualify for a super 10. Gives a guy some attainable goals to work towards. Change ). Shot the bear (black bear) here in c by crivitz...was a 350 lb boar...I should be able to draw again for c next year. That necessarily gets me out of Colorado for even more varied experiences. But things changed. You would probably get a NWT muskox hunt easier than an Alaska hunt. It is about conservation which transcends the here and now. My problem is getting off track on other hunts. Wow this has been some great advice. That's unduplicatible...the Lord was with me that season. Flying brass- you can e-mail photos and such to GSCO. And it's not "registered". I've taken 22 different species and I'm hunting 2 more new species this year. The real goal is to experience every type of hunt that I can, and a list helps do that. Building points in WY and UT. Box 310727 Birmingham, AL 35231 Phone: (205) 674-0101 Fax: (205) 674-0190 Email: I have had a couple friends draw goats in Montana relatively quickly in the process. Like some, that wasn't a goal. To do it on the cheap you will have to harvest Female animals for sheep, and probably moose and goat, and maybe bison. I'm not able to do the spring hunt due to work but the fall Greenland hunt looks awesome! It is easy to observe this and think that it cannot be obtainable. Focus on each hunt you are doing and try to make it a success. Moose: AK is cheapest DIY for bull, best bet a "guaranteed" tag is cow in WY with high success, Sheep: statistically you will never draw a tag unless you are a Resident of a state and even then 20-100yrs. Steve I am only a sheep away from my super ten Im 38 and started in 2000 with all the applications and out of state hunting I someday hope to harvest all 29 I currently have 16 of 29 but will need to chip away at it like you. It was that I hunted and experienced virtually all of the habitats and types of hunts Colorado had to offer. Antelope: Shot a WY public land antelope last fall. What is everyone else's progress on the Super 10? Headquarters: P.O. Looking to do the Greenland musk ox hunt in the future . Resources.